Bull, Dan - Evolve Lyrics

We're here (Where?) Shear, shh, they're near
Listen, they can detect fear like sizzling bacons and eggs
We're next on the breakfast menu, I thus am sensing some ennui
'Cause there's a funny running through my tummy
And I really don't reckon it's appendicitis
Ready to get in a fight, thrust
And break something off like a fresh baked pie crust
Tireless when I bust spineless dinos up with mindless violence
Look, I've got the minds touch, each type of life that I touch is a pile of dust
You might rise up like Lazarus but you can't Hyde, I'll find you, trust
I'm biased against a Goliath, wiping him out like a pest or a virus
You'll never survive unless you're as clever as Caira
And you ain't, I bet you a fiver, my Trapper will track you to base
Even if it's deep as a trap track packed full of bass
I'm cracking ahead, cracking a Kraken in the head
He's lacking the cred, man, I'm back in your ends
And attacking your nest so you'll have to defend it
My manner and method of wrecking your plans like a Gent is actually splendid
That Chap's too cray, tell 2K, pulling your cranium off like a toupée
Keeping up appearances and insist on pronouncing bucket as bouquet

True say, don't get involved in Evolve if your soul isn't wholly controlled
To revolve round the goal ripping holes into all you behold
Keep it cold, you've been told
Said, don't get involved in Evolve, if your soul isn't wholly controlled
To revolve round the goal ripping holes into all you behold
Keep it cold, you've been told

Don't say you haven't been
Because you obviously have

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Bull, Dan Evolve Comments
  1. AndICanTalk2

    Nice keeping up appearances reference

  2. Shen Doodles

    This rap was evole

  3. Slick Serpent

    sodontgetinvolvedwithevolveifyoursoulisn'twhollycontrolledtorevolveroundthegoalrippingholesintoallyoubeholdkeepitcold you've been told

  4. Original Name

    Subtitles in beginning
    "A rough because ari nut job"

  5. Vannessa Magodyo

    normal 1 better


    can you do an ark rap

  7. Viindice

    Evolve Stage 2 Rap please :D

  8. gaming cub 11

    okay dan i will say this NOW you have to be one of the best rappers i have ever heard your fluent, cool, your raps are solid and finally YOUR A GAMING NERD i mean your like a gaming girl... and by that i mean your a one in a million person. get out the way eminem

  9. Iam Archival

    another one dO-Ob

  10. Nick Butler

    you should return to this game now and make another song

  11. Number XIII

    but you cant hyde ..... Dr jekyll refernce?

  12. Michael Harris

    love this game

  13. Robilynn Cooper Roberts

    Man what a waste of potential don't get me wrong I love this game but it's not either an average or a 6 out of ten

  14. hot shot365

    the song is 🐍🐍🐍

  15. PhoenixOfMight Gaming

    absolutely love the beat on this rap.

  16. sans the skeleton


  17. LaDeArg :v

    No entiendo ni pedo en ingles pero yolo XD

  18. Jayden Dominguez

    you should rap about kingdom hearts it's my favorite game within the story you should try to play it

  19. BiRTH

    Is evolve good?

    Ezekiel Carsella

    @RedRogueWulf Yeah

  20. beard Dragon28

    hey Dan I liked that collaboration with iniquity and I want to see another one

  21. Jennell Mancuso

    that's bouquet darling.

  22. Not Mamo

    Get rekt Dan Bull qB^) Just downloaded Evolve on my pc [email protected]

  23. Not Mamo


  24. Juggernaut 117

    Very good, like and... what more? Ah yes now half life 2

  25. Infamous Silver

    The game is lame but you made me want to buy it

  26. coffee stained cumrag

    Dan, it's crazy. You pump out these incredible songs at such high speed (its hard to keep up) yet you are one of the most consistently good rappers i've come across

  27. Crazy Man Productions

    @Dan Bull  Whats wrong with your health man?

    If you need take a break from music. @BrySi | VIDEO GAME SONGS  did. And the community understood. We will to :)

  28. Jake Roche

    Hey dan fucking amazing soundtrack

  29. ZhymenMan

    You aré like Eminem or better ( Is my opinion)

  30. HomieJPowerJ Thame

    Um hey Dan do u mind if I use this rap for a singing competition?

  31. RmPG Demon

    this one is just so good i had to come back

  32. GG Games

    The song was okay but for me personally it didn't do the game justice :/

  33. Alex Hawkyard

    Anyone else pick up on the Mrs. Bucket 'Keeping up Appearances' reference? :D

  34. Gila Monster

    You know, every time I listen to one of your raps, Dan, I really envy your endurance to keep rapping even though you are going through something, I would find unbearable, so keep it up man, your doing great!

  35. José Ramírez

    Hola DAN BULL soy Emilio soy tu fan quiere que Águilas un Rap de far cri 4

  36. MrDuckFace

    :0 JUST COOL

  37. Metalcommand

    why so short song? 

  38. epiccthulu

    love this game so much, to hell with the haters trying to tell me how to use my money >.<

  39. Ethan Henderson

    Do one from the monster POV?

  40. Brandon Nguyen


    Dan was warning about this game! Thx Dan! And also Angry Joe for telling me to avoid this game!

  41. The PumpkinKing11

    hey dan you should make some raps for each monster i think that would be pretty cool like the kraken and the wraith

  42. Patrick Loughran

    Do a battlefield  hard  rap

  43. Idiosyncratic Allan

    You pronounced ennui wrong XD 

  44. scantopup

    please do a zombie army trilogy rap

  45. Will

    Dan you should have a go at the new game 'The Order 1886', I think you'd nail it. ^^ 

  46. Eric kyle

    This song unlike the game has replay-ability 

  47. Kotal Total

    Sick ass rhymes man.
    Awesome rap!

  48. C. Randy Gamble

    Now you should do a Keeping Up Appearances rap.  :)

  49. Tanner Rodriguez

    Too bad it sucked....

    Silas Dam

    You mean the game, right? Because the rap was great.

    Tanner Rodriguez

    @Silas Dam yeah the game haha

  50. Гиблет !

    whether and it is possible to find these songs without advertizing?



  52. Nudedragon

    Ha, that description! 

  53. Robert Tucker

    You made a reference to Keeping Up Appearances. I weren't born when it was on TV and I think you may not of been either.

  54. Rouge Narwhal

    dan bull evolve rap?

    *giant ear to ear smile*

  55. thatguyoverthere06

    you are just so sick lyrically and everything else, please make another album.

  56. Panzerfaust

    no way this is requested but KSP?

  57. Kuba Kalinowski

    Im waiting for Dying Light rap :)

  58. Tyler Turner

    Have you ever given doing a rap about the dark souls series.

  59. ibananabomb

    Love that keeping up appearances refrence

  60. Zachary Hockett

    Monster Hunter 4 rap?

  61. Gr3eN

    l4d2 rap please

  62. antonio39777

    Song feels like a MEH.

  63. Zohaib Salam

    I had appendicitis, hurt like shit

  64. Lucas Silva


  65. FalseGenocide

    Absolutely exemplary Dan! I love it! Get well soon!

  66. KrissPiggie

    Holy shit this is good!

  67. Sir Fabulous

    any way of getting a tf2 rap? you have done 2 valve games so why not finish valves fps game raps

  68. now222

    Dan bull u always do make the best music

  69. Platinum Boii

    Warframe Epic Rap?

  70. tacomandie

    Not going to mention day 1 DLC in this rap?

  71. Justin DeLauder

    Well keep up the good work

  72. Slade Gaming Genie

    I really hope you can get past whatever this is Dan, I know for a fact you've inspired quite a few of my friends (Myself included) to push through and do what we really want to do, regardless of who or what tells us we can't!

  73. Destroyer703

    Did u join in on erbs vid it sounds like u

  74. blackmat fourlife

    could you make a rap about warframe ?

  75. Tal

    Dan Bull can you do a rup about battlefield hardline??? And about war thunder ? Pleas?

  76. BtsRecordsSpentJesta

    Hey danbull i know its not my place to ask but could u please please please do a heroes of the storm rap u know that game from blizzar that totally pwns all over LoL i loved your leage of lesgends rap and i know 100% u could make an amazing heroes of the storm rap

  77. Xiu lul

    Dan please don't put yourself through to much pain for vids. Please wait till you get better. But I love the video

  78. Galaxy Gaming

    1st of all I absolutely love that u still rapping even with this dreaded ear infection next I just wanted to day it would be cool if you could do for your next rap to be about the game the escapists it is a tremendous game and it deserves idolization

  79. pokerboy495

    Plzzz do a rap on dying light because that would be awesome does anybody agree?

  80. Nick Mulvey

    What's he trying to say in the intro before the lyrics?

  81. Andrew Golab

    Farcy4 please

  82. weallgotissues

    background noise hurt me on this one =( not your best work... gg get well but don't make nonsense and ruin what good you've made

  83. PretendThisIsAName

    Another example of why Dan Bull could show up even eminem

  84. frikenjose!

    Dan bull I just gotta say that ur such an inspiration. Your songs are always the best an even though u have a ear condition ur still going strong! Keep out the great work man peace. <3

  85. Pink Storm

    Shout out to the "Keeping Up Appearances" reference

  86. Idiosyncratic Allan

    Dear Dan

         Life is an acrimony but don't let it's taste make you quit drinking it. Life challenges you to experiment and see what you're going to do after it plays its turn... Now it's your turn so be smart and keep on defeating life at its long chess game filled with ennui and depression and make that depression turn into satisfaction and happiness. By listening closely I can hear your pain and I noticed this rap was shorter than what you usually do. Keep on pushing but do it in a smart way where you kick life in the balls with strategy.
    P.S. It's impressive how you did that rap... man, you're amazing

  87. mz denina

    No offense but how you mispronounced evolve? Not judging but there's only one way to say it.

  88. Red Dragon

    Dan I hope ur ok and if u r u should totally make a prototype 2 rap plz get better soon :)

  89. Rhagos, King of Flames

    Make a dragon age inquisition rap

  90. Jeb Bush

    hows your ears danv

  91. Bash Bash

    Nice dan

  92. Aaron Leandre

    Sorry to hear that your not well. You focus on getting better, your fans will do video game rap covers in your absence.  First up, "Dragon Age Inquisition" 

    "They call me the Herald...." Whelp that's all I got. 

  93. Sephiroth88

    here is the RAP :D

  94. Aliyah Blackman

    LBP 3 rap who's with me

  95. Starkiller10569

    Not your best work to date, but I'm glad to see you're still able to produce good music despite the current problems with your health. I hope you get well soon. :)

    While I'm here, I'd like to make a suggestion for the next song: How about "Elite: Dangerous" or maybe the original Elite from 1984.

  96. Ryan Perez

    Though resident evil 6 is an old game its still pretty good and would make a good song

  97. thegingie95

    Great rap could you do left 4 dead if possible