Bull, Dan - Dying Light Lyrics

It's dark, and Hell is hot
Dan Bull...
Let's go...
(Yea, yea, yea!)

[Verse 1: Dan Bull]
I'm Kyle Crane, taking down anybody with a vile brain
Best stay still or they just may feel
An iddy biddy little bit of mild pain
Sunrise, it's burgling time, I don't wanna die so I work in the light
To swerve all the psychotic murderers lurking at night
Far cry from a Turkish Delight
Cos when the night falls, you require giant balls
Just to survive, I hope you like to climb walls
Be mindful and just know that you might fall any moment
There's no slowing their roll when they're going with no control
And you know it, I swear by the penis on me
I wouldn't wanna be the zombie
There's a meanness, I feel it strongly
I can be as mean as the Viet Cong be
I treat these eejits wrongly
Their bodies are an ambling canvas
For an artist of the art of survival
And the university of life's my campus
Go ham on the thankless bandits, madness!
In your pants there's a dampness
I'll grab an axe and I'll have you handless
Or maybe take a hammer to your hippocampus
Pro scavenger son, you're an amateur one
When I handle a gun, the damage is done
And although this is serious business
I admit that I'm having some fun

[Hook: Dan Bull]
The Light's dying and dim, the night's trying to get in
Am I hiding, lying crying quiet, whining with the whitest skin?
NO! the Light's dying and dim, the night's trying to get in
I'm climbing, fighting, grinding, swiping, slicing, striving to win!

[Verse 2: Iniquity Rhymes]
Whose light is dead? Shit, it's not mine
I been shinin' through the Slums now and I'm quite fed
Still hungry for more so the Zombies see gore
The king warlord, your corpse'll recite death
Pipes, pistols, propane tanks, the pain is pure
Man, I'm going postal
Bites? Bitch you won't gain haste
I'm the bane of your existence, boastful
I'm feared by infected, so hereby respected
By nearby survivors with hope
I'm more fierce by the second, adhere to my weapon
No mere title reckons my wrath, I'm the G.O.A.T
I'll sleep when I'm done, til then believe the world's my arsenal
While I'm out here slaying volatiles, they bleed
Tell me will ya balls see growth?
No bolter escapes my range, the massacre is bound to happen
Homie, this soldier awakes with rage
These bastards are astounded, fasten
Ya seatbelt - they're like, "He's hell,"
"Better stay back or our blueprints will rot"
Whether the crowbar or cricket bat, given that I'm a beast
I send biters to their box
Here goes - I'm here to prove myself
Dan Bull and Iniquity Rhymes
These bars'll give you that 8 mile syndrome
It hits home, Lose Yourself in fractions of time
Fight for your life, is it rude if I mention
I frighteningly like all the feuds with Rais' Henchmen
I might even bite, you will lose and die drenched in
The blood of my foes, ensue all of my vengeance
Dying Light

[Hook: Dan Bull]
The Light's dying and dim, the night's trying to get in
Am I hiding, lying crying quiet, whining with the whitest skin?
NO! the Light's dying and dim, the night's trying to get in
I'm climbing, fighting, grinding, swiping, slicing, striving to win!

This is some shit to see
Dan Bull and Iniquity
This is some shit to see
Dan Bull and Iniquity
This is some shit to see
Dan Bull and Iniquity
Goodnight, and goodluck!

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Bull, Dan Dying Light Comments
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    It was a play on words. A movie was relased in the early 2000s named 8 Mile, starring the rapper Eminem. The movie is most known for the song "Lose Yourself" by rapper stated above, Eminem. From this song sprouted many memes over the past few years, including one's "Mom's Spaghetti." The line from Iniquity was, "These bars will give you that 8 Mile syndrome, it hits home, 'Lose Yourself' is fractions of time." You're very welcome :3

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