Built To Spill - You Are Lyrics


Everybody know
Everybody know
Everybody know
Everybody know

That you
That you
That you
That you are

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Built To Spill You Are Comments
  1. Emily Williams

    The most beautiful love song

  2. D D'ianno

    Love the album cover. There's a definite Beatles vibe progressed meets pink Floyd/Neil young in some of their songs , while this band could easily hold their own if competing in the 70's with guitar driven bands. Many of their songs like this one...& (wherever you go) etc are packed with guitar hooks and extended playing. At times the singer ( and his playing) are on genius level within the music world.

  3. simon alexander

    makes me think of Jesus…………………….. who we all know is

  4. Robert Jacoby

    I think I have a thousand plays now.

  5. lakereh

    So good

  6. danny_420_365

    what effect is on the intro guitar

  7. Nelroy

    It's a love song. And it's one of my favorites, ever.

  8. knutdragon

    I walked down the aisle to this song nearly 4 years to the day...


    I hope you're still happy with them : )

  9. youmakeyourname

    how do you make the strings and the notes say so much???


    +youmakeyourname I hate you and also will you be my best friend?

  10. youmakeyourname

    so beautiful...

  11. pauliefromphilly


  12. Chris Uhlein

    One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

  13. Samara J

    ohhh, ok. had no idea! cool

  14. jsj89football

    It's everybody know. He's imploring us to realize that we "are." "Everybody know, that you are."

    Montgomery Friesen

    jsj89football I heard it a thousand times and never thought of it that way. I like that. Thanks

  15. Matt Musician X

    It's in 6/8 too like the rest of the song. The rhythm is just more syncopated during that part :)

  16. Justin S

    Such a cool song...Anyone know what time signature the second half of this song is in?

  17. ICgoateee

    I am all too familiar with that feel bro...

  18. Samara J

    @arlenmccann no....it's everybody knows. because everybody KNOWS.

  19. Void

    Homestar's favorite Built to Spill song. Strong Bad too.

  20. Mente P

    Everybody... everybody.... everybody.... everybody
    everybody knows everybody knows
    that you.... that you .. are.....