Built To Spill - Trimmed And Burning Lyrics

Take it on and take it over
Take in as much as you can see
I can almost think about it, but
I cant arrange for you to see

Didn't know what I'm afraid of
I had to learn it from a dream
There's a light that never goes out
Burning a hole inside of me

Keep your lamps all trimmed and burning
Might be alarmed with what you see
I've agreed to always love you
But never enough to set you free

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Built To Spill Trimmed And Burning Comments
  1. busheybushdawg

    One of their best imo but then again who gives a fuck about mo

  2. Meeki

    israels song, carry the zero, kicked it in the sun, oh yeah, trimmed and burning, traces, randy described eternity, life's a dream, pat, twin falls, the source, time trap, stab.. could listen to any of those songs for hours on end. maybe even made up dreams


    You forgot Things fall apart :-)

  3. Kreutz

    this is in my top 5 favorite built to spill songs

  4. dirtmerchant1980

    my third fav bts song behind carry the zero, and stab. maybe wherever you go. definitely top 5.

  5. Justin Brushett


  6. mlevasse1282

    Thanks, I love this song.

  7. Ben Bullington

    No. great song. "I agreed to always love you but never enough to set you free"

  8. Sublevare1

    Good song.