Built To Spill - Goin' Against Your Mind Lyrics

People think when you don't understand
What it takes to wanna be a man
I don't care much for that
I don't know why

Just a fight or just a waste of time
Hiding things that no one wants to find
I don't know much of that
I don't care why

Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind

Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind

When I was a kid I saw a light
Floating high above the trees one night
Thought it was an alien
Turned out to be just god

If you're not sure who not to believe
Who has better reasons to deceive?
They're really good at that
That's all they do

Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind

Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind
Goin' against your mind, goin' against your mind

And we won't share
No, we won't share
And we won't share
No, we won't share

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Built To Spill Goin' Against Your Mind Comments
  1. joetyer

    There's already Marquee Moon, though.

    Tyler Moore

    And before Marquee Moon was the Velvet Underground, though. And before them was something vaguely similar. And you could keep going. So sad you try this hard to be pretentious.


    @Tyler Moore Slow down with your obscure references, Tyler!

    Explain to the folks back home who The Velvet Underground are.

    And which song of theirs that Television played note-for-note, but at twice the speed.

  2. dave harry

    Still listening in 2020 👇🏻



  4. Y4123

    One of the greatest song intros ever created
    Two minutes and five seconds of pure bliss

  5. Ken Young

    Evidence of Golden Ratio in this song: the golden ratio moment, found by going to the moment that is .618 x total song length is @5:22

  6. Fatty fatson Ur fat

    Are there any other kids here who listen to this because of their parents and love it

  7. Levan Sandino Tsulukidze

    my all time fav. my dna.,

  8. Twisted Ed

    This song isn’t helping my anxiety long term but it’s the only thing that kinda helps me forget

    Justin Ethnostate

    Why doesn't it help you to remember?

    Go against your mind.

  9. Reeree Garcia

    Turned out to be just god...

  10. mc bizzle

    2019 still cutting edge for the trash today.


    really not true

    mc bizzle

    @Michael lol - k mr musician - what do you play besides the skin flute?


    @mc bizzle wat

  11. Chris Jennings

    There is a melody here that sounds similar to the growlers living in a memory

  12. Catie

    Let it be known that on this most beautiful day, October 26, 2019... I felt very so much ALIVE listening to this song as I watched the sun set.

    Michael Niesner

    @Andy Petrovich Don't worry I've sent out your Douche-bag medal. Should make it to you by x-mas! Cheers! :D

    Nick Trice

    Duly noted.


    Witnesses of joy.

    Pablo Lucio

    Andy Petrovich lol that was kinda bitchy but that was funny

    Andy Petrovich

    @Pablo Lucio
    Thanks. It was more directed at every stupid You Tube comment than this particular post.

  13. iswatmoths

    this song has helped me through the darkest period of my life.

    fuckin' music, man.

    it's pretty great!

    Nick Trice

    Me too.

    It's a great song; and if you're anything like me, "dark" is an understatement.

    Thank God for music.

  14. bangarang74

    been hooked since i was 16. I'm 33 now. Lied to my parents and drove 8 hours to see these guys back in high school. Got away with it!

  15. swampscrapper

    wow this sounds like the feelies to me

  16. Brandi Asbury

    Greatest song ever recorded


    That intro is two minutes and five seconds of pure bliss and the transition into the vocals is perfection

  17. David Miyamoto

    BTS is a very good band. But eeegggaaddds. His fake modesty and arrogant speach when it comes to other bands is disappointing. I think he needs to remember he was in the in the Halo Benders. OUCH!!!!

  18. Kyle Broussard

    The subtle guitar riff at 4:48 hits me right in the soul every single time.

  19. Gyusman

    ouY is my favorite album

  20. Kyle Broussard

    "If you're not sure who to not believe, who has better reasons to deceive - they're really good at that, that's all they do...."

  21. Daniel E.

    Broke up with a gf and it's a breath of fresh air hearing this... I had to shatter a two year old relationship ..and it sucks ..human emotions ..cheers

  22. Anes Tojaga

    This is it. This is a song that makes me feel things.

  23. chilidyp

    How good is this song, right!

  24. Liam Field

    This song fucking slaps so god damn hard

  25. IgNasty86

    A jam’s jam

  26. sofia valdovinos

    Ok so my crush just showed me this song and I kinda got obsessed with it. The entire minute 4 is an orgasm

  27. IgNasty86

    A jam’s jam.

  28. James Helton

    Go and kiss your mom, go and kiss your mahhom, go and kiss your mom, go and kiss your mahhom.

  29. Nick Weisflock

    Franky v, new balance

  30. Nick Weisflock

    Duets, new balance

  31. Ifitsnotonething itsanother

    Not too shabby

  32. Logan Spence

    Somebody learn this masterpiece on electric! And upload it so I can see that sh**

  33. Source Hauntings

    Just so masterfully crafted. Epic.

  34. kew piedie

    these boys really smoke the shit out of a guitar

  35. Templo Dos Martyrs

    this band inspires me so much to write my own songs

  36. Evan List

    one of the best songs of all time. try and change *my mind*

  37. Mario89778

    Built To Spill and Modest Mouse are fantastic. I'll never let their albums go.

  38. fullskapunk alchemist

    Going Mr mime.

  39. Moria Michael

    This song gives me this feeling I can't really describe.

  40. Ümran ABA

    I was listening to this song in high school and thank god i can finally find it.The feelings that are evoked by this song are unexpressible! :')

  41. ap2pat

    This is my favorite Built to Spill song.

  42. Moosez

    omg, this makes me shiver

  43. zen sunraw

    I don't care much for that, I don't know why

  44. Shamjelan


  45. Joel Vasta

    transworld #30 duets brought me here! song lends very well to s sick skate part!

  46. Martin Spud

    Chill here and hear the guitar rythms with the rest....

  47. Martin Spud

    Great fuckin album actually

  48. Martin Spud

    Great fuckin song... period....

  49. Nick Anderson

    Sooo.. why does this sound so much like modest mouse?

    OG CityWolf

    Nick Anderson because MM originated in the same music scene pacific nw Elliot Smith was also influenced by BTS

    OG CityWolf

    also check out the band Figurines from Finland if u like this sound “Shake a mountain” “Good Old Friends”

  50. Duane Hicks

    This is the first I've heard this. It's amazing!

  51. Pyro_Cheech

    666,000 views? Cool.

  52. Thomas B.

    Really is a shame the direction this band took.

  53. Martin Spud

    Nice sound

  54. zen sunraw

    turned out to be just god

  55. Emily Marie kovachy

    This is cheesy as fuck I love it

  56. Devilman1977

    Just past the 6 min mark the guitars sound like they're crying...
    Me too...
    Me too...
    Fuck how fast the years have gone by

  57. victor alfonso

    doblenueve!!! rock en lima..

  58. John Caterino

    Best song to listen to when on a scenic drive. Especially the opening.

  59. Sean Cone

    I saw BTS at Toads Place in New Haven, they were doing some gigs where they played Perfect From Now On start-to-finish.... then they played this for the encore.

    What a fucking night

  60. Pirates in Teepees

    you like built to spill? that makes us friends :)

  61. fern Haloo

    2010! holy smokes, 8 years ago.

  62. _chary

    powerful powerful music

  63. Emilie Cohen

    So fucking good

  64. red drib

    this happened to me when I was a kid, I saw a bright light -- twas weird

  65. Delcie Kestner

    Am I the only one who got this recommendation out of nowhere? I mean, I was on a Chvrches song before this...

  66. Josh Seiter

    Go and get your mom, go and get your mom

  67. Will Stonestreet

    Its just so original. Love the feel of this song

  68. peonwarrior

    something good

  69. Ross Fc

    Será que las 2 únicas peruanas que les encanta esta canción es mi hermana y yo??? No lo creo.

    victor alfonso

    esta canción yo la escuche en doblenueve..🤘🤘🤘

  70. Nick Vanzwol

    This song had a huge influence on me growing up. Still absolutely love it from the moment those drums kick in.

  71. Thimira

    Hands down my favorite song to drive on the open road to.

  72. Anthony Little

    Heart flavored pop tart

  73. Kelvin Martel

    Alien song, indie rock!

  74. teefly6

    67 people are wrong.

  75. Miguel Fernandez

    like 2017

  76. Roly Saavedra

    i love this song.

  77. shamaninjalchemist

    Thought it was God
    Turned out to be just an alien

    lol @ Anu-Yahweh

  78. Gabriel Valdetaro

    this song is my life

  79. Billy Shears

    just saw this amazing band destroy solstice fest 2017, Austin, TX 6/17! Epic shit

  80. Billy Shears

    Genius status right there!

  81. Fabiola Sujey Tj

    De PERÚ built to spill❤️

    Marty Ayrton Aaron Vargas Sanchez

    Fabiola Sujey Tj otro peruano aquí, aguante Built to spill

  82. Garrett Blount

    6:13 ÷_÷

  83. StraightCashHomey

    Greatest song the strokes never wrote

  84. Manic Mechanic Man

    this song just makes me wanna smash the accelerator! I love these guys!

  85. Tim LeCount

    Go and get your mom, go and get your mom...

  86. Domenico Pesce

    Lord, thank you for giving my ears

    Don't You Renember?

    What'd he take them away for in the first place?


    Domenico Pesce Amen.

  87. Hasnizam Mohamed

    The awesomeness of this song is unmeasurable.

  88. Radar

    an old childhood favorite. went back to the music I developed with and now the words have so much more dimension...

  89. David Pelosi

    fucking awesome tune

  90. Jake deWyn

    6:03 Captain, we've found the third chord!

    book boy

    you funny jake!

  91. petrolbzz

    Thought it was an alien
    Turned out to be just god

  92. Tyler Stewart

    Found these guys through Modest Mouse's influences and friends. Awesome music.

  93. Patrick Sharp

    Tree People.


    another tree people

  94. Matheus Tudor

    I love this Song

  95. Marcus Bryant

    misfit memories and punk rock dreams...awesome track.

  96. miranda ellsworth

    What a awesome fucking song!

  97. fuck

    long live the white race

    Timothy Amerman

    Kill all humans

    Beast Master

    Amen brother