Buddy Holly - You've Got Love Lyrics

You got two lips that look so fine
You got one heart I wish was mine
Love - sweet love
You've got love (genuine love)

You got two arms that you could use
To make me lose my blues
Love - sweet love
You've got love (real fine love)

You've got love - real love
You've got love - sweet love
You've got love - that is true
I want only you

You got two eyes so you can see
Your love was meant for me
Love - sweet love
You've got love (you've got love)

You've got love - real love
You've got love - sweet love
You've got me in a spin
I like the spin I'm in

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Buddy Holly You've Got Love Comments
  1. Jonathon Ripley

    It's a good record written by Roy for Buddy and I wish someday we get to hear the Roy demo tape for Buddy if it is around.

  2. Alvin Williams

    best musician ever

  3. Karl Mezansky

    buddy is my idol to the max..... and nobody else really comes close

  4. Phil Neville

    Love all his recordings. Legend

    Karl Mezansky

    Phil Neville amen

  5. Trampus Lane

    this song was written by roy orbison this song was givin to buddy by roy expecially for buddy to record and like always buddy made it his with signature wicked guitar playing the greatest most influentuil guitarist to ever walk the face of the earth i love you buddy you to roy the greatest singer ever

  6. early culyer

    I love this songggg!

  7. chet atkins

    i love the guitar solo in this i great song

  8. Paul Lavan

    And damn me if it doesn't still sound like it was recorded yesterday afternoon. Quality is permanent.

  9. faith steinhardt

    he had a great voice and this is 1 of the songs he sung well love it

  10. jimarilyn

    This song is just great isn't it ? Infectious. It has you wanting to get up and dance or just sit and clap your hands.

  11. christopher strickleton

    He was the first of the greats. We have missed out on so much more of the music to come from Buddy . Real talent ,,

  12. RetroGurl73

    You're welcome :)

  13. 702neonboy

    @nickswinter both peanuts and Roy wrote this co written but made famous by buddy!

  14. Mekilo1994

    @nickswinter Roy Orbison was one of the writers

  15. George Block

    @jimysummertime This song was written and originally recorded by Peanuts Wilson.

  16. Jimmy Stevens

    Roy Orbison ,wrote it

  17. Jimmy Stevens

    Roy Orbison song