Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away Lyrics

I'm a-gonna tell you how it's gonna be
You're gonna give your love to me
I wanna love you night and day
You know my love a-not fade away
A-well, you know my love a-not fade away

My love a-bigger than a cadillac
I try to show it and you drive a-me back
Your love for me a-got to be real
For you to know just how I feel
A love for real not fade away

I'm a-gonna tell you how it's gonna be
You're gonna give your love to me
A love to last a-more than one day
A love that's love - not fade away
A well, a-love that's love - not fade away

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Buddy Holly Not Fade Away Comments
  1. Roxane Mathis

    I love Elvis, but this man had more talent. Had he lived longer he would have possibly been the KING of rock and roll!

  2. mcbillygoat !

    Buddy Holly and the Lubbock / Clovis sound. Perhaps the first rock recordings to be of an avante garde nature. Joe Meeks goes wild for this song. Jerry Allison banging the hell out of a cardboard box and Buddy Holly giving it all in his vocals and guitar. So clean and yet heavy.

  3. Jason Touvi

    All I can say that Buddy Holly was a troubadour. The Rolling Stones had this as their first hit, and The Grateful Dead used this as one of their jam anthems.

  4. driloc

    Some incredible stars have passed, but just thinking of Buddy and SRV on other side jamming together....

  5. Joe Richards

    The clock just struck midnight on February 3, 2020. RIP, Buddy.

    Jason Pellegrin

    Joe Richards and Ritchie and Bopper

  6. Irma Lam

    oh my god, so talented, so handsome, so charming....but died too soon, too tragic. Sometime, life is honestly cold-blood, scary and mysterious. The person who has everything can loose everything the next moment.

  7. Satoshi Bitcoinsaki

    My friend Humberto lied to me. He assured me that Keith Richards had written this song!

  8. Big Buddha is Watching . . .

    Always thought this was a Jagger / Richard's composition. To my discredit I've only just discovered this version.

  9. Dahstin

    Buddy Holly's Eye Doctor will live in infamy.

  10. Alma Kelly

    this song was in Steven Kings Christine fantastic song just wonderful.

  11. Joe

    Bo Diddley strum


    May I introduce you to some Holly without his record sounds? :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdSLCTS1yZw

  12. George Vreeland Hill

    Thank you, Buddy Holly and you are not forgotten. It's now 2020 and we still rock to your music.

  13. Devin Locke

    Kinda hurts my ego a little when i see comments about this and that how rock wasn't that without the roll. Its a beautiful thing cause all we stumbled upon this video is in somewhat the same perspective of a vision of not only holly but our own rock and roll and its only fair we divide ourself from nothing more than that pure engery this music shares. I love you buddy

  14. Truth Hitman

    Buddy got this beat from Bo Diddley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cX7nc_i1Bg

  15. Mikie Knight

    I'm gonna tell ya how it's gonna be!
    Fuckin perfect!

  16. Aloise Mason

    Buddy Holly is sensational and a great singer and guitar player..Rock and Roll here to stay and rock on..Great performance..I seen Buddy Holly on Dick Clark show and then he was gone..He died shortly after on that plane crash..RIP Buddy

  17. Kacema70

    "My love's bigger than a Cadillac". Epic.

  18. Just a JoJofag

    Buddy Holly:"My love is bigger than a Cadillac I try to show it but you driving me back"

    Brian Johnson on some AC/DC outtake playing Not Fade Away: "he's got a Cadillac. But the man came when he didn't pay the payments and he took it back"

  19. Fernando Vilela

    I preffer the Rolling Stones' version

    Darrell Somers

    And the stones prefer buddy Holley

    Fernando Vilela

    @Darrell Somers , Sorry for the Stones. Hahaha

  20. kcirdrab

    The Who seriously ripped this off with 'Magic Bus'.

  21. Zion 45

    And the rest is rock n roll

  22. AlpacaBoi7

    *Hell hath no Fury, like a 57' Plymouth*

  23. Brandon Edwards

    First time hearing this song was on a boy meets world episode.

  24. Curt Ray

    60 people need to go ahead and pack up to leave earth as you are not wanted here


    top liked my friend :)

  26. Alan Fox

    rolling stones version sucks

  27. Hollys Buddy

    Holly literally stole this song from Bo Diddley! Play that song (Bo Diddley by Bo Diidley)) first then this one. A total rip off.

  28. ron leonard

    that's hard music...rock n roll with the weirdest tempo I've ever heard.. for its day original and I'm sure this had its influences across the rock, pop, punk, styles... classic.


    I hear this song in the background, whenever I hear this piece from Dick and Dee Dee:

  29. joseph Walton

    2019 and still rockin

  30. Bon Summers

    Bo Diddley,… Buddy Holly,… Johnny Otis,….

  31. Augustine Coronado

    I like to cover this song same tempo same everything but with a distortion pedal and overdrive pedal. It's my fantasy but I think Buddy would have loved all the new pedals and tricks to come with amps and setups. Imagine hearing a late 70's buddy smashing through songs like maybe baby/Not fade away with some good effects like distortion and overdrive. His songs are so fun with an overdriven amp and guitar on 10 blasting through buddy's great melodies. It's so damn fun

    james boyer

    I love it just the way it is when Buddy wrote it and recorded it!

  32. Robert G. Perrin

    Isn't this the flip side of "Oh, Boy!"? If so, it was released as perfomed by The Crickets (of which, of course, Buddy was the lead singer).

  33. ecupaige

    Those guitar riffs, that beat Buddy Holly the master! Not only would he have taken music in new directions but he would have been amazing producer as well. RIP Buddy!

  34. DVEW Films

    Let’s put this way. No buddy. No Beatles👍

    jonnhy qwango

    No elvis, no ome at all, holly said that himself i believe. But everyones influenced by everyone, it to me its more of a style of play am stuff. Copying easy but holly didmt copy he was first to thinl out side the box. The real an true KING of Rock an Roll

    Aurea Mediocritas

    @jonnhy qwango

    no eddie cochran no elvis


    @Aurea Mediocritas Elvis recorded before Eddie, and is the undisputed KING of rock and roll !

    Jim & Hugh O'N

    Aurea Mediocritas I despite that

    Ian Thomas

    @ITILII Presley was a mediocre nightclub crooner. Holly and Chuck Berry were the REAL kings of rock n'roll.

  35. Bon Summers

    Bo Diddley, don't you forget it.

  36. Andrew Bryant

    Any deadheads here listening in 2019?

    Arthur F. Scaltrito

    @Bill I saw them in 1970. 1 drummer & Pigpen was on keyboards

    Aurea Mediocritas

    @NotToClever xx 00:10 18.01.2020 :P

    Eric Lowber

    Hell yes

    Reilly Maresca

    @Bill To the point where I've only learned just now that it wasn't their's.

  37. Ultraguy87

    Mafia 2

  38. jeff lisenbee

    '58 Christines and lead footin' 4 ever.

  39. Jim Gardner

    EVERYTHING in this recording is a masterclass. This is a mono recording. MONO! Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to record everything that's happening here on ONE channel? DO YOU THOUGH? No. No, you don't. Go away and find out. Then tell me with a straight face to sniff Kanye's latest turd.


    The talent here is off the hook. how many groups ran on his fumes?

  40. form49

    "I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be." Not exactly a declaration of women's rights, is it? Good song, but wow!

    c.m. taylor

    No but it that is how that time period was. It does go to show how much has changed, and not all that change has been for the better.


    @c.m. taylor Oh, I know. I was there.

  41. Jerry Brownell

    Shortly after Buddy died disc jockey Tommy McDonald wrote and recorded "The Three Stars" about the day the music died. Under the stage name Tommy Dee in a narrative( spoken word ) paid tribute to Buddy. J.P. Richardson the Big Bopper and Richie Valens. The vocal accompaniment was provided by Carol Kaye & The Teenaires.

  42. Jerry Brownell

    Buddy was ahead of his time. One of the greatest singer/songwriters ever. Recorded over 100 songs in his brief career many of which he wrote or co-wrote. Only 5 of his songs made the charts and one of them posthumously. He had just scratched the surface of his incredible talent when he took that ill fated plane ride. He had to die before people recognized and appreciated his genius. Perhaps the most influential artist in Rock history.

  43. deeno bits

    There’s something ghostly about this song kinda gives me the chills

  44. Jhoanys Flores

    Que guapo era 😍😍

  45. Frank Resendez

    Sounds so good 👍🏾 legend

  46. Shirley Jennings

    Buddy left us way too soon, I love his music.

  47. Michael Hansen

    When that 1958 Plymouth furry show up we all say oh shit

  48. Alexander Steiner

    Buddy Holly lives

  49. Gdog130 Xdd

    These songs are better than the new songs my grandma said once.... Old songs were better than new ones people who make new ones did drugs but old songs were so much better

  50. Gdog130 Xdd

    Christine brought me here

  51. crorivpro

    I guess at this point there are 47 assholes out there.

  52. Rangers Of Oblivion

    The 47 that disliked are stupid poopy heads :c

  53. Heliton Gonçalves

    Holly Forever

  54. Jack Johnson


  55. LispyJared

    I was born 2004. This song was made in the late 50s. Not a lot of people can say something like that.

  56. LispyJared

    Christine chose a great song

  57. Don't Bet on It

    Still my favorite version the Rolling Stones did a good cover though.

  58. Malinibai

    The song gets more amazing as I listen. Always thought Bo Diddley wrote it and Holly covered it, but Holly wrote it himself, influenced by Diddley. It was the beginning of a turn into a harder brand of rock for him than the Crickets. We can only wonder what direction he would have taken if crash had not happened. As it was, his influence on rock will always be tremendous

  59. Leprechaun Jackson

    ba wa ba-ba

  60. Jenna

    One of a kind RIP Buddy

  61. The Rookie 7117

    Hello Christine

  62. kalel 311

    Gary Busey did good as Buddy

  63. Eldar Mani

    those who disliked are ones who are deaf

  64. Louis

    Is it just me or does he look a lot like Arnie from Christine?

  65. Declan McGowan

    The real deal 👊

  66. Freddy Richards

    "We love you, we'll see ya next year!"

  67. Sheila Cristina Barros da silva silva


  68. Canal do Zakumi

    buddy holly, 07/09/1936 - 03/02/1959. (brazilian date)

  69. Canal do Zakumi

    buddy holly, 09/07/1936 - 02/03/1959. (american date)

  70. Jason Johnson

    Everyone from Christine except Arnie disliked it

  71. jmen4ever

    Buddy will NEVER fade away!Neither will the Bopper or valens fade away.

  72. hampibaba1

    gone 60 years today and still Not Faded Away RIP Buddy

  73. Annmarie OBrien

    60 years ago the God of rock n roll was taken to early from us , your music will not fade away.

  74. stephen presneill

    sick tune even in 2019

    David John

    Better than the crap of today.

  75. Karl Fortuin jr

    No disrespect to you buddy this song is the shit when your stoned 😎

  76. Nick Hyatt

    A true LEGEND

  77. Maggin Lahr

    he may have left us in body but his music remains and long after all of us are gone his music will still...remain

  78. tchavey1

    Drums were a cardboard box!

  79. Miguel Tubby

    R.I.P Charles Hardin Holley 1936-1959

    Why ;-;

  80. Bob Dowling

    The greatest!!!!!

  81. Kevin W

    Pioneer. And so who did buddy grow up listening to ? :-) Still cool 60 years on !

  82. Joe Creevy

    God dam. A gentle genuis. Was there music before or after?

  83. Rose Tallon

    he was rock'n'roll's first auteur. he wrote songs, performed them, and before he died, started to produce them. Amen Buddy.

  84. Steel Quebec

    My love is bigger than a cadillac. EPIC.

  85. Reese Moerike

    Just makes me think of christine

  86. Wayne Price

    Buddy will always rave in our hearts through his music

  87. Tim Kirkpatrick

    Just imagine how big he would have been !

  88. Jon Vear

    Still influences today's music 🎶

  89. art vandelay

    people,this guy was an innovator so true,a legend,but to say there isnt music made like this today is not being accurate,there is amazing artists out there now,look around youtube,you'll find them

  90. Leonidez Garza

    My love is bigger than a Cadillac!!

  91. Leonidez Garza

    Don't play this song in a car like the one in christine movie, something might happen! You seen what happened in the movie!

  92. Nicole Perez

    Love you Buddy Holley

  93. Kevin

    A bright star fallen from the sky well before his time....Long Live Buddy Holly's music!

  94. John Glaudel

    the drummer is playing a cardboard box…...

  95. Derek Moore

    I feel like he recorded this in his garage

  96. Terry C.

    32 people disliked this?? This is the first time I've heard it and I'm 56 and I like it. I like Tanya Tuckers version better, but this is still good. The people who disliked it, just have NO TASTE in music!!

  97. Thylacine The TigerWolf

    I wonder if he ever knew about the influence he had for the future..he truly made a more country western rock style before he passed on...