Buddy Holly - It's Too Late Lyrics

It's too late - she's gone
It's too late - my baby's gone
Wish I had told her - she was my only one
But it's too late - she's gone

It's a weak man that cries
So I guess I'd best dry my eyes
Guess I will miss her more than any one
But it's too late - she's gone

She's gone - yes, she's gone
She's gone - my my baby's gone
She's gone - yes, she's gone
Where can my baby be

I wonder does she know
When she left me - it hurt me so
I need your lovin' - please don't make me weep
And tell me - it's not too late

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Buddy Holly It's Too Late Comments
  1. Roy and Jacqueline

    I'm 54 years old and I haven't been crying just enjoying playing Buddy Holly and the Crickets this morning. I just walked into the bedroom and said to my husband that you know that I am the number one Elvis fan but if Buddy hadn't have died Elvis would have had (gasp, gasp, hot tears) some SERIOUS competition. I'm crying again now. R.I.P, Buddy Holly. We love you so much🥰🎸🎶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇯🇲🕺💃🕊️✝️

  2. Jo de groot

    Een wereld ster toen en nog steeds niet te over treffen

  3. C Synch

    Derek and the Dominos would reprise this many years later

  4. Holly Fanatic

    Wow! Goose pimples! Really, no one can match this kid👌

  5. Charles Harr

    gone but will never be forgot............

  6. Robert Fredette

    The 50's were the best. Meet someone and you knew right away if you and them had a possible relationship; Nowadays, somebody sends you a message and you have to upgrade to read it. WHAT?

  7. Narciso Brunazzo Neto

    Fantástico, saudades do Buddy

  8. Tonetwisters

    The Blues, among all the other stuff he sang ... And what a range, without effort. Now ... Where's "Tell Me How"?

  9. Rob Jontay

    See you all here 2/3/2019.....

  10. Nicole Perez

    Love you Buddy Holley,There will NEVER be another BUDDY HOLLEY

    Man Of Magic

    Holly* And I agree with you, never knew him personally but I miss him.

  11. André La Soares

    I'll Remember You 😎👏🏻

  12. Scott Baker

    This song inspired Eric Clapton to play the Strat.

  13. Tonetwisters

    Buddy's Blues-Rock powerhouse. Tremendous vocal range and great feeling of despair. This man could sing ballads and hard rockers and Gospel-sounders (Early In The Morning) and Blues like this one ... what an incredible talent.

  14. Phil Neville

    Superb song by a great artist, who will never fade away


    Phil, you mean "Not Fade Away"!

  15. lids ok

    Its too late, Buddy.s gone but never forgotten

    Rob Jontay

    @sarah noel ".....Don't make me weep. Tell me, it's not too late...."

  16. jimboy302

    Love this.

  17. Davie Henry

    What a great song

  18. StormLaker1975

    Every year I make the couple hour trip up to Clear Lake, IA to go the Surf Ballroom and the roadside memorial to get my fix of "local" rock n' roll history. Tommy Allsup just passed away- the last surviving member of the Crickets.....all the greats are dying off:-(


    StormLaker1975 J.I.'s still alive

    Nikolay Yanev

    Jerry Allison (the drummer) is still alive

    David Byng

    Sonny Curtis who was with Buddy pre Crickets and then from 1959 hugely involved is alive too

    Hollys Buddy

    Allsup was never formally a member of The Crickets. Holly lost the right to use that name when he left the group.

  19. Steve Gross


  20. PhilTrigwell

    i loaned, just by chance.. the cricket's LP from a freind(59' i think .. and heard this track..wow!! ..i never could afford the LP ..but all of the song's on the LP were finally released on 3 EP's during the 60's .. :-D

  21. Ron B

    It's the purity. 2:04

  22. Steve Gross

    ive heard of his neice,id like to meet maria

  23. Daril Caldwell

    has anybody heard sherry holly sing this one on YouTube yet she is buddy's niece

  24. Daril Caldwell

    has anybody heard sherry holly sing this one on YouTube yet she is buddy's niece

  25. PA10403

    yeah his music good

  26. Holly Hawk

    This man Is 'pitch perfect' love him!!😊😊😊

  27. Rogelio calderon mares

    Roy Orbison appears on backing chorus?

    Angel Ramirez


    Deborah Dickson

    No but Roy did record this song too. Both versions are great.

  28. Jameson Lucas

    This song along with "Send Me Some Lovin" were both recorded on July 12, 1957 in Clovis, New Mexico at the Norman Petty Studio. The next day, July 13, The Crickets played a show in Carlsbad, New Mexico at the Elks ball room. What an awesome time in music this was! 


    Jameson, was this the Picks doing the backing vocals? I've only just come onto this page in 2018. Surprising that Buddy was recording such gentle songs. Not suitable for pop charts but two great tracks nevertheless


    Jameson Lucas okoml

  29. geoff garfield

    Truly wonderful

  30. Led Sled

    I too love Buddy and this song... Thank you buddyfan57

  31. algywatt

    I'd love to hear the un-dubbed version of this great recording..the Picks are OK I guess but let's hear the original take.

  32. winnybabe66

    amen! <3

  33. Ronnie Knight

    I cry inside every time i hear his voice, in all these years he has never been matched in talent

    brad b

    He never will be either .

  34. scottishterrier100

    I saw Buddy Holly live at the Birmingham town hall England when Iwas 15 yo I was devastated when he died he is still one of my favourites when I got my first Guitar Peggy Sue was the first song I learnt

    bill furman

    His friend, a hermit named
    Paul Anka, is living in Carmel-by-the-sea, Central
    CA. But Buddy achieved
    universal adoration but isn't
    here to enjoy it.

  35. strandwolf

    @50sfan14 Originally a rhythm & blues tune written by Chuck Willis. Derek & The Dominoes did a great version.

  36. Jeff Lipinski

    I can relate to this..
    Buddy was so good..
    I'm glad these rare songs
    are not forgotton by
    youtube or the public..


  37. vikingmanMN

    Elvis could barely play the guitar....then you watch Buddy master it. That says something.

    Caress of Stars

    So great to see that I am not alone with my heresy! Elvis had a charismatic personality and a special charm that made him a celebrated star, but yes... he was not even remotely as good at guitar as Buddy was.

  38. ILoveJakandDaxter

    buddyfan57 I always thought it would be bad to say that but I'VE ALWAYS thought about that! There's a part of me that always blames Maria... everytime I hear a song of Buddy's or when I read about him... I bet he would still be alive (unless he would have died from natural causes) if he never would have met Maria. He probably would have stayed with the Crickets for a while and stayed in Lubbock. It's just.. so sad...

  39. NizzyNaeNae

    i believe this was originally by roy orbison


    No. Chuck Willis.

    Deborah Dickson

    Roy also recorded this.

  40. Deadspacejay

    I would just like to say as another fan i started listening at the age of 4 i am now 40 i have meet the crickets several times i have recorded my tribute album to buddy in 1994 which i had no experience of being in a studio but when i walked in and it just clicked i must of bin listening all that time. what a fantastic artist i will die a buddy holly fan :) if you have any queries about my album or wana chat about buddy :) email me on [email protected] internet.com

  41. Shoknifeman

    @bazndawn That's kind of unfair to say; did you expect her to stay alone forever, just cause Buddy died? As for her making money out of Buddy's death, well, if she was made his heir, by his choice, then she has a right to do so.

  42. TheDJGrandPa

    @buddyfan57 It's easy to judge people who can't defend themselves.

  43. Tristan

    there will only ever be one buddy

  44. Richard Neville

    @dannyaingefan Here's yr. 'chawds' in Emaj if a bit late! It's dead simple frankly, but the 'rests' make SEEM complex:~ it's STRONGLY anacrusic...the "It's too late[boom boom boom] being the anacrusis on a B7......
    E/A E/E7 A A // E E B7 E[B7] # E/A E/E7 A A(Am) // E E B7 E/E7
    A/A7 E/E7 A/A7 E // A E F# B7(& there's yr. anacrusic bit again!) & round it goes with only the F#(as supertonic if in Emaj) as the occasional exception within the 3 chord trick! HTHelps!!x

  45. Steve R

    Thanks for posting. Another great version along side the one by Derek and the Dominos.

  46. Shoknifeman

    @buddyfan57 Thats true... the record company was screwing him over and Maria was pregnant....not to mention that the cost of living in NY was a lot more expensive than in Lubbock; Buddy needed the money and loved performing, so, off he went!

  47. Shoknifeman

    @prettylatinachic1 Well, 23 isnt a bad thing, makes you a year older than Buddy was when he died! If I remember correctly, Buddy would be turning 74 this year! (Had he lived)

  48. ghostswerepeopletoo

    I adore the photos at the very end.

  49. andyrowe14

    he was the great something about his voice

  50. Janna Watson

    well... he'll never get old, cause dying at 22 is better than dying at 50 from a disease. Legends do die young.

  51. ELG

    Hey all...The best musician of all time, the great Buddy Holly! Can ne one post the chords for this song, I can't figure them out...Thanks and Rave On!

  52. Lumpen proletariat

    does anyone know the guitar chords for this song??

  53. faustus999

    absolutely fantastic song by the one and only...buddy.

  54. Jayne van der wijk

    Ha! Great! Was playing this in my kitchen (over and over again..) just yet... doing dishes, wondering it would be on youtube, and here it is!! Thanks so much for uploading, it is such a beautiful song!!

  55. faustus999

    what a fantastic buddy song

  56. Slomofogo

    Too. Too. Too.

  57. fallenagnel2002

    He had a way with his music

  58. faustus999

    thanks so much more taking the time to post all the lesser known buddy songs. this has always been one of my favourites. also 'last night' reminds me of this. buddy was such an incredible talent. thanks buddyfan

  59. stacyblue1980

    He was such a cute baby! (baby pic) Precious. Love the song too. Love the BIG vocals. thanx.

  60. buddyhollylive

    This is my favourite Holly song, even though he wasn't the author - he owns it completely and it permeates his spirit. You can hear the early use of echo - In fact, "It's not too late" - the music lives on. 5 stars

  61. J Spooner

    Ever heard of a song cover, fucktard?

  62. Hans Lodder

    Yes, but Buddy!s interpretation is is much more better : more emphatic and sensitive, less turgid, I think he!s really sad.. what a difference....!!!!

  63. THEMOJOMANsince1959

    He copied a lot of his songs. If not not for
    BO DIDDLEY there would be no "NOT FADE AWAY".
    after BUDDY saw BO DIDDLEY he got him some Black Horn Rimmed Glasses (like BO's) and the rest is history.

  64. THEMOJOMANsince1959


  65. THEMOJOMANsince1959


    colin tooley

    Not bothered mate

  66. heyzog

    We shouldn't get caught up in any acrymony. Whatever one may think of Holly's family or ex, it doesn't matter. He was ahead of his time and neither his family nor Maria accepted each other - it was a mixed marriage in 1958 but he didn't care, for him it was all about LOVE. Buddy and Jimi were God's gift to us, let us all just enjoy the music from great prophets when we can.

  67. Shawna Shea

    oh my god i didnt hear that part... poor buddy also i bet tho if buddy wasnt married and if he didnt have a child on the way i bet he wouldnt have gone on that tour. oh well nothin we can do now

  68. Barry Taylor

    yes there is that buddyfan57, makes me sick how she re-married then divorced and took back the holley name, wasn't her re-married name bringing her anough cash lol also she sad for stopping event's in lubbck that she agreed to because she wasn't getting money for the use if his name which she married out of lol

    colin tooley

    Really do we have to drag all this up who knows the truth mostly hearsay

  69. Shawna Shea

    same here no offense to elaina but ugh she was a terrible wife for him she didnt even go to his funeral how sad :'(

  70. Barry Taylor

    i still think he loved his school sweet heart echo mcguire more then elaina!

  71. buddyhollylive

    Check out Derek and the Dominoes on Johnny Cash - They do a credible version of this most excellent Holly classic.

  72. bigmac47

    thank you thank you thank you
    One of the best if not the best of Buddy's
    thanks again I did not think I would ever hear this one again