Buddy Guy - Vietcong Blues Lyrics

I woke up early this mornin'
I was feelin' kind of blue
My landlady said you got a letter here
And I began to sing the blues

It was from my brother
Don't you know the boy's laying down in Vietnam
Lord they say, you don't have no reason to fight baby but
Lord knows you think you're right
(but you got to be wrong, don't you hear me, you got to be wrong, now pick up-)

You wake up early in the mornin' baby
And you don't have nothin' to eat
You can't buy yourself no clothes baby
Lord knows who can you meet

My brother's in Vietnam
People don't you know just why I'm singin' these blues
You might have no respect for your country darlin'
But that's why, that's why I'm singin' these blues
(you better pick up baby and get with it, you hear me? Looka here-)

The mothers, all the wives,
All the fathers, that have sons,
In Vietnam, you hear me?
This is to you

Oh I'm gonna wake up early in the mornin'
People I'm 'bout to go out of my god-darn' mind
Lord I'm gonna wake up early in the mornin'
People I'm 'bout to go out of my god-darn' mind
It's so sad, it's so sad to think about your people
Lord when the other man thinks they're wrong
(you're not right baby. Hear this just before I go-)

Lord I woke up in the mornin'
You're gonna look up, you're gonna look up and find yourself gone
Lord I woke up this mornin'
You're gonna look up and find yourself gone
(how would you feel if it was your brother over there, eh? How would you feel?)
Lord then you're gonna ask the good Lord to forgive you
Please forgive me for my sins.

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Buddy Guy Vietcong Blues Comments
  1. amerikarma

    I had these vinyls back in the early 80's . . . This is by far one of my all time fav blues track ! BRILLIANT !!

  2. Greg Belcamino

    I say Junior and Buddy for the first time in the winter of 1968-69 in New Haven. Changed my life. This, along with "Help Me" has always been my favorite.

  3. Betty Boop

    the inmortal blues

  4. ket ket

    Jack Meyers Great!!

  5. sho komiya

    jack myers on bass.

  6. Jack V

    Jimi Hendrix had this record.

  7. Cora Visser

    Incredible good real chicago blues super.

    ken look

    Cora Visser moh

  8. DucksDeLucks

    Chicago The Blues Today came out as 3 or 4 lps back in the late 60s. I think it's still available on CD. I had a set but foolishly lent out one of the volumes. They're all good but the best one is probably the one with the Junior Wells Buddy Guy material, which IMO is the best they ever recorded. Guy still had that light filigree touch on guitar.

  9. 6402680

    "Little shack by the track wit a room in the back." Where many of "us" used to and still live.

  10. maazvdo

    Wonder! Super blues! Thanks for posting, rudge 1982 .

  11. CharlesDavidPollock

    Buddy sure knows how to start a blues number

    Valerie Worboyes

    Love u buddy

  12. DJ big leg

    im a musician i dare any label 2 come on here n defend,overwriting what every musician intended 4 lp n 45 release,analogue productions i hear ur claim of superiority but im told its sacd on lp,same as the burnside early recordings lp,calling it analogue when its not means labels lie publically n think collectors wont even notice.the fact is u can put sacd on cd,so 2 do it on vinyl means labels dont respect musical history,which is a vital exspeariance 4 every vinyl lover,

  13. DJ big leg

    what really makes me gutted is the fact 98 % of new vinyl reissues r pointlessly digitally remastered with criminal multiple overdubs 4 our so called listening pleasure.quite a few labels have put sacd on2 vinyl n r calling it analogue,altho its better than a 12 bit cd.its still totally sonically inferior 2 analogue capping the topend n bottomend,therefore the separation impact deph n warmth is far superior on all original releases.this isnt how the musicians intended it,so labels can keep it.

  14. Michael Lemke

    I;m feelin' my "Nam" bros, Chip, Indian George SOS, and Jim and John, Rick, and RT.

  15. redwhiteandblues

    If you are interested let me know and make an offer. This album was produced way before CD's where even known of. I believe it probably has some serious historical value.

  16. redwhiteandblues

    I have 33 1/3rd long play record of this album. No MP3's

  17. Janice Sunseri

    I Have this C.D. and I love it.

  18. g29er

    Always loved that album cover. Being from Chicago, I know what its like to feel that Winter chill blow off the Lake and go right through you when you are waiting for the El.

  19. Craig Leavitt

    brilliance of the highest order

  20. Ukabumba

    @redwhiteandblues can you send it to me for free?

  21. redwhiteandblues

    I own this album any takers let me know

  22. sugarmamaaa

    I forgot how great this album was!! Owned it during the 60s and completely forgot about it until I saw the cover. Awesome tunes on all three vols by great 1960 blues artists. Thanks for posting!

  23. shango02005

    I love the harp commin' in to finish the job! True class!!

  24. TheRunner75

    This track is awesome. I've got this compilation and Buddy Guy is a top guitarist.

  25. elAle Guerrero

    the blues is also a social critic tool, Junior/Buddy know about it.

  26. Daniel Tamm

    I was given this album in 1966. This song was by far the most powerful and beautiful. As a 14 year old, it changed my life. First real exposure to blues.
    This was just when the Beatles were evolving into something much more than a pop band with the release of "Rubber Soul" and "Revolver."

  27. mrcharliecharles

    didi mao DIDI MAO

  28. BordiniBlues85

    I love this music and the album cover.. this railroad tracks..