Buddafly, Amina - How Can I Be With You Lyrics

I don't even wanna see your face
Like I always wanted to
I don't even wanna get a call
Think I'm done with you
I don't even wanna make it right
It's been way too many times
That I cried
Hey, yeah

I don't even wanna reminisce
Remember the good we had
And I don't ever want another kiss
Though it used to be the best
But now I don't even wanna try again
Cause I'm tired and it's finally come to make sense
You're not my man

How can I be with you?
Knowing all the wrong you do
Like you can breathe under water
I can not be with you
How could I think you might
Change a thing about the way you been like the whole time?
How can I be with you?
With you?
With you?
With you?

I don't even wanna talk about it
Just so we can fight again
And no I don't want you to lead me on,
And for you to say let's be friends
And I just don't wanna be
Another option that you keep
Open to see, what it's gonna be
Yeah, yeahhh

And no I don't wanna have make up sex
Cause it's always the same routine
We make love and I'm lovin it
But you don't love me!
No, no I don't wanna go back and forth
Just can't take it anymore!
Yes it finally makes sense, you're not my man

How can I be with you?
Knowing all the wrong you do
Just like you can breathe under water
I can not be with you
How could I think you might
Change a thing about the way you been like the whole time?
Tell me, how can I be with you?
With you?
With you?
With you?

How can I be with you?
Knowing all the wrong you do
Just like you can breathe under water
I can not be with you
How could I think you might
Change a thing about the way you been like the whole time?
Tell me how can I be with you?
With you
With you
With you, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohhhh
How can I be with you?
Yeah, hey
How can I be, yeah
Tell me, how can I be, how can I be with you, oh
How can I be, how can I be with you, oh
How I can't be, no
Can't be with you

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Buddafly, Amina How Can I Be With You Comments
  1. Pixel Sharp

    feels like a faith evens reincarnation....

  2. Ruben Reyes

    she is amazing



  4. Lisa Lovelace

    Buetiful voice

  5. Angel Hoot

    Amina,...... Buddafly..... you are talented,what a beautiful, real song. This is where you started girl, this IS who you are...to me

  6. Ashley Eason

    Omg I'm in my bag i felt this song in my soul she really sang this song 😍

  7. Flying Fairy


  8. ruby Long

    still listening in Aug'2019💜

  9. Kimberly E

    Yes, Amina is totally talented. Love voice and piano skills. Best wishes.

  10. christina Rudd

    This song is amazing....her voice

  11. impact zone

    black buddafly???

  12. Amina Ville

    I see my reflection in you

  13. Yachat Sankey


  14. monique mckinley

    She did that!

  15. Anna Dixon

    this song take brought tears to my eyes!! good job Amina

  16. Blacc N Rum Anthony

    Amina aka black buddafly is talented with a voice she's jst needs good management fr. With lyrics and etc. I hate when ppl tlk dumb shit tho amina is in pain and went through the things she did cuz she wanted to fuck with Peter and fell for him he is/was a hoe before she met him, she knew he was dealing with other ladys, and she knew he was in a relationship with Tara and still didn't care, she knew he was messing around on Tara also and still decided to get with him now she crys the bloody blues. Lady's a friendly reminder if a man/nigga doesn't do right by a woman he's with or he has multi kids with others u cannot change him or he will not do right by u cuz u fuck him, or got good pussy and head,ring, pregnant or cook whatever!!! u cnt change a hoe period. #know ur worth and values#

  17. Christine Nieves

    Y didnt this song blow up???

  18. eclecticsunrise

    I love this. So sad he ruined her image and budding career.

  19. Win Win

    This was good

  20. Darsheena Davis

    Favorite song 2018

  21. samin0712

    love her voice!!! Extremely talented!

  22. Yvette Brown-Johnson

    Damn Amina! That was beautiful!

  23. Melissa kisses

    I Luv amina and fully support her career 😊 an amazingly beauteeeful talent

  24. Kim Green

    She has got an amazing voice kick his ass to the curb ur so much better off without him ur a beautiful talented woman u got this love u girl

  25. Bienavous Xo

    Wow she talented


    You are dope

  27. Palesa Neo flower

    agh I could listen to her sing all day. wow

  28. Forever Young

    Wow this a beautiful song

  29. swan angel

    Wow love this song and video

  30. N.A.

    As a woman I could never support her as an artist after her portrayal on Love and Hip Hop.  No self respect

  31. Risse Wagez

    It’s gets old when you victimize your own choices....she sends the message that because you love somebody, you no longer have a choice of how you are treated. What are you going to teach your children? You are so out of touch with reality and lack self worth

  32. janaijoya

    2018 and I'm on an Amina binge!

  33. Tammy Hall

    hate the blonde hair #talenteddoa

  34. Donna Just Being Real

    One of my favorites from her!!!! She can play a piano!!

  35. Naomiluvsice

    her voice is so damn annoying.

  36. Ada Lopez

    she is very talented

  37. Ada Lopez

    now thats what you call singing. to all those other ladies in love and hip hop

  38. Martina Moore

    There are plenty of male artist out here who do way worse and people don't judge. They have amazing careers and no damn talent and continue to behave badly. All she did was marry a damn creep, she actually became a wife before popping out kids it's a complete double standard. She has so much talent, why is she being judged on her personal life, I for one don't give a damn I like her music and I hope she makes it.

  39. Jay M

    Still listening 7 years later

  40. Samantha Smith

    What song is playing in the beginning?

  41. Lilrose C.



    I luv this song

  43. Porcha Holley

    love your voice

  44. gennie jefferson

    I like her. made some mistakes but who don't

  45. Iam Daisy

    this song is DEEP!!!!!

  46. Danielle Stevens

    stop bitch

  47. T Duncan

    love her music I hope she can be strong to move forward and not turn back

  48. Finesse Goddess

    honestly she beautiful and talented but her music is too original...she Meitaswell do broad way or sumn if she's going to be the female Joe budden...I love them both!

  49. Tania Taylor

    oh wow this song is great im just catching up but i got another favorite singer go amina im rooting for u honey go reach ur dreams and dont let anything else stand in ur way. we need and want more songs bring it honey im waiting 😊

  50. keisha Lynn, Fisher

    I'm so sick of hearing how this Peter/amina mess has ruined Tara's image... women all over the world have been foolish over loving the wrong man so give the girl a fucken break already.... her talent is undeniable!!

  51. Latoya Garvin

    i see peter and tara that's all, she looks stress old and hard, in the beginning of love and hip hop she didn't look this way. ruined goods warn out. had kids by a man that had a billion already smh

  52. Desiree Jordan

    WE made K Michelle famous after we watch her cause drama all the time and she on the show...she just aggressive and Amina is not..thats why we wont support her...its on US to make her pop...just saying

  53. Perennial Beachcomber.

    Great cinematography. A little too explicit and contrived at a few points
    but generally very sensual.

  54. Zahra 313

    I cannot believe this woman is so stupid. I just can't believe how a woman can have no pride and use children and babies as a toy and porn too gain revenge against a woman who supposedly was the mistress yet this amina was the wife and the mistress lol. So sad woman are still stooping into a level of disgrace. Amina peter is only with you cause his ex actually has pride and cannot stand his cheating lying ass. You just keep having babies maybe your babies will be different from the eight he has had already I can't stand hearing her voice the rat.

  55. Kayla Dunn

    Amina would've been a better artist, if she never meet Peter. Plus she wouldn't be writing these sadden relationship songs if it wasn't for Peter too. She should've started her career with Quincy Jones or, Timberland, that would've brighten her singing career.

  56. Angela Jones

    she made me cry I so love her plz support your career and just live happy amina my baby you so selfless underated and a gem to some great rich man's in LOVE with your heart

  57. Inara Inara

    good music Amina

  58. Amarilys Apellaniz

    I Love this song i hear it almost everyday. It reminds me about stuff in life.... Her voice is beautiful God bless her...... Hope she keeps singing

  59. Lala Smith

    so sad, I hope to god give her the strength to close this chapter on her life.

  60. Vanessa Smith

    she has such great talent...

  61. Joneisha Hendrix

    but don't realize Peter and Tara weren't together at time anymore yeah it's wrong for her to get in situation

  62. Joneisha Hendrix

    I love because of her relationships and songs that I can relate

  63. Joneisha Hendrix

    THIS Song IS a Meaning I LOVE This Song Somethan That Touches my heart

  64. nancy amina

    I'm convinced that amina loves her music more than Peter...she don't care how she looks to outsiders as long as Peter hurts her but provides her the emotional aspect that makes her deliver beauty we all see in her talent. hope it pays off through her children

    Kimberly Moore

    He was never yours. Finds someone to call your own. Your so beautiful, know your worth. Teach your daughters that they deserve better. Dont settle.

  65. Amanda CLBN

    This is a prime example of how LHH ruins your image. This is a great song but I can't get over how dumb she is, Cardi was speaking nun but facts at the reunion

    Debra Timms

    Mandy X'O-twod Debra Rabin was just going through your mind ko rest mom pat mom Debvra like love you love you 5PM 30th 2k 5PM 30th the first thing you need to

  66. Erianne Narvaez

    be careful how you get him might be the same way youll lose him

  67. Star Crystal32


  68. Beauty&Flaws

    Love you amina @chasingmydreams

  69. Jacqueline Jeunesse

    Its just a shame that she has all this talent and musical ability, but will forever be remembered for this messy Peter/Tara drama

    TAYY & RENAE lesTv

    She put herself in Peter an Tara she thought she could steal Tara man an got played

    pam blankenship

    @TAYY & RENAE lesTv Oh she got him!

    pam blankenship

    Her life isn't over... Peter was just a speed bump... She's too good not to make it.

    TAYY & RENAE lesTv

    @pam blankenship NO SHE DON'T

    Lucy Rodriguez

    Ad u are rite beautiful music

  70. Taylor John

    beautiful song

  71. Najla Mitchell

    i luv u girl u went off on this song daaam all praise is to GOD

  72. Danie Harris

    How could you be with Peter and sing a song like this is the question?!!! I was hurt when I seen her on that trash ass show like eww Peter though!!!! smh

  73. Kay Civil

    Amina you are such a great talent and asset. Trust in the lord and you he will deliver you and your husband from whatever has you bound, You are beautiful........................and have a great heart. dot sell your soul for a deal

  74. Crystal F.

    Nice song!!!

  75. Denine-Badd

    beautiful, very talented!!

  76. Nora Vahine

    such a heartbreaking song. beautifully sung, Amina!

  77. Deanna Hernandez

    so talented...

  78. Angela Brittany


  79. I am Talako (Gray Eagle In The Sky)

    i love u Amina...

  80. Denisa Has

    ❤️I Will always Love You Tony.C hope you can understand❤️

  81. Whitney Collins

    I understand ur pain but only u can change things Ur voice is powerful so jus do u no regrets

  82. Whitney Collins

    I understand ur pain but only u can change things Ur voice is powerful so jus do u no regrets

  83. sweet nightmare's Ford

    I loveeeee this songggg

  84. Sammie Lawrd

    this song did nothing for her vocally and she needs to get another writer

  85. Kirby Evans

    everybody know who this about

  86. Bridgette S.

    Oh so talented just so stupid she should've never been on that show cuz now i can't take her seriously

  87. Latanya Davis

    wow she sung that song my god real.

  88. Jay Valentine

    I almost cried. your vocal is so tense I felt my heart screaming this song with you xoxo amazing

    Asia McBride

    I'm almost cried too

  89. Catrina Whitlock

    I still love her dumb might b how she's just portrayed has well. lol!

  90. chicagocold312

    She is one of the most TALENTED DUMMY'S I have ever seen...

    Hot Potato

    LMBO talent does not require common sense

    Lorrie Hartnett

    kayla chavis n

    Nikki Rashida

    vice versa, lack of common sense don't take away from her talent

    Aileen Capo



    Amina is great she needs to get off that damn show and leave that no good ass peter like seriously....you ask what u need to do? and that's that to fly like a buttafly LEAVE you much more better than that....gurl....I'm a great friend......I know....and see.....that you don't have the words.....and shy to express your feelings.....it's okay!!! you don't need them....just God, you, and your kids god have your back.....if its money get out there MORE.... music, fashion something. bigger And better producer and manager that's going to be strictly about music and money.......Amina buttafly if u need a friend msg me gurl okay....!!!!! by the way your music is #GreatMusiq#

  92. Tequila Jackson

    i think she can go far my daughter and i love her. we get in the car and just ride to her songs😘

  93. Deborah Xavier-Velez

    Get rid of that speed bump.

  94. Brittant Shell

    real I really feel her she did her thing on this song and u right u so beautiful you deserve better and also u have two beautiful girls to teach and it starts Within u go ahead girl do your thing and you have a beautiful voice

  95. Ari C

    I actually like this song a lot... Great song, rhythm,melody and vocals.... Keep up it up... Stay focused... Keep on making good music and people will listen.

  96. KimmyL1977

    Girl!!! You have sooo much talent!!!!! OMG!!! Forget about that man & sing your heart out!!!!!

  97. Monique

    amina is great talent. GET OFF THAT SHOW

    Stacie Bratten

    it's not even the show its more her relationship with Peter and going back and forth with him and being mad at tara when she should be blaming herself. I like her music. but not her actions as far as that goes. she deserves better!!

    Gwendolyn Blanton

    Monique .

  98. Bronxmetro Girl

    sorry for the dislike I don't like it but I like amina