Buckley, Jeff - Sweet Thing Lyrics

And i will stroll the merry way
And jump the hedges first
And i will drink the clear
Clean water for to quench my thirst
And i shall watch the ferry-boats
And they'll get high
On a bluer ocean
Against tomorrow's sky

And i will never NEVER grow so old again
And WE will walk and talk
In gardens wet with rain
Hey, it's me, i'm dynamite
And i don't know why

We shall walk and talk
In gardens all misty and wet with rain
My, my, my, my, my sweet thing

And i will GO OUT TONITE
Into the MIDnight time sky
And count the stars
That's shining in your eye
And i'll be satisfied
In gardens all wet with rain

And i will never, Never, Never, ever
Grow so old again.
Oh sweet thing, sweet thing
Sugar baby with your champagne eyes
And your saint-like smile...

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Buckley, Jeff Sweet Thing Comments
  1. Minnie Mice

    Genius creator of masterpieces. :O It's like he's searching for God and finding himself. :')

  2. alanah brady

    Happy Birthday Jeff, wherever you are!

  3. Heather MacKinnon

    JB did Van The Man proud.

  4. flavia romano

    It seems he's praying ,so beautiful so wonderful ,as he's singing right now, here . WE ... are you and me ... friends ... Sweet Thing ...remember ...tonight ... are you dreaming ...sweet thing ... let me tell you how much i love ...oh Sweet Thing ...

  5. sunshine :)

    This song has always made my heart hurt, but in a beautiful way. This version however, it absolutely breaks my heart.
    It reminds me of my first love, who passed away a few years ago, well before his time, just like Jeff Buckley.

    “And I shall drive my chariot
    Down your streets and cry
    Hey, it's me, I'm dynamite
    And I don't know why'
    And you shall take me strongly
    In your arms again
    And I will not remember
    That I even felt the pain.
    We shall walk and talk
    In gardens all misty and wet with rain
    And I will never, never, never
    Grow so old again.”

  6. Scurveh

    How in the WORLD can he play the exact same notes on his guitar that he is singing at the same time and have the guitar sound just as beautiful as his voice... It almost seems impossible, yet he was able to do it beautifully! Oh how I wish I could go back in time and at least see him perform at Sin-e once...

  7. Mario Napoleoni

    Jade, if you’re reading this, today was my birthday and now I’ve got this song and some random yet beautiful memories of you to go along with it . Life has changed a lot since we last spoke but the one constant is my incessant need to annoy you. “You know we will. Someday.”


    A good cover from one of the best singers.

  9. Ryan Jonestown Massaker

    Van the Man, great version. This is BEAUTIFUL.

  10. Uno Thisship

    so this is why cornell, plant and bono watched him perform live

  11. katherinaJee55

    Sin-é was a tiny coffee shop in the East Village that was set up by two Irish emigrants, Shane Doyle and Karl Geary. It sold bad coffee by day but, by night, it became something special....

  12. pinpinpompomdundundunda aka dj vladimir

    sweeeett thinnnnngggggg

  13. Catherine A

    Oh Jeff...Quel organe !

  14. pol swan

    how to make a f,,, ball our of a very good song,,, long live v, morrison

  15. Davi Santos

    God, I miss him so much

  16. Satellite Surf Rock **Anthony aka BD Songwriter**

    Heaven on earth

  17. Elizabeth B.

    Magic. My lover just sent me this before bed. I am a lucky woman.

  18. Kim Capri

    Against tomorrow's sky...

  19. Susan Silverman

    Gorgeous...my most favorite Van Morrison song. Thank you, Jeff

  20. Uncle Dave

    Bravin’ the ___________________?

  21. Bill Howie

    Mesmerizing brilliance. Love this

  22. Andres F

    I like the 5+ min version better. Maybe it was from knitting factory, can't remember. I uploaded it myself on an old account that was banned by YT. Seems that version is not on YY currently. Shame.

  23. Taylor Robbins

    I usually make it to 9:31 before I start getting choked up....

  24. callum ogunremi

    i can relate to this emotionally more than anything i have heard before, it makes me feel something i cant even explain with words. thank you Jeff and who ever listens to this and feels the same way. you know how it is

  25. Tina Hennig

    my love.❤

  26. Camilo López

    La majestuosidad hecha voz

  27. AvalonDreaming

    He is beauty itself.

  28. Hareem Sajjad

    I don't think he realized how good he was..

  29. Complete NOMADness

    I adore, love and miss Jeff more and more with each day that passes. He had a brilliance rarely scene BUT if it weren't for the brilliance of another singer songerwritten who wrote and recorded this record at the age of 22 we wouldn't have this cover. So for everyone saying which is the best, let's not compare to masters, it's rude. Let's just admit they are both amazing and give them the respect that's due and mourn the many many great works we missed from losing Jeff far too young.

  30. callum ogunremi

    bloody love you Jeff. The only musician i know who does a better cover than the original. Smashes it

  31. Mariana David

    Meu deus, que coisa linda!

  32. BenGrapples

    The people watching had no idea that they were witnessing a masterpiece. We lost Jeff too early but his work makes him immortal.

    Jeff personified peaks and valleys through his music, aesthetic and style, dynamics, timbre, pacing...and like the greatest musicians, it was from his heart, often articulated for the first time in the moment of performance.

    Bless you, Jeff.

  33. jerryfalwellsociety

    Nope, as nice as it is, I prefer the Waterboys version.


    jerryfalwellsociety good for you jerry

  34. Gonçalo Pacheco


  35. Toni Francis

    Just felt my cells quiver

  36. Astrid A

    More and more views each time . Jeff music expanding a lot lately

  37. Shannon Taggart

    He left way before his time!!! RIP Jeff Buckley!!! Godbless😇

  38. Peter O'Connor


  39. Cindy Kaplan

    This is an ultimate tribute to Van Morrison. Both versions are sheer magic. I am so grateful for this life affirming gift of music.

  40. Mike Fagan

    It really is incredible. Worth saying a second time!

  41. Mike Fagan

    I bought the Live At sin-e EP many, many, many years ago but it didn't have half the tracks on it that I have since discovered on youtube today. This track in particular being the obvious standout highlight. This is incredible.

  42. In The SHADOW Of The SUN

    Beautiful Version of Vans Masterpiece! What a Voice Jeff had.....R.I.P.

  43. Stacey

    Any artist out there today evoke the emotion that Jeff did? I can't think of a single person that's unique and has the soul Jeff had.

  44. Mitakuye Oyasin

    I dont know why i keep torturing myself....I havenmt stopped crying since May 18th.....just as I cried for you Jeff, am now weeping for Chris, coming bakc to you thinking will help me but its just a dead soul in my heart now that both of you are gone...my two favorite people in the entire world....Now you both are making some of the most beautiful music that none of us can even begin to imagine...*tears* you are still in my heart and soul....

  45. loveTheBlues

    The moment at 6.00 is so sublimely beautifu, just justifying sweetness.....gods must have cried listening to such sweetness in singing.

  46. Michael Zlakowski

    Just wondeful. Both Van & Jeff are geniuses

  47. Kathleen Mack

    Sheer bliss !


    so so beautiful voice..amazing¡¡¡

  49. jack ryder

    Nice version, not as good as Vans, but hey, who could be. Also I like his (Jeff's) dad 's voice better too. I'm not dissing Jeff, just his old man and Sir Ivan are a class apart

  50. Deep Shade

    music music music... cheers Mr B! X

  51. flavia romano


  52. Simon Robeyns

    jeff covering van the man, holy shit
    i've never heard all these wonderful covers

  53. A N

    sometimes I think that he was the only one who truly knew what love is. or his meaning of love was the same as mine. and everyday it makes me more certain that I will die alone.

  54. Robert Abiseid

    Simply amazing. Gone way too soon and very missed. His music still resonates in me and brings out emotions that few can.

  55. Antonjeta Nogaj

    Very well...his voice one melody 👣👣💘.

  56. Arthur Dent

    44 people are stupid cunts


    not sure why you're not counting yourself

  57. Ida Williams


  58. tigerlille

    No words. Never thought a cover could equal Van singing this song. Speechless.

  59. Dean Moriarty

    I like this..

  60. Ines Khiari

    Life should be like this song

    Lisa Dulyea

    Yes, oh yes, it should.

  61. Brenda Luna

    I don't understand how some people can believe in only what they see, I feel my spirit rise every time I hear Jeff, I can't contain the feelings in my heart

  62. Joaquin Shang

    The original it's divinely impossible to top because nobody can replicate the sheer emotion Van delivers. This is a great cover (and one of the best) though thanks to the delicate voice of Jeff :)

  63. Hector Hajnal

    If you aren't aware of the spiritual immortal being you are just listening to this angel and awareness you'll become

  64. Casey Desmond

    Jeff covering this gem and Janis' rendition of ball & chain at Monterey bring me to tears every time, no matter what

  65. William Campbell

    breathtaking and heartfelt version..what a big miss.

  66. lou sassel

    I think I've accounted for about 500 of these views


    and the next 500 are my views ♥

  67. fernando sosa


  68. Çağlar Polat

    Jeff, I would have given everything I have to be able to see you. You were beyond this world and there will never be someone like you. I am deeply connected to you and I will see you when I get there one day.

    Federica Russo

    we´re all queuing for that. :)

    Kelsey Maye

    I feel the way you do <3 how can you miss someone you’ve never met?

    Çağlar Polat

    I have lived long enough to comprehend this finally and the answer is all in front of our eyes; it's pure love... and it's found cliche, talking about is being entitled to being corny or trying too hard or something in this so called modern world which is in fact stripped of every beautiful thing about it. Jeff and those of us who love him without even being in his presence have discovered love, and it is more than enough...

    cira kikalia

    add me on FB please <3

  69. Gee Bud

    This is the very first song I ever appreciated of this guy Jeff - sorry. Some good friends told me he was just good - not completely crazy hahaha - this is proof. Both were right hahaha

  70. cloudzinmyize

    Can you imagine being in NYC during the time he was performing at Sine" , It must have been such a magical time and experience.

    Narayani A

    YES, him, Liz Fraser, Portishead, Beth Gibbons(portishead vocalist), MANY MORE, what i would give to see them live, some of them Alive!! :'''

    patrick pearse

    cloudzinmyize yes, I can do more than imagine. I saw him there many times , '93-94 I think, Irish pub/cafe that epitomized true east village post punk cool. This cover was ,and is , ethereal.


    it was. I saw him there at least 5 times. I opened for several bands there and he made the coffee, and sang. it was very groovy. Once discovered by record execs, the fans could not get in (because of limo lock) and watched form the sidewalk making it street theatre as well.

    Jerry Rodriguez

    I love this comment. I can imagine. A few drinks in, past 12:00 A.M., not too many people in the crowd, but those in the crowd are special and count for millions, a dark, ambient space, except for the neon beer signs illuminating the bar area, the washers on stage shining a light red, orange, and a vibrant yellow on Jeff's face, revealing his passionate countenance as he hits beautiful notes with his magical voice. I don't know. . . I can Imagine. The smell of sweet tobacco burning a few seats away, the sound of deep conversations, the beauty of viewing Jeff's expressed feelings, the taste of a dark Shiner, the feeling of being captivated by the power of music. I can imagine.

    tyndale israel

    it was! but when you're fresh off the boat and just overwhelmed with NYC seeing Buckley live at Sin-e' seemed expected…awesomely so! only later did I realize what an amazingly rare talent he was and how blessed I had been to meet him and have the naiveté to ask to be on his mailing list--I even got a flyer! long gone

  71. Mr. Zizzledizzle Von Schizzle

    This is a moment in the history of music, that stands alone in all it's beauty.


    Mr. Zizzledizzle Von Schizzlepol


    you said it very eloquently.....this song is written about of our future ....love jeff...love these lyrics...one of the most beautiful combinations..... hope to see him in new system ,when all is NEW

    Tony Hughes


    Leslie Savisky

    Van Morrison is the best and Sweet Thing has always been my favorite song of his....but Jeff Buckley does a good cover. Both have voices you could listen to all day.

  72. lorna sexton


  73. Anastasia Solaki

    And I will stroll the merry way
    And jump the hedges first
    And I will drink the clear
    Clean water for to quench my thirst

    And I shall watch the ferry-boats
    And they'll get high
    On a bluer ocean
    Against tomorrow's sky

    And I will never grow so old again
    And I will walk and talk
    In gardens all wet with rain
    Hey, it's me, I'm dynamite

    And I don't know why
    We shall walk and talk
    In gardens all misty and wet with rain
    My, my, my, my, my sweet thing

    And I will raise my hand up
    Into the night time sky
    And count the stars
    That's shining in your eye

    And I'll be satisfied
    In gardens all wet with rain

    And I will never, ever, ever, ever
    Grow so old again.
    Oh sweet thing, sweet thing
    Sugar baby with your champagne eyes
    And your saint-like smile...

    Solvent De Mare

    Anastasia Solaki ❤️

  74. Ashlee Nicole

    Only Jeff Buckley can bring tears to my eyes from a song :')

    Mrs. Kiddo

    I don't know why but his voice makes me cry and I love it..

    Laura Glynn

    Me too!

    santra fairy

    Same here! 🥺✨🌷

  75. Nick Ahern

    he makes it sound so effortless

  76. Luke Godwin

    The end makes me want to cry. His range will never cease to amaze me, from the deep low beginning to the high wail at the end. I was only 4 years old when he passed away but i will never forget listening to him for the first time. ( my mother was a BIG fan ) i remember her crying over his passing. RIP Jeff.

  77. Cara Mullen

    I rember when i had this burned for me

  78. The great googly moogly

    anyone's got the lyrics for this version?

    Heather MacKinnon

    +The great googly moogly http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jeffbuckley/sweetthing.html/

  79. Valerie C

    I love Van Morrison, but I like Jeff's version better : - )

  80. andytim

    Sweet, sweet, sweet thing. Oh sweet thing, don't ch, don't. No no no no

  81. Sue Sutton

    Have only heard Van Morrison from his greatest album Astral Weeks, this is a really great cover also ( but then it is Jeff Buckley so . . . .. he can do no wrong when it comes to covers or originals alike )

  82. willow tree

    And we shall walk and talk in gardens all misty wet with rain and we will never grow so old again oh sweet thing His voice goes through me, and makes me feel the emotions I need to feel. Love to Jeff with Angels Wings

  83. Anita grey


  84. Sanfona Kafonah

    Thank you so much for your post!

  85. alicia mcmillan

    Sweet Thing oh my my well well my my my sweet thing, love you Jeff.

  86. Clancy karotkin

    wish I couldve been able to go to sin-e before it closed

  87. alicia mcmillan

    Sweet Angel I miss you...keep touching us with your beautiful voice, always singing with such passion.

  88. Eski Lidder

    Tim + Jeff = Great Music :) x

  89. Alfredmr

    I hate say when a cover is better than the original song, but Jeff Buckley change my way to think about that, precius cover


    +Alfred0Mrqz don't be silly

    Faith Campbell

    +jelliedsoup Although I worship Jeff Buckley, I would HAVE to agree here that NO artist does this song any way NEAR THE VAN!!

    alicia mcmillan

    +Faith Campbell Jeff does

  90. Arch Stanton

    I know some people like jeff but there's a lot of covers, die young, leave a good looking corpse, I guess is what makes fame

    ann turner

    Live fasr, Die young and have a good looking corpse. Who said it?

  91. Mark anthony

    smack or cannabis? which do you think is driving this music?

    Nicholas Dodd

    +Mark anthony Van Morrison's version is a cannabis led spiritual voyage. This version however is tinged with sugary melancholia and would suggest a heavier hedonistic narcotic.

  92. arfer

    I get high high....and low low, when I think how Jeff came came, then went way up in the heaven. In heaven. Heaven..


    +arfer what?


    heaven is made up to control people


    "heaven" doesn't need to refer to the 'pie in the sky' place that the religious folks believe in. It can also just mean a feeling of great peace and contentment....As in, "I'm in heaven, when she smile". (Van Morrison).


    SarahPalinQuit, What evidence do you have for such a claim?

  93. Prophetic Rain-Maker

    I'm planning to cover this Morrison song...
    Heard Jeff's take first and it made me fall in love with Van haha...
    Gonna modify the guitaring as Jeff always did though 😄

    Faith Campbell

    +Prophetic Rain-Maker Don't, man, just....Don't!!!

  94. Grant Van Haelst

    On this day, 18 years ago, Jeff Buckley went missing. A ghost was born... or maybe an angel

    Faith Campbell

    +Grant Van Haelst Maybe a bit of both? As that was what he was!!!


    +Faith Campbell Yes he was one of those people. It's hard to believe he was ever real, flesh and blood. He didn't come from the earth, he came from the sky.


    AvalonDreaming AvalonDreaming Oh great god, enough is enough.

  95. rita sousa

    There no words to describe how wonderful jeff sounds. His voice is the most beautiful sound i've ever heard. A complete artist , so talented and brilliant. He gives me chills everytime I hear him sing. How amazing it would be to still have the chance of hear him? I love this beautiful soul, this inspiring man !


    +rita sousa you have the chance ... it is God’s will that “all sorts of people should be saved,” since the ransom “takes away the sin of the world!” ...we all hope to see Jeff and all darling to us people...Jesus died for all of us...this is amazing hope...much love ♥

    rita sousa

    +katherinaJee55 I hope! ❤

    A Voice

    katherinaJee55 all good hearted people go to a place called paradise. He is there and it is there that he will hear the true Gospel along with the other spirits and indeed he will be in the home of the Creator God.