Buckcherry - Somebody Fucked With Me Lyrics

Fuck the system, fuck the lawyers
Fuck the sequel, fuck em all
Fuck religion, fuck the country
The politicians, fuck em all

Fuck the system, fuck the lawyers
Fuck the sequel, fuck em all
Fuck religion, fuck the country
The politicians, fuck em all

And my self destruction, the ball can't drown me, hell that's today
Somebody fucked with my head and direction
Somebody fucked with my damn depth perception
Somebody fucked with the way I'm connected
Somebody fucked with me, somebody fucked with me

Fuck my parents, fuck my teachers
Our founding fathers, fuck em all
Fuck the ratings, the institutions
The fucking media, fuck em all

Fuck my parents, fuck my teachers
Our founding fathers, fuck em all
Fuck the ratings, the institutions
The fucking media, fuck em all

Creating my disfunction, turn me loose and look the other way
Somebody fucked with my head and direction
Somebody fucked with my damn depth perception
Somebody fucked with the way I'm connected
Somebody fucked with me, somebody fucked with me

It's always something
It's always something

Creating my disfunction
Fuck em all

Fuck the system, fuck the lawyers
Fuck the sequel, fuck em all
Fuck religion, fuck the country
The politicians, fuck em all
Fuck my parents, fuck my teachers
Our founding fathers, fuck em all
Fuck the ratings, the institutions
The fucking media, fuck em all

And my self destruction, the ball can't drown me, hell that's today
Somebody fucked with my head and direction
Somebody fucked with my damn depth perception
Somebody fucked with the way I'm connected
Somebody fucked with me, somebody fucked with me

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Buckcherry Somebody Fucked With Me Comments
  1. Rocky H

    Rage Against the Cherry

  2. Alex177

    Just saw them live for the first time it was amazing.

  3. Wayne Cursley

    Totally digging Buckcherry's F album

  4. Matthew

    If there was a clean version .... there’d be no song

  5. Darrin Skeels

    better band live hands down just saw em

  6. charity lemieux

    Song seriously sums up our country as of right now and that this song also sums up how I feel from time to time but buckcherry is the best at finish what should have been said years ago honest opinion but I truly love there music and videos


    this is not anarchy anymore, this shit is real

  7. The Next Kong Hee

    Fuckcherry! Yeah!!!

  8. Darrin Skeels

    luv me sum buchkcherry

  9. Joey Rock

    Killing it again

  10. Bob Morin

    I. Love Buckcherry

  11. Jean Guinard


  12. Kirara's Mom

    Favorite song.

  13. Theresa Tyszkiewicz

    Love this video

  14. Jacob Harris

    Thanks for the music.

  15. Christoph Rydzewski

    Well it could be a lot worse. Atleast we can speak oit and keep our heads attached. One thing that i like frusterated over shit we can express it in arts. But some places its illegal. Our system is not half as bad as others be thankful.

  16. Josh, yep.

    Bla bla bla useless online comments...

  17. sideramet

    So true

  18. Paul Smith

    Fuck Geroge Soros Fuck Hillary Fuck the Deep State Fuck Globalism fuck them all

  19. syko188

    listening to this song pretty much sums up my feelings about the state of our country right now

    caroline powell

    syko188 mine too!

  20. mopar340dave

    Fuck Carl H, too....fucking fuck

  21. eric schindle


  22. Widowmaker Heartattack

    intro is insane. ..lyrics wrecked at great riff.

  23. Kenny Smiley

    good band like they vurd3 their songs

  24. ron s

    keep sayin fuck i like it ,,,you dont fk u

  25. Tyler C

    Lol only Buckcherry can get away with cussing on Vevo 😂

  26. stanley sim

    This is how the world seems at times and we need to say fuckem all for we the people are tired of the bullshit, lets give the political assholes a real good fucking!!!, stupid douche bags. this is too true for me for somebody fucked with me!!!!

  27. George Motley

    song hits hard, love it

  28. Lazaro Nogueira

    fuck trump

  29. Mason Barbarito

    hahahaha 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  30. YO MAMA

    2017 1 of my Favorite Tunes!

  31. Samantha Marland-Fitzell

    Not the best quality rendition; but without doubt, an epic and vastly underrated group.

  32. YO MAMA

    OFFICIALLY #2017 SONG OF YEAR for me! I still say #MAGA #DTS Tell the Rich Elites to Go to Hell; We the People are Standing up we are the Militia of the USA We protect the Civilians the innocent the vulnerable! The Power is Really to the People 1st in History!

  33. William Szabrowicz


  34. William Szabrowicz

    heart feklt lbent.!

  35. Laura Barr


  36. Dr. Larry Mitchell

    It's like Slipknot, fer fuck's sakes.

  37. dizzaztergirl

    The next fucking dead junkie... Sux, he's a hottie.

    Blind Love

    Josh is totally clean living believe it or not

  38. Brad McEwen

    Fuck all the malignant pathological narcissists. Fuck em all !

  39. richard wilkinson

    How true is this

  40. 1 Bad Jesus

    Not just a great singer ....but a great DANCER too! Josh got Da Moves!

    David Carter

    ha ha my wife and I was watching Crazy Bitch from Crue Fest and she asked .... Is he gay? I sais no he is married and has kid by her why? and she replied ... because no straight guy can dance like that ... lol

  41. Ully Skielka

    Mr robot

  42. Thomas Cremone

    I like this band but I
    fuck with slipkont

  43. Ali Saad

    fuck em all💔

  44. Zab Mackie

    Love it

  45. David Carter

    I've seen these guys 5 times and they never disappoint one of the best bands well halestorm is pretty good also....goto search and put in Buckcherry in Lancaster Ohio and watch his crazy there crazy bitch full vid probably the best performance since the crue fest

  46. Jerry James

    just good ol rock and if you don't like it fuck you.

  47. ZiplineShazam

    As long as Buckcherry is being shown by Vevo, they are apart of the "system".

  48. Diablo Muzik

    Awesome!!Willem Dafoe is singing lmao

  49. Leah Balla

    seen BUCKCHERRY [email protected] in reading pa. 11/17/15 0
    This song, sung live is AMAZING!!!!!

  50. Joey Curran

    I noticed something. I listen to a bit of everything and I find this strange. people who listen to rap hate other groups and fanbases because the singer says so. but in metal and rock they treat each other like a family and if you don't care for the band they don't give a fuck and just go on with their lives instead of saying shit

    MC Jamie J

    that's not true but if that's your mindset you go!

  51. Jennifer Dervin


  52. Lori Just


    Doanld Graham

    hey there are good people

  53. Janne Pettersson

    Fuck them all,,, yeah........

  54. Carlos Montaño

    Josh, this is strong.

  55. Tyler Watson

    I like this song a lot it reminds me of why I hate all the bullshit that religion talks about and it pisses me off a lot, so this song is my motto also


    +Tyler Watson Hell yeah! I say let the religions duke it out and hope they take each other out so we don't have to deal with their magical belief system.

  56. Merrin Guthrie

    good song to listen to when you're pissed!

  57. Johnny Rocket

    the lyrics remind me of a Rage against the machine song but buckcherry has their own nice ass punk rock sound that's so amazing and its addictive.

  58. Fuzzy Karma

    This song makes me mental.

  59. Linda De Jongh

    Yeah fuck them all!!! Great song!! Thats my motto to!!!

    Zeppeliner 1973

    Hallo, Linda ich grüße Dich

    Linda De Jongh

    Hallo Horst!!!!! Happy friday!!!:)

    Zeppeliner 1973

    @Linda De Jongh Danke :-)

    Linda De Jongh

    @Horst Boßer your welcome!!:)

  60. Ketchup.Local

    Fuck the NSA!

  61. PinkFloydrulez

    dat clipping

  62. Ted Mitchell

    What about fuck heroin and fuck cocaine. Oh wait that they love. I didn't hear fuck the terrorists. They must be ok too. But fuck the country. The country that gives the freedom of speech to write this song and make the money from it. I love this band and see them every time they are in town, but this song could've been written a little better. Instead of fuck the country they could have been more specific like fuck Obama since he's the reason things suck right now

  63. Chad Crumrine

    Somebody fucked with me all the damn time fuck yea bitch Rock On die hard buckcherry fan

  64. Hardcase Race

    Fuck Yeah!

  65. alan shane florence

    Fuck them all lol

  66. Jonathan Allen

    You all talk about the lyrics and about their age, but the music is not for them its for us. Rock and Roll has always been about the freedom to rebel at any age.. just live.

  67. RevilerRed

    Ironic... "Fuck the lawyers", "fuck the system", yet aren't they on a corporate label with corporate distribution? Interesting.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I remember the assholes from Shit Bizkit and garbage ass ICP doing the same "fun to say fuck" songs when I was 13.

    I guess Buck should be given credit for at least putting forth some kind of effort but god damn this sucks compared to the old gold that they used to make, like self-titled and Time Bomb. Wow. Still fine on a technical level w the guitar/instrumental work and Josh can still sing... What's with the shite clipped brickwall limiting too though?

    Rebellious anthems for little teenage and young 20 something assholes who don't have to work yet. Cool story bro. Next time say "vittu", that way you can say you at least got a tad bit smarter learning in a new word for "fuck" in another language (Finnish).


    +XxRevilerXRedxX So if you're on a label you can't make any sort of a point? Everyone's a hypocrite and everyone has to deal with some bullshit. That doesn't mean everyone should just decide at once to never criticize anything ever again.


    Not everyone is a hypocrite, though I'll argue that everyone has been at some point. You're essentially trying to excuse blatant hypocrisy here. "Fuck the world! Fuck the CEO's! Fuck big business!" while being on a corporate label is about the same thing as RuPaul saying he hates "queers" and "niggaz". Equally as hypocritical and ridiculous.

    These guys could at least just keep singing about getting fucked up and banging bitches in coke fests, which as common and simple as it is, at least isn't a blatant retarded contradiction.

    Pre-packaged rebellion is gay as fuck nigga. Just not religion, it's not original.


    Nearly everything that we use was made by slave labor in third world countries. The stuff that's made here, a lot of it's made by slave labor right here in prison, ie 80% of furniture. If you're going to say that a person benefitting from something fucked up can't criticize it, then nobody that shops in stores in America should ever speak about humane working conditions. Everyone compromises. I'm sure most vegans would take medications tested on animals in order to save their lives. Should they be willing to die for animal rights to have an opinion on it?

    The only rockers that can really reach massive audiences in order to say anything are backed by corporations. Even if you say to hell with a label and put your own stuff out independant on Youtube, Youtube is a corporation. It's part of Google. It's a multi billion dollar, publicly traded corporation. If these guys were not backed by that label, they couldn't make nearly as much of an impact speaking out since nobody could hear them. Unless you're straight homesteading, farming your own shit, milling your own meal and sewing your own clothes, you're benefiting from corporate bullshit. If you're not giving up your right to say what you feel, why should anyone else?


    You make some valid points but that STILL doesn't negate their hypocrisy.

    If they were telling a story about someone else saying "fuck corporate" then it's not hypocritical because it's not a firsthand statement/account but the lack of any "character" or other situation implies that they are singing about themselves and their own views essentially.

    That's why I can't say that I'm totally against corporations or that I'll boycott them, because nearly everything I use and wear is made by one. The business model period exists in some form of everything basically and even nature runs itself kind of like one, what with animals as consumers, supply and demand, etc.

    It's why I now say that I don't like corporations overall and try not to support certain ones but I'm not going to be a dumbass intellectually and say "fuck them" entirely when I'm typing this on a Mac and driving in a car made by a corporation.

    There are gray areas in life and in many ideas/stances towards said things. People just want the simple "fuck you" message to feel holier than thou and like they're different, so they gravitate towards these assholes because they feel like they can channel some of their primal idealistic urges through that.

    Whatever. I'm not trying to stop anyone from being corporate and/or liking whatever band but I just was displeased at hearing such a stupid pre-packaged teenage-rebellion-esque set of lyrics. Reminds of me of the assholes from Shit Bizkit when I was 13 in Catholic school, when "Fuck you! Fuck your parents! I hate my school! I hate my parents!" was all the rage lyrically in nu metal.

    Meanwhile my parents kept me alive financially and even bought me some of the said music that basically said "fuck them" lol.


    This EP was released under F-Bomb records which is Buckcherry's independent label.

  68. Angelia Hall

    Love it

  69. Nathan Duttry

    Wow you said f religion and f your parents wow so hobo


    Fuck you


    @Nathan Duttry sorry, you should ask your parents for permission to watch these videos if you are like seven years old.

  70. Oregon Rexy

    good call, dawg

  71. TheWiegos

    They have right .. Fuck ... the "all"!!! Fuck everything, especially the system, the religions, the institutions, the ill situation on our world, the Russian policy with the huge idiot Putzin & several other but the same durks ...

    Ashtiel Greymark

    +TheWiegos putin aint that bad compared to the other politicians of the world. with him you at least know what he wants and that he isnt in the pockets of any corporation.

  72. Max Rowan

    I like the part where he says fuck... yeah...

  73. Gilberta Rdz

    This is my favorite band right here so if you don't like them this song is dedicated to you and to the ppl I don't like.

  74. Shane Jolliff

    Didn't ICP do something like this first?? FTW ...

  75. Santino Florida


    \m/ Buckcherry \m/

  76. Rattlehead

    Fucking bitchin song. \m/(><)\m/

  77. Carlos Spinassi

    Sounds like this is other band much different from the band that recorded "Confessions" album that I think is the best album recorded in this decade

  78. Carl Gordon

    so true

  79. Fulgore

    Got to love the pretentious losers who are crying about the lyrics.The lyrics and simple and sweet. The government and elite are exploiting us to the max.What's the inequality been the rich and poor. It's something dumb like 100 people control half the worlds wealth, Pharmaceuticals and Junk food companies have their lobbyists pushing to have their products marketed and sold in the US at the expense of people's health. Oh right it's a 'conspiracy', dumb fucks open your eyes and look what your government is doing with your tax payer money and human rights laws 

    Barry Thacker

    If you pay taxes, will this make you a terriorableist if the food and vaccines do not kill us, we will be sent to happy camps hillary has  already mentioned this. I guarantee the only thing happy is evil forces

    Derek Sr

    @Fulgore Fuck Them All

  80. Terry La Tunguley


  81. penguin99ify

    Rather plain spoken isn't he....

  82. Ronald Regine

    I am reading a lot of hate for these guys, But you know what they are doing there thing and I am loving there stuff.  Their last 2 albums kicked ass.  Every time they come to my area I make sure I go see them.  The crowds are pumped and the kill it every time.

  83. Theresa Semonski

    Just say FUCK it!     Gotta love me some Buckcherry all night long.   From the original CRAZYBITCH :) KISSES

  84. 850 saltwater śávãgę

    Buckcherry is the best band ive seen in my life snd if u got somthing to say fuck u too buckcherry is not the most popular band but it should be

  85. Nick emo4evershall love the others

    This song kinda reminds me of rage Against the machine killing in the name I dunno why but it's auesome thou

    Bob Motster

    More like "Wake Up" 61 seconds in:

  86. Mayhem Gaming

    This is fucking awesome but........ the video recording is trash, way too much distortion for a person to LISTEN to.

  87. jack brown

    Fuck the Lawyers...$500 an hour.. WTF!!!!!!!!!

  88. greenday3091

    Dude...those crowds were dead....holy shit...I never saw a more lifeless crowd in my life...


    Dude, come to Latvia. People here just stand and don't put hands in the air. Like.. nothing.

  89. Daceian Cain


  90. Kid_Termit

    nice song Willem Dafoe))

  91. Jin_19960716

    f..king cool

  92. mike gonzalez

    Adam. Your prayers have been answered.... Say Fuck It!

  93. Morgan Dolenti


  94. alex cavestri

    This tune reminds me ...somehow,somewhere.......a sound of the great Josh's early days SLAMHOUND. It sounds a bit like " DOG " a great tune that should be seriously put on a record. Mah....I used to really like these guys, but yeah, the last 2 CDs are really weak and with a couple of good tunes on each...and that's all. NOT ENOUGH.

  95. Malcolm Stoney

    GnR+Drugs+MSP-Irony=This fucking shit.

  96. Mary Tskhvitava

    Guys, please help. I need tabs of this song. this is fucking awesome <3