Buckcherry - All Night Long Lyrics

All night long,
Yeah we're going all night long,
Here we go all night long,
Everybody all night long yeah!

Are you ready to go all night long,
Make you stop in your tracks when you're singing our song,
A good time comin' will keep your motor runnin' all day yeah!
You know you like it 'cause you're having fun,
And the feet getcha moving to the good-time strum,
The walls come down and you let it all out let me hear you say:

Yeah we're going all night long,
All night long,
Yeah we're going all night long,
Do it anyway you want,
And do it all night long!

You know you got it when you're having fun,
And the rock n rolls shaking you under the sun,
You scream and you shout this is what it's all about,
It's the only way,
You got it started now we'll tear it up,
Got a speaker box pumpin',
Bang your head to the drums,
You got a smile on your face,
'Cause you found your place,
Let me hear you say:

Yeah we're going all night long,
All night long,
Yeah we're going all night long,
Do it anyway you want,
And do it all night long!

D-d-d-Do it right!

Do it all night!
Get up off the floor
Whatcha waitin'for?!

I wanna dig it in the jailhouse rock,
Wanna feel it from my head rock down to my socks,
That's what it means when you're livin' your dreams,
Let me hear you say:

Yeah we're going all night long,
All night long,
Do it anyway you want,
And do it all night long!

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Buckcherry All Night Long Comments
  1. Harley Davidson AFFA 81

    Buckcherry me

  2. Unstable Hermit

    Anyone going all night long? 😅 Just me ok...

  3. Terri Meredith

    #buckcherry is TOP BADASS BAND EVER!

  4. N. W. Flitcraft

    These guys — along with Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators — are the True Inheritors of rock n' roll. It's like the Stones, Aerosmith, and AC/DC had a threeway while David Lee Roth sat in the corner and watched.

  5. Roldi RB

    Saw them for the first and only time opening for Mötley Crüe back in 2011... they absolutely rocked my 10 years old lil' ass... all night looooooooong!!!!!! lml

  6. Marko Visić

    I dont have nothing against this glam bands: Buckcherry, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Europe and Guns n Roses...I am in thrash,death,black,grindcore,HC punk, street punk,doom and classic heavy metal and hard rock...

    Marko Visić

    Also Ugly Kid Joe, The Quireboys and The Darkness are good... Sorry hair metal fans,I hate Poison, Cinderella, Extreme, Ratt, Dokken, Warrant, Whitesnake (from 80is), David Lee Roth band, Def Leppard, late Scorpions and other pussy metal stuff...

  7. HRRoach

    More COWBELL!!!

  8. Joey Rock

    Killing it

  9. O'Ryan Begay

    Imma get high

  10. Mohammad Iqbaal

    here for the drummer !

  11. Newtrus

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  12. Brandon Van Delden

    The lyrics to this one are embarrassingly bad

  13. Robert Bond

    Holy fucking shit. Where do you find rock like this? Only Buckcherry!

  14. Mike Hunt

    I got a fever, and the prescription......... more cowbell

  15. Drago Palalic

    Last time it was more of "FIVE MINUTES LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG! Ahaha, I know!


    Drago Palalic 5 mins?! You must be a gladiator lol

  16. Zab Mackie

    This tune is wicked, Buckcherry is wicked, period, no explanations necessary.

    Harley Davidson AFFA 81

    Zab Mackie would love to play with him wink

  17. bmtharmy

    How is it about sex? Well it could be but i think its a party or something like that.

    Willie Boyd

    I think it's about their only song that ISN'T about sex or drugs (at least not overtly).

  18. HeaDCRuShZ3R

    the singer D:he looks like steel panther guitarrist D:

  19. sara torresz

    IS A FUKING rock :) love it

  20. jijiji300

    i would give anything to fuck josh!

    CarrieShellie M Warner

    Helllll Yeah!

  21. greenfelds

    more cowbell!

  22. Oskars Pētersons

    @Painfags I don't fucking know, but he kinda does :D

  23. samsow44

    They Rocked Detroit!!!!!!

  24. H J

    this shit is so gay

    Camp Fortson

    Seriously. This isn’t even bad in an entertaining way. It’s bland awful shit.

    Terry Dickson

    Do you know you could of got a life
    In the time it took you to put a comment on here you realize your bashing someone who is rich , famous, and could give a rats ass abojt
    What have you done that make your opinion so valuable ? To you that is

    Lorraine Ward

    Fuck off Bieber lover !

    D Sky


  25. Oskars Pētersons

    the lead singer kinda looks like Jane Lynch :D

  26. Brenda Moraes

    Clipe lixo, música boa.

  27. TheActedGuitar

    wow, a BuckCherry song that's not annoying! It's still about sex but at least it's not annoying!!!

  28. Jeremy Lanssiers

    the song is good but the clip sucks, makes you think of those fuckin' boysbands. If you want to be a rockstar, for god sake, be dirty, don't act like you're a god in front of the spotlights, be the gypsy-stage dweller, Izzy Stadlin, Gilby Clarke-style. That's my opinion.

  29. Noah Mason

    This IS The Best Of Buckcherry, Right Here. Anyone Else Agree?

  30. Sue Barker

    this video SUCKS ass i like the song !!!! but the video SUCKS

  31. adam0195

    Does he ever put a shirt on? o.0

  32. GreenDayRules92

    @aidanrockstar yeah, cause Josh Todd has the time to read every post on every youtube vid that involves him >.>

  33. Kaylah Brace

    @jiai3ien it IS a little boring...i give the song a 10 out 10 though...

  34. crazydeka

    @aidanrockstar I think the great thing about them it is that they only talk about sex, drugs, and party... and they are good at it... every now and then people need some good party anthems.... Life is a party! So let them do their thing and stop being so critic about it... go listen to something else if you don't like it.

  35. Kaylah Brace

    @aidanrockstar dude, he's not gonna read it...

  36. Aidan Richman

    I saw these guys in concert at the state theater and they are OK. If they got some imagination and stopped singing about sex and drugs, they would be good. Please read this comment, Mr. Todd and think about what I'm trieing to say

  37. Nai

    @kbrace11 i think its boring. sorry. lol

  38. Kaylah Brace

    @jiai3ien how could u say that? the vid is awesome!! lol

  39. Nai

    great song, but bad music video.

  40. Kaylah Brace

    i luv them sooo much!!!!! especially josh todd :)

  41. Deanna Smith

    goin to see them feb 18 at northern lights in lathem

  42. RobertSwaneck

    @OneStudPuppy yeah thats why i loved them so much

  43. Ola

    Josh is incredibly hot. I fuckin love him!

  44. Kevin Krame

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!! THIS FRIDAY.....POPS St. Louis

  45. OneStudPuppy

    WHOA!, 80's throw back??

  46. Ian Mahoney

    This is alright i guess...could use more cowbell. =)

  47. Kelsi Rae Ann

    his tats are pretty sexy.

  48. Awsomeness14

    Totally not an exact copy of AC/DC

    Owen Harris

    Awsomeness14 nope. Not at all.

    Christopher Regan

    Right, its actually an exact copy of Aerosmith!

  49. GameArmada

    Mindless mutants.

  50. Zoe Sharpe

    35 people dont know what music is!!!!!

  51. Gino Genova Jr.

    These guys are AWESOME! They have their own thing going which is great, but they're also like a combination of Aerosmith, Zeppelin, and Ac/Dc. Not to compare them to somethin better, i'm just sayin that just how good they are! :D

  52. Montana Wright

    MORE COWBELL!!!!!!!

  53. Kc Curtis

    buckcherry is great. there really cool live too. there new album is great

  54. Tyler Lowry

    Josh's tats r sick as, i gotta get me some tough stickers!

  55. BlackBeauty089

    @Showdown1802 This is soooooooo annoying

  56. Emily Riesco

    damn i love the cowbell in this song :)) Buckcherry was awesome live wen they opened up for KISS in Florida!!!

  57. jmodico

    These guy fuckin ROCK !!!

  58. RockNRollSaz

    ahh im seing these guys tomorrow at taste of chaos!! xD -screams like a Crazy Bitch- xD

  59. VMOTH1

    saw these guys at taste of chaos,
    they blew my mind, literally

  60. Timothy Thomas

    god i love the tone switch @ 2:36

  61. Tony Spampinato

    @smileynulk 29 people thought it said dis-i-like

  62. smileynulk

    wow, 28 haters

  63. b0redd

    @13098519 Aww you have really got nothing huh? Ok so you're talentless, abused & a liar. I guess that's all you wanted to express then. Well done again though on bumping up the popularity on this song you apparently hate, but obviously you can't come up with anything new so I'll go along with you & let you admit defeat.

    Nice try princess, but time to stick to your finger painting & glue eating classes.

  64. b0redd

    @13098519 Your grade 2 attempts at just repeating me don't work. Though it seems it's all you have the capacity for. Surely even a semi-functioning mental midget like yourself should be able to come up with something on their own. I mean seriously, one (1) post is all you can muster that doesn't just copy me? It's cute & all that you want to acknowledge me as smarter than you, but it really doesn't make a solid platform for you to stand on for an argument.

    Still waiting for this song liar...

  65. b0redd

    @13098519 So now you have stopped stealing my points you have none? Haha you can't show a looping argument because it doesn't exist, I'll say it again a bit slower for you, MAKING THINGS UP DOESN'T PROVE YOU RIGHT! Bwahahah

    And, where is your proof you have produced something better than this song? Or are you still dodging that because you're a talentless liar?

    Oh, & good job on still boosting the popularuity of this vid you apparently hate! :)

  66. b0redd

    @13098519 See you can't do it because it doesn't exist! Running away doesn't make you right. But I'm glad you said "proving ignorance to an ignorant is impossible", admitting you have an ignorance problem must surely be a step forward for you.

    Way to ignore the truth about your lack of talent AND tracks. Come on, you can use Youtube to troll, so how about you point me to where YOU have this talent on show that YOU say you have?! Unless... It... Doesn't... Exist... Either... Hmmmm?


  67. b0redd

    @13098519 Can you show where that's happened? No? That's because it doesn't exist due to there being no argument from my side. Just like there's no proof of you being a better artist than Buckcherry OR that you have actually recorded anything like you claim. The voices in your head really are strong huh?


  68. b0redd

    @13098519 WOW, you did it again! I've contradicted nothing, but yet you continue to invent things because you can't argue anything that's actually there. AND YOU CALL ME A TROLL AFTER I POST IT! I even called you out for taking my posts & repeating them. Seriously, you've done everything except quote "I'm rubber, you're glue...". Gotta love kiddies playing on parents computers!

    As for stupidity, everytime you load this clip & post on it, neg or not, you make it MORE POPULAR. Idiot! :)

  69. b0redd

    @13098519 Of course it's hard to understand, but I'm happy in my lack of any degree in Engrish. And no, I didn't have to invent anything, all the dribble on this thread is courtesy of you. It's just fun seeing you not even understand your doing it! But thanks for pointing out that "your bored hence why your on youtube". Good job Scoop, I only said that last post!

    Now let's see what point I have made that you will try & steal for your own this time. Trolling trolls is fun! :)

  70. b0redd

    @13098519 Make out to it? WTF? And "we"? You still listening to those voices in your head? Nice... You can't just make things up because you aren't getting your own way, that should have finished when you lost your last dummy. And saying "pwned" because you once again came to the realization you can't think of anything other than your uncles penis doesn't give any sort of victory. But you were right about my username, I do look at youtube when I'm bored, gold star for you tiger!

  71. b0redd

    @13098519 Really? That's it? All you can do is talk about cocks again? There's a definite theme with you huh? Your Uncle Cletus has taught you well I guess... But don't be so hostile all the time, being homosexual is accepted more than ever according to Ellen so you should feel like you can express yourself with gay abandon whenever your squishy lil rainbow wants!

  72. b0redd

    @13098519 LMFAO you haven't done squat. Your life says so, your mother says so, and if she could remember who your father was I know for sure he'd say so... If your money stacked even a quarter of the height that Buckcherrys pile does you'd have plenty more to do besides cry online about how someone else is better than you.

    Back under the bridge, troll...

  73. Drusilla37

    @NeoSerenityMKRE Caught them in Vegas with Nickelback and they were simply awesome...put on a terrific show!!

  74. MsMatsunaga

    My favorite Buckcherry song of allll!!!!!!!!! Hell yeahhh!!

  75. Mohamed Castello

    sounds like the 80's metal

  76. eagleeyes221

    @Showdown1802 23 people dont like you and ur dumb comments

  77. Austin Wilson

    @13098519 Dont say ANYthing bad about this music! If you dont like it, why did you click on the video?! Dont go to videos just to post hate comments on it, go to listen to it. EVERYTIME you click on this video, they just get MORE and MORE popular, becuase of YOU. Think about that.

  78. b0redd

    @13098519 And they hurt who in the process? Don't sulk just because you don't have the talent to produce a song that people want to hear & are no longer satisfied asking "would you like fries with that?".

  79. Kier's Landing Pad

    @13098519 your opinion has been, read, then angain, prosessed, considerd, laughed at and then rejected! Buckcherry kick ass! so YOU GO WALK INTO TRAFFIC!!!!!!!

  80. Derek Nelson

    The first time i saw this i thought is was very cheesy lol but its pretty cool

  81. JoCast

    thumbs up for the cowbell guys!!!

  82. Kelsi Sharp

    Enjoyed seeing these guys in concert last night!

  83. www41WorldUSAcom


  84. MD12134MD

    only 200,936 views? deserves alot more.

  85. MD12134MD

    this song is better than crazy bitch.

  86. R R

    Sounds alot like AC/DC the singer and main guitar, awsome song though!

  87. corvette024

    @GDarkstar74 See there is yet another problem, you assumed that I listen to nothing but pop music, I actually rarely litsen to it, and I am pretty confident that my iTunes collection is a lot more eclectic than yours. Everything from classic rock, to big band swing, to underground rap etc. And your telling me to be less negative? I'm just sick of negative people looking up things they don't like with the point of complaining, your not Tucker Max (who is a chill guy btw).

  88. garand

    gotta respect any song with cowbells!

  89. corvette024

    @GDarkstar74 actually i'm going to ignore all your opinions, because when I went back to comment on this I saw that you had posted more than once on this song, again, wtf are you thinking, stop showing up if you don't like it. You also complained that you must listen to this at work, this brings me back to why I am ignoring your total lack of intelligence, if you had any you would have a job where you would not have to listen to "pop-rock" unless you wanted to. Try hating your life less.

  90. luke buttigieg

    @Randomkid2k8 this is probably just as bad as Justin Beiber. I bet all his songs sound the same... And i'm gay because i don't like a gay looking/sounding bloke who sings pop-rock? try listening to Staind. Way better!

  91. corvette024

    @GDarkstar74 you are an idiot for multiple reasons 1) this is real music, even if it isn't your specific taste in music, doesn't mean they are any less talented 2) if you don't like the damn song then don't watch the video 3) if their music is so poor, why don't you show them your platinum records and all the music industry people that think your music is better - just because your dreams of becoming a rock star were foiled by no musical talent does not give you the right to be a pessimistic ass

  92. Michael Steurmann

    this is nice rock&roll :-)

  93. luke buttigieg

    this is awful.

  94. romblen


    Oh you poor soul, let me get you a WAAAAmbulence.

    Say all you want about how the band lack substance, the only thing that really matters is if you like the sound of it. If you don't like it, find something else

  95. bumblelove

    Gonna see them along with Nickelback and Three Days Grace on the 26th. FUCKYEAH, FIST PUMP.

  96. Emily Riesco

    fukin love this band! Buckcherry!!

  97. Heather Lindenmeyer

    This is what happens when AC/DC and The Rolling Stones have a kid. Which is a cool thing.

  98. Robert Hayes

    FUCK YEAH BUCK CHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!