Buck Owens - Amsterdam Lyrics

Amsterdam, old Amsterdam
How I love you Amsterdam
When I get there I'm gonna kiss the ground
Let you stand on Amsterdam.

I left my home and I left my friends
Said I'll be back but I don't know when
Set my sail to the restless wind
So long old Amsterdam.

I picked plums up in Yakimo
And I picked pearls down in Arkansas
Even learned how to say you all
But I still miss Amsterdam
Amsterdam, old Amsterdam.


I did my thing in Tokyo
Tried my luck in Kokomo
Searched for bill in Buffalo
But I still miss Amsterdam.

I picked peaches in a Georgia town
And I picked cotton down in Birmingham
At the day I'll get out of Alabam
I'm goin' back to Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, old Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, old Amsterdam...

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Buck Owens Amsterdam Comments
  1. joe city

    Brings back warm memories of a cold 1970 winter with a petroleum heater in an old Amsterdam kraakpand :)

  2. ThijsVrolijk

    Ik hou echt van de ouwe country muziek.
    Ben momenteel 14 jaar oud en al mijn leeftijdsgenootjes vinden het maar niks..

    johannes marinus van riel

    niks van aan trekken Thijs , het is goed , lekker van genieten Jan Almere

  3. Adam Edwards

    Can't believe I've never even heard of buck Owens till just recently., one of the best singers I've ever heard in my life (up there with George jones, Conway, Loretta Lynn & Marty robbins)

  4. leo snel

    The best of Buck Owens Wat een zanger Leo Snel

  5. kees acheampong

    Best city of the world !

  6. Mike Miclos

    sent to romeo vanica sunday 9th june 2013

  7. badrobie86

    Couldnt find this song anywhere, thanks for upload! Both this song and Amsterdam are brilliant!