BTS - Answer: Love Myself Lyrics


Nun-eul tteunda eodum sog na
Simjang-i ttwineun soli nachseol ttae
Maju bonda geoul sog neo
Geobmeog-eun nunbich haemug-eun jilmun

Eojjeomyeon nugungaleul salanghaneun geosboda
Deo eolyeoun ge na jasin-eul salanghaneun geoya
Soljighi injeonghal geon injeonghaja
Niga naelin jasdaedeul-eun neoege deo eomgyeoghadan geol
Ni salm sog-ui gulg-eun naite
Geu ttohan neoui ilbu, neoigie
Ijeneun na jasin-eul yongseohaja beoligien
Uli insaeng-eun gil-eo milo sog-eseon nal mid-eo
Gyeoul-i jinamyeon dasi bom-eun oneun geoya

Chagaun bam-ui siseon
Cholahan nal gamchulyeo
Mobsi dwicheog-yeossjiman

Jeo sumanh-eun byeol-eul majgi wihae nan tteol-eojyeossdeonga
Jeo sucheon gae chanlanhan hwasal-ui gwanyeog-eun na hana

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
Nae sum nae geol-eoon gil jeonbulo dabhae

Eoje-ui na oneul-ui na naeil-ui na
(I'm learning how to love myself)
Ppajim-eobs-i namgim-eobs-i modu da na

Jeongdab-eun eobs-euljido molla
Eojjeom igeosdo dab-eun anin geoya
Geujeo nal salanghaneun iljocha
Nuguui heolag-i pil-yohaessdeon geoya
Nan jigeumdo naleul tto chajgo iss-eo
But deoneun juggo sipjiga anh-eun geol
Seulpeudeon me
Apeudeon me
Deo aleumdaul mi

Geulae geu aleumdaum-i
Issdago, aneun ma-eum-i
Naui salang-eulo ganeun gil
Gajang pil-yohan nadaun il
Jigeum nal wihan haengboneun
Balo nal wihan haengdong
Nal wihan taedo
Geuge nal wihan haengbog
I'll show you what i got
Dulyeobjin anh-a geugeon nae jonjaenikka
Love myself

Sijag-ui cheoeumbuteo
Kkeut-ui majimagkkaji
Haedab-eun ojig hana

Wae jakkuman gamchulyeogoman hae ni gamyeon sog-eulo
Nae silsulo saeng-gin hyungteokkaji da nae byeoljalinde

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
Nae sum nae geol-eoon gil jeonbulo dabhae

Nae an-eneun yeojeonhi
Seotun naega issjiman

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
Nae sum nae geol-eoon gil jeonbulo dabhae

Eoje-ui na oneul-ui na naeil-ui na
(I'm learning how to love myself)
Ppajim-eobs-i namgim-eobs-i modu da na


눈을 뜬다 어둠 속 나
심장이 뛰는 소리 낯설 때
마주 본다 거울 속 너
겁먹은 눈빛 해묵은 질문

어쩌면 누군가를 사랑하는 것보다
더 어려운 게 나 자신을 사랑하는 거야
솔직히 인정할 건 인정하자
니가 내린 잣대들은 너에게 더 엄격하단 걸
니 삶 속의 굵은 나이테
그 또한 너의 일부, 너이기에
이제는 나 자신을 용서하자 버리기엔
우리 인생은 길어 미로 속에선 날 믿어
겨울이 지나면 다시 봄은 오는 거야

차가운 밤의 시선
초라한 날 감추려
몹시 뒤척였지만

저 수많은 별을 맞기 위해 난 떨어졌던가
저 수천 개 찬란한 화살의 과녁은 나 하나

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
내 숨 내 걸어온 길 전부로 답해

어제의 나 오늘의 나 내일의 나
(I'm learning how to love myself)
빠짐없이 남김없이 모두 다 나

정답은 없을지도 몰라
어쩜 이것도 답은 아닌 거야
그저 날 사랑하는 일조차
누구의 허락이 필요했던 거야
난 지금도 나를 또 찾고 있어
But 더는 죽고 싶지가 않은 걸
슬프던 me
아프던 me
더 아름다울 美

그래 그 아름다움이
있다고, 아는 마음이
나의 사랑으로 가는 길
가장 필요한 나다운 일
지금 날 위한 행보는
바로 날 위한 행동
날 위한 태도
그게 날 위한 행복
I'll show you what i got
두렵진 않아 그건 내 존재니까
Love myself

시작의 처음부터
끝의 마지막까지
해답은 오직 하나

왜 자꾸만 감추려고만 해 니 가면 속으로
내 실수로 생긴 흉터까지 다 내 별자린데

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
내 숨 내 걸어온 길 전부로 답해

내 안에는 여전히
서툰 내가 있지만

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
내 숨 내 걸어온 길 전부로 답해

어제의 나 오늘의 나 내일의 나
(I'm learning how to love myself)
빠짐없이 남김없이 모두 다 나

[English translation:]

Open your eyes in the dark
When your heart beats
Face to face, you in the mirror
There's an old, frightened question

Maybe it's better than loving someone
What's more difficult is that I love myself
Let's face it
The standards you've given me are more strict with you
A thick ring in your life
Because he is also part of you
Now I have to forgive myself
Our lives are long. Trust me in this maze
After winter, spring comes again

A cold stare
Hide me
It was a complete reversal

I fell down to get that many stars
I'm the one who targets those thousands of brilliant arrows

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
Give me my breath

The me of yesterday, the me of today, the me of tomorrow
(I'm learning how to love myself)
Every last one of them is me

Maybe there's no answer
Maybe this isn't the answer either
You know, even if you love me
I needed someone's permission
I'm still looking for my own
But I don't want to die anymore
The sad me
The sick me
The more beautiful

Yeah, that beauty
I know
The way to my love
The most necessary thing
What you're doing right now
Actions for me
An attitude toward me
It's the happiness for me
I'll show you what I've got
I'm not afraid. It's my thing
Love myself

From the beginning
To the end
There's only one answer

Why don't you keep trying to hide it?
Every scar I made was my zodiac sign

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
Give me my breath

Still in me
I'm clumsy, but...

You've shown me I have reasons
I should love myself
Give me my breath

The me of yesterday, the me of today, the me of tomorrow
(I'm learning how to love myself)
Every last one of them is me

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BTS Answer: Love Myself Comments
  1. Nhà bang vkook sumin jin hopemon

    Right love yourself

  2. TaeRimKook

    ''Even now, I am still finding myself but I don't want to die anymore" I felt that :')

  3. Shahida Hena

    "Please use BTS to love yourself "

    - Kim Namjoon

  4. Lia efendy


  5. Sema Csr

    Jin sesin harika😍

  6. 시고르자브종

    30넘은 아재인 내가 들어도 좋다.
    저 수많은 별을 맞기 위해 난 떨어졌던가 부분은 시 한소절 같다.

  7. tashaaJ21

    This is and always will be the best ending song to any BTS concert .

  8. 강민서

    김남준💜김석진💜민윤기💜정호석 박지민💜김태형💜 전정국💜

  9. Yeonjun Kim

    ME: *aggressively crying*

  10. JK ARMY

    هَل أنا وقَعت حَتى تنهمر عَلي كل تِلك الشُهب..؟
    أنتا ألهَدف ألوَحيد لِتلك ألاسهُم أللامِعةة .✨💕

  11. BTS Nuha

    I believe in myself

  12. KingdomheartsGuardian

    I tried to spread this message to a few adults once, guess what they said? That this was irrelevant, loving yourself is impossible.

  13. KingdomheartsGuardian

    I will forever be grateful to them for what they do for me and for all of us 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  14. Y /N

    Please love yourself and never put yourself down ARMY. I hope bts inspires you guys too love yourself like they did too me, The fact bts and army is one big family makes me really proud of bts and each one of your army's please be yourself, love yourself, love myself... LOVE YOU ARMYYY

  15. adiyana malek

    Yesterday , I was shaking very hard when I met my old classmate . I thought this is so bad , but it got worst when I saw she laugh at me , more pain, she bring her brother to laugh together while seeing me shaking . I still think about that time until now . I start hating myself and it surely got worst .
    I have no friends to talk to( I have friends but I don't want them see the real me ) and I don't want to tell my parents about this .
    I am just alone
    But I remember these 7 boys who always bring smile to my face , I listen to this song while reading the lyrics and end up crying ( even i have listen to this song countless times ) .
    I guess I'm not really alone , and if I really are , I just need to let those things go .

    sorry for my bad english . I just want to take this out of my mind


    I feel so much the same 😭

    adiyana malek

    @jazmin 😭 are you feeling okay now?


    @adiyana malek Yes uwu

  16. All about everything S

    V always change hairstyle

  17. Peiji Angel

    Why haven’t I been listening to this lately 😭 I love BTS and I hope I’ll love every part of myself more everyday

  18. Camila_Bardiñas

    I know no one is probably going to read this comment, but if someone does then...

    Let me ask you a question...Do you truly love yourself? Do you accept who you are? Are you proud of yourself? Are you happy in your own skin? When you look at the mirror, you like what you see? I hope you do because even if I don't know you... I'm 100% sure that you are such an amazing human being. I'm sure that you are gorgeous and may ask, how does she now that? We don't know each other, well I don't need to know you because even with all your imperfections you are absolutely perfect you should love yourself...and I obviously know that I'm a complete stranger but let me tell you why I know all this and why I would do anything for you to love yourself. When I was 6 someone tried to rape me and from that moment I didn't really like to talk about sex and stuff like friends used to say "OMG you are so boring" but they didn't know that I was yeah I've been judged. When I was 6 again my parents had to leave my country to travel to another one and make some money... yeah I wasn't able to see the person's who I loved the most for quite a long time. At the age of 7 I was diagnosed with "hyperthyroidism" and sadly the doctors were scared because it was a possible cancer in my thyroid, until last week I went to an appointment and they said that I probably need a surgery before it actually turns to cancer...worst news? I can die in the process. When I was smaller to be honest I didn't have the best physical appearance and so, others kids used to bully me by saying "You are fat, such a pig go and kill yourself" due to those cruel words I got obsessed with my body and some days I didn't even use to drink water...all I wanted to do was look good. I lost much that my bones were visible, my family got worried so they told me that If I didn't gain some weight then I was going to be left in a rehabilitation center...I didn't want to stay there so I started the eat healthier and exercise less, gain some pounds but I was still skinny. Girls started to envy me and boys started to love me, I was popular! But I wasn't happy at all, sadness took over my I began to cut myself and try to commit suicide 4 times. I was already tired... I didn't want to keep faking smiles. I had everything but nothing at the same time...and then I discovered BTS, they became my everything. Thanks to them I learned to love myself and I appreciate all their effort they put into they're work. Moral of the story...A 13 year old girl went through hell and still If you are going through something bad please don't panic... everything is going to be okay. Listen to BTS and love yourself.

  19. army forever

    In this whole world only bts tell me that I have to love myself

  20. leena

    army is not a fandom, its a family

  21. Agata Dziedzińska

    who ever you are remember that you never walk alone 💜

  22. Aaliyah Goldsworthy

    "The problem with putting others first is that you're teaching them that you come last."

  23. Swarup Halder

    This is the reason why i am a ARMY and i love BTS. Because they taught me how to love myself

  24. Sunila SL

    “Society tells you to change yourself
    Bangtan tells you to Love Yourself “
    — BTS 💜

  25. 사랑Taesthetic


    𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐬 𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐰𝐡𝐞𝐧 𝐢 𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐭 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐛𝐭𝐬 𝐲𝐞𝐭:
    I don’t have friends my friends hate me a lot but I don’t know why I’m so depressed because I’am so heartbroken so my sister shown me that BTS is so good that’s why I try to search BTS a lot so now they show me to be happy without friends bts are my BFF I purple you no matter what happens to me because I’m the first child that survived a pneumonia since I was grade 1/ 7 yrs old kid I still have pneumonia but I think I would not survived now because there a coronavirus I have a lot of disease but I would not tell because these disease are so worst I also have scoliosis these different disease I have is like disease for old people’s that make me worst♡ I purple you

  26. Park jimin

    I miss this😭😭😩

  27. alizay ali

    how can i tell them that whenever i hear this song, i start crying, crying like a baby. i can't putt those emotions into words what kind of peace i get through this song when i watch their faces singing ' i am learning how to love myself' through my phone during concerts, their happy faces makes me happy like a child when they see their favourite toy. even though my life has always been good Alhamdulillah but still these boys filled the minor spots of my life because of their existence. I WANNA MEET THEM, I WANNA SING THIS SONG AT THEIR CONCERTS ALONG WITH MY ARMY BOMB WAVING INTO THE SKY screaming I PURPLE YOU BTS. You are of the reasons i love myself. Be healthy always Ameen

  28. MİA

    I'm learning how to love myself

  29. shaikh salma

    Don't know why their songs just touch your souls !

  30. Suraiya Shahreen

    Everytime i watch this i tear up cuz this is something which helped me the most.

  31. BTSX _ARMY

    *i will never regret loving them*
    They made me find myself through my dark thoughts ,dark world and everything. When I didn't had them it was like feeling empty like a body without a heart , before I used to log on people s everything now I don't need anyone just them aand me , They showed me reasons to love myself
    Maybe my life is just on a beginner level , but as the hard times come ik they will always he with me , I would have lived how people wanted me to , I never would have escaped darkness becuz of them they showed me that there are still starts shining on the sky, I might be young but there messaged really helped me , they tell me it's okay to be imperfect , not to live on people's decisions . I was easy made fun of and I still am being popular dosent mean no one makes fun of you i've had fake friends before and I'm still living with them I have had my parents telling me to get good grades even though it's just an A+ already but you know.....
    "Don't try so hard , its okay to lose"
    Army's and BTS helped me alot I want to make people loge themselves by forwarding BTS's message and I try to get everyone at my school into BTS , you know they are the best thing ever happened to me
    I don't need friends who only stay with me when I'm strong ,not parents who want more better grades , I don't want to be a favourite student , I want to be myself cuz that's what BTS taught me
    Life mught have ups and downs , I have learneD alot of things from ARMYS and BTS ,
    I always wanted to find people that thought the same as me and you know all ARMYS are like that
    I love how BTS and army are always there for me you all are so kind and precious 💜
    And to know I'm one of them makes me feel proud 💜
    We all are family , a family who understand each other's pain , wr all are one and our Jo I to make BTS proud snd happy as ever and see them smile I every moment of their life
    I never knew the crackhead me could write this much about my life just by listening to a song I have listened to a billion times 💜💜

  32. 앙 나 하 세 요Anastasia

    The most beautiful song ❤️❤️💜💜

  33. Mythology, MARVEL fangirl Lee

    5th grade: why are the girls crazy about k-pop?
    6th : who is bts? They are actually really good.
    Middle school 1st grade: they're songs are my life.
    2nd: they're songs give comfort. I really need to love myself.

  34. AllieCat

    Somehow this is my very first time hearing this song. And I realized this is the theme song to BTS and ARMY's love story. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life. We love you, boys.

    More than you'll ever know. 💜💜💜


    Jimin:why do you keep hiding under your mask?
    Me:because of the coruna virus

  36. sham meru

    Kojeordoi erikfnjro htm y

  37. 이디아

    한국사람 찾아요!ㅠㅠ

  38. /manuver 7-

    The only one member that shows his teeth is J-Hope. Because he's the truly Sunshine.

  39. /manuver 7-

    fun fact :

    you smiled on sunshine's part.

  40. Diana d 'cruz

    I don't know why but this song hits so hard straight to the heart💜💜✨✨😔

  41. S ymra

    When no one was there when I needed them...

    BTS taught me to love everything about myself, and that's why I'm always grateful I stan them💜

  42. 소희


  43. Stephanie Stefanova

    I just now realized that when the pictures are Black and White V's right and Jungkook's left ear are glued 🙃🙃🙃 We Stan TaeKook✊🏻

  44. BTS Army

    These Kings deserve more. I was on omegle trying to find so army friends but couldn't find any :(

  45. Basil Basil

    It's RM guys it's RM...

  46. Zina Blacki

    Большое спасибо за прекрасные песни 👍 👍 👍 💜 💙 💚 ❤ ❤ 💕 🎉 🎉 👍, ОСТАЕМСЯ, ДРУЖНАЯ БОЛЬШАЯ СЕМЬЯ ДРУЖБА ТОЛЬКО ВАЕРЕД И ВПЕРЕД 👍. И НЕ ТОЖЕ. И Я НЕ МОГУ, НО И СЕЙЧАС РАДИ ЧЕГО, НО И СЕЙЧАС. И Я НЕ МОГУ СДЕЛАТЬ. И ВОТ ЧТО Я МОГУ СДЕЛАТЬ ЭТО. А Я ЯВЛЯЕТСЯ, конечно, но это уже не ЗИНА.ЗИНАИДА. ЦЫРЕН-ХАНДА, что ты не знаешь что у тебя дела, а то я уже говорил, что у нас в России. С днем рождения, что у нас в России. На протяжении последних версий. 👍. , а то и другое. На самом начале года. , купить, заказать, что я России и СНГ и в этом году, когда я был в шоке. И не, ну я так понял что это за зверь, но я думаю, что у нас в России. На протяжении последних трех дней. В общем то, а также на сайте компании. В наличии, фары. Я в этом году, когда я был бы очень хотелось бы. , в том, как и с пробегом, модели машин, а то и не встречались. , купить, заказать, что я России и в этом случае. , а потом уже 8человек. ЗИНАИДУ, но не бы хотел сказать. Я могу. Я могу сделать это в виду не хочу. президент, но не бы не было бы. Но, что ты не знаешь что у него. И вот что я в шоке. И не, не знаю, но и в розницу. И не, я в курсе. , а потом уже 8человек ЗИНАИДУ, а потом в этом. , а потом когда мы были на работу. И не, ну я так понял что я не знаю как у тебя как и у нас с вами в, что я могу сделать. И вот, я не знаю. А то у нас на сайте. Зинаиду. И не, я в шоке, как и с по год назад, но не бы хотел сказать. Я могу. 👍. СПАСИБО 👍 👍.СПАСИБО 💛. Я не знаю, как я понял, что у тебя дела, но я бы не было, а потом уже. 👍. СПАСИБО 👍 👍.СПАСИБО 💛. И

    Zina Blacki

    Привет 99, что я не знаю, но и в других городах. , купить или продать. А то у вас дела, но я бы не сказал, что у тебя дела у меня есть все, что у нас в городе. , купить, заказать монтаж, а то я уже не помню, но не более, чем за что ему нужно, и я не знаю. Может кто сталкивался. , купить, заказать доставку. 900дурок, что ты не 988. Зинаиду Зине зарубежных авторов 50. 8899987. И не тоже хочу больше не буду в том же. С. , в том, чтобы меня в голове у нас на сайте. Время звучания песни, фото и где можно найти, а потом уже 8человек. , в том, чтобы меня в этом году. Он был, и я не знаю, но не более чем на сайте, Вам потребуется. , купить, продать, цены. Не знаю, как я уже писал. , купить, описание, фото и где его можно будет приобрести следующих форматах в том, что у меня в этом году. Он мне. , купить, заказать монтаж и не только. И я не знаю, но не более чем на сайте. Время звучания песни, фото и где можно купить мобильные аксессуары к сожалению не хочу. , в том числе и для тех кто хочет поболтать, что ты не прав, а также на сайте компании ООО, что ты не знаешь что такое, что ты не прав, что у меня все равно не знаю как это делается, но и в других городах России. В общем. И не тоже хочу. , купить, заказать монтаж, но не думаю, не надо, а то и другое каждый раз. В наличии, 8человек, а 7D. , купить, описание отеля. В общем. 8часов, что у нас в городе. Я не знаю, как я понимаю, как я

    Zina Blacki

    Привет от 4 789Света, что у нас в стране. Москве от того что у тебя как раз и основана на тегах в Москве. В общем, все о нем. Рад стать другом месте при помощи нашего времени и денег. , купить, описание. , в общем, если не трудно, а потом в Москве, весь день рождения, а потом в Москве и области. Петербург Японии и в розницу. А ты, но не более. , купить, описание. , в общем, если не трудно. 888, что у меня все в норме. , купить, заказать монтаж. 88, что у меня в

  47. Palvishan 20

    This song is making me cry it's so beautiful and the lyrics are so heart warming. Bts is the reason I'm still alive 💜💜💜

  48. ᅭᅵᅢᄆ

    Thank you bts to teach me how to love myself.

  49. Tae’s Winter Bear

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    I hope I will get there someday as well :')

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    Thanks guys🙏🙏🙏🙏

  61. Rudra Shrestha

    There is so much positivity in the comment section. I'm thankful to my family( BTSXARMY) for being such great human beings. Not only Bangtan helps me to step out of my darkness but the support ARMYs show to Bangtan help me to come over my darkness and shine brightly. Thank you so much Bangtan and all my most lovely ARMYS." Team work makes Dream work". I purple you

  62. kuldip moirangthem kuldip moirangthem

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  64. 김진나


    눈을 뜬다 어둠 속 나
    심장이 뛰는 소리 낯설 때
    마주 본다 거울 속 너
    겁먹은 눈빛 해묵은 질문
    어쩌면 누군가를 사랑하는 것보다
    더 어려운 게 나 자신을 사랑하는 거야
    솔직히 인정할 건 인정하자
    니가 내린 잣대들은 너에게 더 엄격하단 걸
    니 삶 속의 굵은 나이테
    그 또한 너의 일부, 너이기에
    이제는 나 자신을 용서하자 버리기엔
    우리 인생은 길어 미로 속에선 날 믿어
    겨울이 지나면 다시 봄은 오는 거야
    차가운 밤의 시선
    초라한 날 감추려
    몹시 뒤척였지만
    저 수많은 별을 맞기 위해 난 떨어졌던가 hey yeah
    저 수천 개 찬란한 화살의 과녁은 나 하나
    Eh, you've shown me I have reasons
    I should love myself, ah huh
    내 숨 내 걸어온 길 전부로 답해
    어제의 나 오늘의 나 내일의 나
    (I'm learning how to love myself)
    빠짐없이 남김없이 모두 다 나
    정답은 없을지도 몰라
    어쩜 이것도 답은 아닌 거야
    그저 날 사랑하는 일조차 누구의 허락이 필요했던 거야
    난 지금도 나를 또 찾고 있어
    But 더는 죽고 싶지가 않은 걸
    슬프던 me
    아프던 me
    더 아름다울 미
    그래 그 아름다움이
    있다고, 아는 마음이
    나의 사랑으로 가는 길
    가장 필요한 나다운 일 eh
    Oh 지금 날 위한 행보는 바로 날 위한 행동
    날 위한 태도
    그게 날 위한 행복
    I'll show you what I got
    두렵진 않아 그건 내 존재니까
    Love myself
    시작의 처음부터
    끝의 마지막까지
    해답은 오직 하나
    Eh 왜 자꾸만 감추려고만 해 니 가면 속으로 eh
    내 실수로 생긴 흉터까지 다 내 별자린데 yeah eh
    You've shown me I have reasons
    I should love myself oh ho
    내 숨 내 걸어온 길 전부로 답해
    내 안에는 여전히 oh
    서툰 내가 있지만 woah oh oh oh
    You've shown me I have reasons
    I should love myself oh huh
    내 숨 내 걸어온 길 전부로 답해 oh oh
    어제의 나 오늘의 나 내일의 나
    (I'm learning how to love myself)
    빠짐없이 남김없이 모두 다 나

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  69. Alia S

    Can anyone tell me why one should love him/herself (I'm serious)? To be honest, I still don't understand what they mean by "love yourself". It's not even an easy task to do, especially if you don't understand what that actually means. Why should I love myself? I really have no answer to that, and when I ask people that question, I never receive an answer that genuinely satisfies me. However, trying to figure out what that means and trying to actually love myself just sound right, so I'll do the best I can to do that. But still, I don't understand what it means and why I should do it.

    Gin 0081

    Hello friend :) your comment made me question myself but i guess the answer might not be as complicated. I guess the answer of why you should love yourself lies within your heart.

    in my opinion, You need to love yourself in order to be alive. Being happy is the core of being alive. We all have times where everything goes wrong. some probably able to move forward easily, but some couldn't. those who couldn't are stuck in the loop of self hatred and that result in so many mental disorders, disease and also suicides. The only way to fully move forward within those difficult moment is to accept ourself and love ourself, in all the bad and good moments, and be satisfied, fulfilled and be grateful and happy. And by being able to do them, you can finally reach the best version of yourself within life.

    well, that's how i see it. some probably have other interpretation though. one of my friends said that self love is important because if the time comes when the whole world is hating you and giving up on you, the only person you can believe in is yourself. the others said, how can you love others when you can't even love yourself.

    Some may lost their idea of self love when they encounter difficulties, and luckily these 7 angels are here to remind us of how important is to love ourself. i hope these ideas can help you to develop your own understanding of self love :)

    Alia S

    @Gin 0081 Hi :) Thank you for replying and sharing your views. After thinking about this and after constantly reevaluating how I view this concept of loving yourself, I did come around to a conclusion that we need to love ourselves in order to survive, just like you said here,

    "in my opinion, You need to love yourself in order to be alive"

    However, every time I get around that conclusion, I always ask myself, "why should I be alive?", and that really made me stuck, thus I always felt that the answers that people gave me never really satisfied me. To some people, this question might sound really stupid, but they couldn't really give me a satisfactory answer either, so the question still remained. Because I was stuck, I decided to give it a rest for a moment and sorta deemed it unsolvable because I thought that there really is no actual reason for anyone to survive or keep being alive, no matter how I try to think about it from any angle.

    And then, after a few days of not thinking about it, I came across a video about free will and how this person argues that free will is an illusion and all, and whether they're correct or not about free will being an illusion is a debate of its own, but something just clicked in me.

    The free will debate is really concerned about wants. What clicked in me was that whether we are free to *want* something or not (whether free will exists or not), we always do that. We always "want". We just do, and it doesn't really need to have a reason for it. To bring you back to why we should love ourselves in order to be alive, I realized that I don't need a reason to *want* to be alive. There really is nothing wrong with wanting to be alive for no reason. Although, if I really want an answer as to why I want to keep being alive, I do suspect that the reason for us wanting to keep being alive is evolutionary. But again, so what? There really is nothing wrong with wanting to be alive, no matter where that desire comes from (whether it's just a product of our selfish gene or other things that are more romantic than such a scientific answer).

    Bottom line is, I was really stuck in finding a reason for WANTING to be alive, when I actually don't need a reason to do that, and that made any answer to my original question unsatisfactory to me. Now I've accepted that I just simply *want* to keep being alive, and in order to do that, I *should* love myself. At least that's what I think for now and I'm okay with that.

  70. Tam Gaming

    0:27 If u look at it in a certain way. It's harder loving yourself than loving someone else.
    I guess u guys should take a screenshot. Well u don't need it it's so beautiful line that u wouldn't forget it.

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  73. Ganga Monger


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    This isn’t some type of song like I don’t know, any k-pop songs, like mic drop or kill this love, which are great songs by the way, I am obsessed with BTS and blackpink. However, this song is about teaching you to actually love your self. Jin's line- You shown me I have reasons, I should love myself. Which is true, love yourself. It’s teaching you something, every BTS song always has a meaning to it, but, in my opinion, this is the most memorisable. Mind works different ways. I bet that it is most likely comments after 1 seconds will still appear in 3021. c: I love you BTS.

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  94. Horen LastTeacher

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    The reason BTS is successful now is because of popularity and a masssive, dedicated fanbase. That's all.

    BTS is overrated.

    I stan 7 crackheads

    also this isnt even an unpopular opinion. If you dont even know them how can u know the key to their succes?

    Horen LastTeacher

    @I stan 7 crackheads Yeah, about that buddy. Other boy groups have done it long before BTS was even born. I can list at least 10 boy groups who does the same as BTS within the same generation.

    Try again.

    Horen LastTeacher

    @I stan 7 crackheads Oh it is. Only blind Armys don't see it, obviously.

    And what is really an unpopular opinion is that BTS is overrated.
    Their music is good. Not the greatest but good and very marketable. That's why they're successful, really. Its because they have a massive, highly dedicated fanbase that would stream millions of views for anything that BTS pulls out.

    I stan 7 crackheads

    @Horen LastTeacher hmmm if every group do it like bts then why dont they have that dedicated fanbases like ours?
    Well let me tell me why, while there sure are other groups that compose and write their own lyrics. Bts is obviously one of the most passionate group... team work and music wise! Many groups are famous because they are under famous companys... Bts was formed by an extremely small and unknown and company(back then)and yet they manage to be the most popular and most award winning.

    I stan 7 crackheads

    @Horen LastTeacher Many idols arent that connected with their music like BTS. They literally put their heart and soul into everything... they give their 100% every time. Just because the groups u stan arent that popular and succesful like BTS doesnt mean u can turn a blind eye onto their hard work and talent and say they are overrated.

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    Why do you keep wanting to hide inside your mask

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