Bruce Springsteen - Cadillac Ranch Lyrics

Well, there she sits buddy justa gleaming in the sun
There to greet a working man when his day is done
I'm gonna pack my pa and I'm gonna pack my aunt
I'm gonna take them down to the Cadillac Ranch

Eldorado fins, whitewalls and skirts
Rides just like a little bit of heaven here on earth
Well buddy when I die throw my body in the back
And drive me to the junkyard in my Cadillac

Cadillac, Cadillac
Long and dark, shiny and black
Open up your engines let 'em roar
Tearing up the highway like a big old dinosaur

James Dean in that Mercury '49
Junior Johnson runnin' thru the woods of Caroline
Even Burt Reynolds in that black Trans-Am
All gonna meet down at the Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac, Cadillac
Long and dark, shiny and black
Open up them engines let 'em roar
Tearing up the highway just a big old dinosaur

Hey, little girlie in the blue jeans so tight
Drivin' alone through the Wisconsin night
You're my last love baby you're my last chance
Don't let 'em take me to the Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac, Cadillac
Long and dark, shiny and black
Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away

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Bruce Springsteen Cadillac Ranch Comments
  1. Lj Shank

    Junior Johnson 1931-2019 RIP

  2. Christopher S

    *RIP Junior Johnson*
    *1931 - 2019*

  3. Peter Memmelaar

    R.I.P. junior johnson

  4. Eagle1

    Rest in peace Junior Johnson. Mentioned in this song at 01:40

  5. M G

    RIP, Junior Johnson. You'll forever run through the woods of Carolina...

  6. anella d'ambrosio

    Questa canzone mi fa impazzire!! Basta vedere Bruce!!!ed il suo entusiasmo!!!🤼🤼🤸😇🎷🎸💎😍😘🌟💋

  7. stephen stover


  8. losguntas channel

    estoy acá por
    la muerte del comendador
    gracias sr. murakami

  9. Claude Monete

    ❤💙💛BRUCE BOSS FRIEND😚🎶🎸😍😃👐

  10. Bossman60

    This was the 1st tour I ever saw from Bruce and I have seen every one since. Love him.

  11. anella d'ambrosio

    Fantastico Bruce!! Mitica band!!! 😌😌😘😍😍🎸🎸💘💘💟💟♥️♥️💋

  12. Tibisay Travel

    My first concert was in 1985 bitusa tour...

  13. Tibisay Travel

    Now they release it. Good. I just hear it 30 years ago like if it was a concert like it turn to be... thanks god to see it live

  14. james fellers

    And they'll say; There goes Bruce Springsteen,the best that ever was,,,

  15. Matias Nicolas Ke

    such a great artisr

  16. Michael Otten

    Gessin it was performed @ the fiesta bowl.

  17. anella d'ambrosio

    Esibizione fantastica!! Bruce e Clarence !! Spettacolari!! 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😇😇💔💔♥️🎸🎷🎶💎💋

  18. Zack Levy

    I’ve always loved this version, but because I felt like a change I listened to the Nitty Gritty dirt band and realized Springsteen’s will always be better than that crap

  19. Frode Sæther

    The Boss

  20. Winterstick549

    40 years ago,, damn!

  21. jcalli66

    I am probably in the minority but always thought that collared shirt/sport jacket look by Springsteen that he deployed from 1978-81 was always his coolest look. Everyone else in rock at the time was punk, a slob, or over-the-top like Elton (which was fine and even appropriate since it was rock) but that always amused me about Bruce getting dressed up.

  22. John Wagner

    I've been to the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, TX. Rock on Bruce!!!! #bigfanoftheboss.

  23. Mike Aguilar HOC

    Gary actually moved around way back when

  24. Neil Wallace and lola Wallace

    Thank you for your music
    That has helped me soooo many times..
    People talk about the the greats,and the best..
    Well perhaps I'm kinda narrow minded, but I believe (you are the best)

  25. Darren PM

    Clarence Clemmons! 😀👍

  26. Nanci Melo


  27. who knows

    Dan's gone down to the funeral home...damn it.

  28. Clarence Dixon


  29. Marisa Rossi

    cantante stradaiolo.

  30. sherp2u1

    Shit....." wow, pure rock....

  31. John Hocking

    Live Bruce Springsteen: Greatest Rock & Roll that there has ever been or is ever likely to be.

  32. mbeenz

    A Brilliant American Icon!!!,!, ManyThanx From Costa Mesa Ca!!!,! OMG

  33. mbeenz

    A Brilliant American Icon!!!,!, ManyThanx From Costa Mesa Ca!!!,! OMG

  34. JStarStar00

    Imagine if the plane never crashed: it's 1980, and a 43-year-old Buddy Holly joins Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band onstage for "Cadillac Ranch."

  35. Lone wolf trucker 99 Ky

    Car, woman, job you hate, town you want to leave. You got a song!

  36. timothy lines

    true rockers don mess with eugenics shit. eat your heart out dopy keith.

  37. machone1757

    Hell, over 39 Years ago & Still Rockin the Cadillac Ranch

  38. Randall McKeever

    Almost 40 years ago...STILL SO COOL!

  39. Sanjeewa Perera

    Rock won’t get any better than this. Electrifying !!!

  40. tom

    ace footage

  41. 123bentbrent

    Moves like Jagger, he doesn't have! I love his songs, and have been to several of his concerts, starting with Born in the USA. But I quit supporting him when he decided to support as corrupt a politician as Clinton.

  42. Glen Quagmireful

    Very little that is cooler than this! Just great, with his insane dance and crazy, menacing look on his face, capturing, for a moment the madness of early rockabilly. Great video.

  43. Ninth Of Nine

    Boss at the very top

  44. Jim Lewandowsky

    I turned down going to see him during this tour to go snowmobiling. A big mistake on my part only 17 at the time, finally got to see him on the born in the USA tour. Been hooked ever since.

  45. Lori Johnson

    Rock and roll! 🎸

  46. Richard C

    That - ladies and gentlemen - is Rock and Roll!

  47. Douglas Hamilton

    I could never tire of this......utterly sublime....

  48. M Ballestrazzi

    questo é rock and roll

  49. Jim Dugan

    Must be in him

  50. Jim Dugan

    To good

  51. Michael Otten

    Id just returned from deployment ( the first) to the sea off the coast of iran ( big beginning of middle east fiasco-student hostage debacle. Movie called argo gave me closure- Reagan was an asshole). Wouldve been a helluva concert then. Hope he decides to tour and i get to see him once!

  52. Antonio Fombuena Vidal

    Q tío mes gran.....😚😚😚

  53. T Miller

    This was Bruce at his best, tearing it up with Rock and Roll. Too bad he decided to try to be a folk singer.

  54. Mike Smith

    Holy hanna ,, just saw a young "Silvio"

  55. Cavendish Lung-sukki

    4:10 the archetype of rock n roll.

  56. Marcelo De Martin

    Genial bruce

  57. Olivia

    Max Weinberg, Gary Tallent, Roy Bittan, Danny Fredrici, Clarence and Steve VZ. By far the best version of the E Street band.

  58. Mike Melichar

    Simply the freaking BOSS!

  59. jennifersman

    Back in the days when Bruce was fun and not the humorless curmudgeon we see today

  60. terry elkins

    What a Jam and I own a 1999 400 horse Caddilac STS Seville !! 😀

    William Gately

    What does it get 8 miles per gallon?

    terry elkins

    @William Gately Maybe 10 miles a gallon and it runs premium gas !! It will fly and it of course rides like a caddy and it has a 8 speaker Bose system that will blow you out the car !! 😀🇺🇸

  61. Jerry Rocks

    This was my first tour seeing the BOSS 😎😎😎

  62. tecums3h

    Wow, 1980.

  63. Blazer02LS

    Bruce and Stevie (Silvio Dante for Sopranos fans)sure do know how to rock the house...

  64. PNG

    What do you call that crab dance he does during the opening riff? That‘s awesome.

  65. Eat Banana Peels

    Bruce is cool. It’s a sentiment that bears repeating.

  66. Gastón Venegas Rodríguez

    One year before I had born...

  67. Brian Bednarek

    I won tickets on the radio and saw this tour in Madison Square Garden!!!

    William Gately

    Seen 71 shows. 44 in 1984/85.

  68. Jersey Girl

    Springsteen had some class at the end when he played to the seats behind him. I've been in those seats before during his heyday when they were the only seats you could get. When he would turn around occasionally to face us the whole section went nuts!

    Aflanis Marcal

    Ele gente fina no e

    Aflanis Marcal

    Meus años en juiz gota tiempo gostoso no calcadao e no Cinema central con o prefeitto maíz joven na historia do Brasil.

    Aflanis Marcal

    Na historia de juiz de gota o día excelencia Itamar Franco e también presidente do noso Brazil

    Aflanis Marcal

    Ele e mesmo New Jersey boy

  69. Gerry McGuire

    And on the eighth day god made the boss.


    The River, el mejor disco de Bruce, en mi opinión. Y este Cadillac Ranch, imposible no ponerte a bailar.

    William Gately

    Bruce NO DISCO - DISCO STILL SUCKS 40 year after it died.


    Por estos momentos mereció la pena ser fan de por vida del Boss

  72. Lesley Storey

    Take back what is yours and that is mine

  73. Cavendish Lung-sukki

    what about the Saab ranch?

  74. john kennedy

    omg ...he should of at least wiped the blow off his nose

  75. Batman Superhero

    a greatsong played as loud as possible

  76. jennifer dolson

    I wanna dance and break shit...Get wild as fuck!!! Lololol

  77. saint jack

    The Darkness and the River tours were the best shows by far. Once they started playing stadiums it became too big. Even Danny Federici said this in a book i read.

  78. mrbriscoe2001

    What' mussing in today' music: Realness and- FUN!!!

  79. johnnyM809

    The greatest live performer of all time as far as I am concerned.


    There is no doubt and this video shows why!!!


    no doubt, I've seen him 80 times. by far the best Ive ever seen. And I've seen Led Zeppelin, The Who, the stones, Clapton, McCartney etc etc

  80. Zac Methlie

    From the first note of this song I cried. My dad and I listened to song before every football and lacrosse practice for about 5 years of my life. This exact live version and everything. This will always be apart of our relationship and I have Bruce to thank for that.

  81. loftusboy9

    Now THAT'S kicking ass...Brilliant,,pedal to the metal...

  82. Very Rancid

    i came here for the bruce dance moves! was not dissapointed!

  83. AndreA

    Thank you Boss for every single song, every single word you've shared with us.

  84. Mike Bockey

    man, those were great times

  85. T Dalb

    That was great.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I'd never seen that before, and I have just been reminded why I was such a fan.
    Imagine what it felt like to be in the audience.

  86. Ventura Easy Rider

    Esto es una banda de rock ........ grande Springsteen ☮️

  87. Jeff Elm

    Leaving the show after my first Springsteen show, I was exhausted and blown away by what I had just witnessed, and that was ROCK N ROLL IN ITS PUREST FORM... No fancy stage costumes or light shows just great performances of fantastic songs.... ON THE 8TH DAY, GOD CREATED BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN AND THE E STREET BAND AND DAMN!!!! IT WAS GOOD

  88. Steve Helton

    3 times , rock and roll !!!!

  89. Linda Keller

    Thank you Bruce💕🤗😄🎶💃🥰Great video!!!🎶💝

  90. Anna Monrose


  91. Corn Pop

    Two nights in a row in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl, circa '85. Second night I got in on an unused ticket from the previous night. E Street Band = The Greatest Show On Earth...


    I was there the second night. It was the greatest show I have ever seen. He made that giant stadium seem intimate. There are a few bands I like better but not live. I used to usher at concerts and then worked for a music distributor where I got free tickets to almost every show I wanted to see. Not bragging. Just saying I've seen lots of shows in my life and that was the best.

  92. straycatttt

    I saw them on this tour at The Spectrum in Philly a month after this concert. Sat second row from the top, still had a great time.

    S Romeri

    straycatttt I was at the Spectrum concert as well. Near the end, 2 guys jumped up in the stage to get near Bruce, and I remember thinking at the time that if they meant to harm Bruce, they could have done so right there. After the concert, driving back home to Jersey, the radio is reporting the shocking news of the shoring of John Lennon. From sheer bliss to pure shock.


    S Romeri, Bruce may have played four or five Spectrum shows that week. I may have been at the one the night before the Lennon assassination. The night after your concert, Bruce paid tribute to Lennon by opening with “Twist and Shout.”

    S Romeri

    straycatttt Good Memory! I remember Bruce doing Santa Claus is Coming To Town and Clarence was in the Santa suit. The best Bruce concerts I ever saw were in that time frame....late 70's & early 80's

  93. fosdyke71

    I love how he does the count in even though he's the one starting the riff

    Owen Rees

    Lol and even though the drums are already keeping time

    James Allen

    @Owen Rees The count in and keeping time are separate things.

  94. Brian Bednarek

    Miami Steve/Little Steven makes it for me!!!

    Anna Pohoryles

    Just look the " Lilyhammer" film !!! xD

  95. vern wallen

    Hey Bruce,are you still kissing O"BUM"A' up his "googie hole"?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. wvparrothead31

    A finely tuned machine.

  97. Rodney Brown

    The Boss of Bosses

  98. im annonymous

    Tearin up the highway like a big ol dinosaur

  99. im annonymous

    Bruce knows rocknroll. when him and clarence take that walk staring down the camera , come on , ya gotta love it RIP