Bruce Springsteen - American Beauty Lyrics

Everything in your shadow turns to vapor
You pierce my heart like it was paper
Radio's crackling with the headlines
Sun upon your shoulder, wind's in the phone line
American beauty will you be mine
Out on this highway counting white lines

I remember last summer drifting through our eyes
We're in the high grass, my finger in your hemline
Boot heels click clacking, honey, when you shine
All them blue skies, hair sweeps the southern pines
American beauty forever inside
Out on this highway counting white lines

Your hand cups your breast pledging your time
Things we carried, shining skylines
Falling sparrow, sky torn apart
Dark shining arrow, your kiss pierces my heart
American beauty forever mine
Out on this highway counting white lines

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Bruce Springsteen American Beauty Comments
  1. Eddi Favaro

    Sai essere anche questo .Sei un grande. Brano e video FAVOLOSI

  2. Sherri Maggio

    The warble in his voice...❤

  3. MannBrothersFilms

    The Boss. 🙏🏽❤

  4. Lorenzo Contini

    Great video for a good song :) All you folks that don't like it... You cannot like everything right? :) Plus, this was never eant to be on a "real" album or an important song. So thanks Bruce, nice to hear it anyway, better here that hidden forever in the archives.

  5. Teresa Pascual

    Grcias Bruce

  6. Baron Moritani

    Even an "ok" Springsteen song is always welcome!

  7. Donelle Feltham

    How great is this song I love the way he uses his voice just shows he can do any song ..🧚‍♀️🤯💋

  8. Matt Borneman

    For those of you criticizing this I think you guys are out of your minds! This is one of my favorite Springsteen songs of all time! He's a fine wine, just keeps getting better with age!

  9. Jackson Cage

    Could be a decent song. As it is the vocals ruin it.

  10. Alex Siegel

    Hi mr Bruce Springsteen can you please being a extra special knighthood by the queen of England I would like to see mr Bruce Springsteen he should getting really kinghted as sir Bruce in my successful story it is all about sir Alex Daniel Siegel kinghtley gentlemenley behavior I am going to continue to keeping it up and up my sir title right grandmother

  11. Steve Zurawsky

    This was a much better song when it was "Affection" by Little Steven and The Lost Boys

  12. Dashama

    Great video, thank you for your positive energy.

    Blessings and Love,

  13. Loredana JoJo 81

    Adoro questa canzone Bruce, la forza e il carisma intenso che gli hai dato, e adoro il modo in cui la canti.
    I love this song Bruce, the strenght and the intense charisma you gave to the song and I love the way you sing :-) kisses

  14. Michael Burke

    I hope he revisits this song and sings it properly.

  15. Ian Cummins


  16. robert21520

    Really like this song. Love the glasses too :) And, a great video considering it was shot in one afternoon, while he was on tour!

  17. Tiziana Lelii

    Bel pezzo.Voce ancora piu'graffiante.GRANDE BRUCE.

  18. Malcolm E

    Well im dissapointed. Listen to this song and then listen to She Dont know me by Bon Jovi from 1984. Its sound the same almost. Atleast the intro.

    Sean Morris

    Listen to Affection by The Lost Boys. Almost identical and a much better song. I don't know what Bruce was thinking here!

  19. Mike Rundberg

    AMERICAN BEAUTY another great song from THE BOSS

  20. andrew mathisen

    I LOVE the Twang sound....and always those long sssss's. Fallen sparrows...heroes...and all them dawgs down on Main Street. Rave on Boss...Rave ON! 

  21. Trevor Jones

    Oh dear… Love Bruce. This should have remained… unreleased. Dirge!

  22. Aaron Gillie

    They say it takes about 10 listens before people get to like a song so I understand the initial criticism but I have to say this song's really grown on me a lot. "Everything in your shadow turns to vapour" is a really great opening line-- I think it's a fantastic track 


    Bruce always gives it all up, keeps him young, honest and happy...

  24. Eliane Masini

    aimer est trop faible j'adore et j'écoute en boucle waou Bruce

  25. Marile Cloete

    To me this song contains a haunting beauty which is in contrast to its rather shallow (for Bruce) lyrics. To me the lyrics from Hey Blue Eyes would have suited the music better. But of course he can do just what he likes and we will still love him for it.

  26. Celso Otero

    thanks bruce you´re the best!!

  27. ralexgeo

    Love, love, love this song!!!! I would have to say this song would be a tie with "Trapped". Seen Bruce 50 times.


    My only complaint is that he recorded this video before the Charlotte, NC show. Wish he would have done it before the Pittsburgh show!


    @ralexgeo I seen the show in Pittsburgh and I agree, he should have recorded it in Pittsburgh.


    We stood out behind the Consol Center for the April show to see hopefully see Bruce get out and sign autographs and he pulled in and just waved. He never got out of the limo. Seen him in Cleveland 2 years ago and he got out and signed autographs and  I yelled play "Trapped" twice and he played it,maybe it was a coincidence but I got great pictures of him!

  28. Another Parody

    I like this best of the four songs on the EP. Over the time there have been many I haven't liked but after a while they grow. Let's be Friends was one example. Show me any other singer who has been more consistent that Bruce with their work. Some are equal but none have surpassed him. 

  29. Heiko FFM

    Stevie is missing. But I like the song. Still...ESB is not complete without Little Steven.

  30. bettereck

    This is awesome. I love the lyrics, the sound, the video, and the way Bruce and the band are still kicking ass after all these years. Thanks, Bruce!

  31. Hallvard Lauvdal

    Sorry, Bruce. I am a fan, but this is nothing for me.

  32. Ricky Michael

    @runawaydream yes to you it may be bad but if your a true boss fan you shouldn't be making those assumptions now back off you little punk

  33. Elaine Bauer Trader

    I'm just grateful for the abundance of new music released recently!  It used to be such a long time between new Springsteen releases!  Thanks Bruce!

  34. Jennifer Albee

    Come on people, it is live...what do you expect?  Bruce is awesome!  Loved your show on 4/22/14!  Thank you for a wonderful evening in Pittsburgh, PA!  We LOVE you and your band!

  35. John Doe

    My deepest respect, boss... thanks.


    not the best!!!!  but a grower!  .. be good live though! ..maybe an opener?? 

  37. Johan Volman

    I am a big fan but he seems tot release everything nowadays. Not a good song.

  38. AJerseyGirlfromLI

    I LOVE IT!!! Now I know why I had to wait outside in the cold rainy weather :)

  39. Rico Vaccaro

    Bruce, Can you guys play this Saturday in Atlanta? It's a decent tune.

  40. Mister Sarajevo

    The music is fine, but vocally.... not so much.

  41. 62rosangeladoro


  42. Tony .Taylor

    I love bruce but this is aweful like tom morellos cat screeching guitar.

  43. 1972abc

    This is awesome rock heaps of passion vocals - play it loude

  44. Praneeth Agalawatte

    the intro kinda sounds like Tunnel of love (after the drums), and then Frankie in love. i don't know what to say, cuz i love the boss...

  45. Marcin Langner

    something different and i love it!

  46. Jonathan O'Brian

    Continually reinventing the self and redefining culture...

  47. Oscar Graf

    Bruce, excelente canción...!! Vuelve luego a Chile por favor.

  48. Avid Golfer

    Interesting the divide on this song. My guess is all the '78ers cannot stand the song, but the more recent converts dig it. I could be wrong, because I'm a '78er and I dig it. Whatever. Rock on, Bruce.

  49. giobabi

    Come on Man....what a fuck?

  50. tom cochran

    Bruce! Decent song, but not a classic keeper. I know we're all around sixty and getting no younger, and your energy is obviously still there, and I,ve followed you since '72, but can you lose the glasses? You're starting to resemble Billy Joel which is not a good! Good tune anyway.

  51. Iwan Lewis

    Not too sure on this song

  52. Jorge Luiz

    That's it. Much better than lots of horn sections!!!

  53. Fernandez Javier

    Gracias Bruce, por tu magia y por tanta energía que nos contagias a todos tus fans día a día.

  54. Justin M

    Trying to like it , cause like most commenting, I myself am a huge fan as well, but I can't, its just not clicking.  I'm still waiting to hear a song thats gonna kick my ass right off the top from the Boss, and since the Magic/Rising records , that hasn't happened. 

  55. paul flynn

    Huge fan bruce of 30 years.... This is not e-streets best moment


    When will you be 30?

  56. Blog It All Night

    Kick ass

  57. Masterfloe

    Love the glasses!!


    another good song sounds like an mix of a slower frankie fell in love and my lucky day from working on a dream

    Thank you Bruce for this i like it ! 

  59. snowdakini

    I really hope they put out an album with all these songs from the tour!  He gets better and better, like a fine fine old wine!   Love it!

  60. billhorton1976

    Thank you......i love this full sound.......its just an amazing songwho can anyone don't like this ?

  61. andmare79

    Frankly, this song and video is complete shit, I don't understand how Bruce could have released it

  62. Mary Thawley

    Thank you. Video good but sound a little Bob Dylanish.

  63. Marco Chiesa

    Is anyone missing that 70s sound and lyrics?

  64. Wouter van der Heiden

    Just know what is written below is written by a die hard Springsteen fan:

    I really hope Bruce's next album will bring more quality then High Hopes and American Beauty. We have this song that sounds like My Lucky Day, we have 'Mary Mary' that has basically the same chords as 'We Take Care Of Our Own', a fillertrack like Hurry Up Sundown and Hey Blue Eyes, the only good song on American Beauty in my opinion.
    This being released after High Hopes, an album that is filled with b-sides, demo's and soms stand alone tracks makes me, and a lot of real fans, longing for a high quality next album. Quality over quantity.

  65. Howell Selburn

    Kind of Frankie Fell,In Love, which I like more than this one

  66. Ash Almond

    American Boss!

  67. Angus Mac

    I'm a big fan, but that is NOT a good song.

  68. Albert Leob art

    grandioso !!! fantastico :)

  69. Andrew

    Hey Blue Eyes next? Pleaseeeeee 

  70. Isabel Morais

    I love treasures, found in the archives from the past!

  71. sardis12 videos

    I like it more than I expected.  We were there Saturday night, so it's kinda cool it was taped there that day.

  72. komikero

    Sorry Bruce... I love ya man,. but this isn't a really very good song. And it sounds like "My Lucky Day", which is a better song. This one is better left in the archives, I think. I'm a fan, but I gotta be honest.

    Jorge Azevedo

    @Anže Kenk Straight in the beginning sounds like My Lucky Day..

    Seanachie's Court

    @Jorge Azevedo ye ok i listened to the lucky day it could be but its faster and the energy of the song is completely diferrent. now listen franki fell in love and see its the same.

    Michael MG

    @Ten Craftsmen listen to frenkie fell in love then, at first when i listened to this song i could not even make difference between the two

    sasaom jerokwi

    @Ten Craftsmen  " Mary Mary " and " We take care of our own "sounds the same


    That's probably why he made these songs only available as a Record Store Day exclusive vinyl album and not part of a major CD release. (aka for diehard fans only)
    He did later make them available as a digital download.

  73. Jeanne Guinn

    Thank you, Boss!

  74. Anna Chiara Di Cerbo

    sorprese così all'una e mezza di notte...perciò amo il fuso orario! :D thank you my beloved boss! ♡

  75. Andrea Antonio T

    ..Dio e' stato davvero buono con te Bruce.. ti ha donato la voce piu' bella del mondo. Sei Grande, lo sei stato sempre. Saluti Bruce★!

  76. Andrea Antonio T

    ..Dio e' stato davvero buono con te Bruce.. ti ha donato la voce piu' bella del mondo. Sei Grande, lo sei stato sempre. Saluti Bruce★!

  77. ydarbnevets

    Springsteen..never disappointing

  78. oras kaar

    Hurry Up Sundown