Brown, Foxy - Candy Lyrics

I taste just like candy, candy
I taste just like candy
So dance with me

Yo now let me paint y'all a picture
Fox pimp hard, quiet just like a whisper
Don't get it mixed up
Bad little sista
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good
Damn I'm so hood
You should see me in them jeans
It's hard to describe and
Being cocky is just a part of the vibe
I might stop and holla and pop my colla
Maybe a little conceited but that's always needed
Love attention when I'm passing by
And I show a little cleavage and I catch his eye
Just the thought of him eating, I was outside soaking
Duke standing locing, mouth wide open
I walked over, licking my lips
And adjusting my tits and switching my hips
Shit he threw his hand on my waist
Looked in my face and said he wanna know how I taste

I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me

Now just imagine me nude, stretched out
Be all over the news if this gets out
So bad that the press might ban me
Now how bad you wanna know if I'm sweeter then candy
What would you risk? Would you put up the car?
Taste my na na in the rain on the hood of your car
Or the back of the plane
Nipples all out, bent over the sink with my panties in your mouth
When my dark skin complexion steps in
Won't take no questions to get him and uh
The thought of Fox give men erections
And get real stiff at the sight of my tits
Now we can role play
You be the pilot, I'll be the stewardess
Boy I ain't knew to this
When I lay on my stomach and throw my legs back
Y'all probably won't know how to act

I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me

I'm real sweet like a candy corn
I'm in your thoughts late night when your boys are gone
Picture me, t-shirt, no panties on
Or maybe topless, homie I'm priceless boy
The kind of girl that love to talk shit
'Specially when I'm on top
The whole show stop
Even though I'm sweet
Ain't nothin' sweet
Let me know when you're ready to eat

I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me
I taste just like candy
So dance with me...

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Brown, Foxy Candy Comments
  1. kary james

    Merry christmas nukkas!!!

  2. FBG Swazee

    Friday after next brought me here

  3. #dangitdeezy

    Dang I always thought this was Kelis song.

  4. Nelkon Nsamba


  5. Mica Oya

    Her delivery is crazy 🔥 🔥

  6. Sabrina black

    Oh so this was her song on Ice Cube's Friday After Next. I love this song. This is a hit single to me. She murdered this beat.

  7. Lee Lee Clark


  8. she snappin

    My shit 🍓🍨🍭🍬🍰🍫

  9. Valerie Boynton

    Ft. KELIS
    N.Y. C
    2 O 2 O📀💿

  10. Dezanay Grier

    Wow her Lil' Kim's flows are so similar.

    Mrs. KN

    I said the same.

  11. Fernando Howard

    Sweet Candy 2019?

  12. Marcus

    A hit!!

  13. Oldskool Empire

    Tru oldskool peeps are in here, 2019 and beyond

  14. Melissa Loubriel

    This song was and still is a bop like 18yrs later.

  15. Miranda Segarra

    You are so cute

  16. Ms. Gin-Gin

    Shout out to Kelis and Foxy love u guys still. wooo boi these were the days making money. Going to work and album release parties sighs.

  17. Edgar Avila

    2019 anyone

  18. Ivar Hakuse

    Apparently Lana Del Ray’s Pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola!!!

  19. love thy enemy

    Back then she did........ Now she probably tastes like gone off trout 🤭

  20. FreshPlayer Entertainment LLC

    Friday after next

  21. Coconut Oil

    Her manolo blahnik timberlands 💙


    🔥! A fan of both Fox & Kelis independently, the two together coundn't be anything BUT. . .

  23. tap22

    I was a senior in high school and fucked a freshman she had a CD she wanted to put in the deck we got in the backseat and she played this as I went down on her, never forget it !

  24. The truth hurts


  25. Lindiswa Sam

    A forever song... those beeeaaaaats, my goodness pharrell and Chad ....

  26. Crystal M.

    She is so beautiful!!!!! I love that she didnt destroy her face like lil Kim

  27. Anita Johnson

    I love this song!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱

  28. Gab rielle

    2018! Still rockin'!

  29. Jen Garcia

    Give me a taste Foxy Brown 😋🍦🍰

  30. Michael Johnson

    Chocolate Caramel. She looks deeelicious!

  31. Janicea Allgood Janicea

    Friday after next brought me here lol

  32. Amanda Stephen

    Let me know when u ready to eat

  33. jaredyjaredy

    No love, you taste just like TUNA, like every other woman...


    Lmao vagina isn’t suppose to have a taste at all! What kind of females you lay with, lol?

    Mike James

    @ᴋᴇɪ You know what kind.

    Dezanay Grier

    Just like every other woman? That's only lil trufflin ass hoes that SMELL that way. 💁🏾‍♀️

  34. DOPE G

    Plus Kim the Originator Foxy is just the second in line imitation version of Kim

  35. DOPE G

    Lil Kim is ten times hotter than Foxy

  36. Mario Escalante

    She and Lil Kim' had the best "sex" tracks ever.

    Talib Moore

    foxy raps about more than sex

  37. Diamond Plank

    I taste like candy welcome to the world

  38. xandi m

    yooo my whole life has been a lie i swear haha omg i was born in 2002 and when i was about 3 or 4 my dad would play just the beat to this song and he would just say "my name is just Xandi, so dance with me" because my nickname is Xandi. I straight up thought he made the song I've never heard this omg

    Pheleka Dumako

    Omg, your Dad is a Legend 😂😂😂😂

    Gboy kflow

    Your dads a finnese haha 😂 thats epic asf 🔥👌🏽🔥💯

    Kiambu Powell

    Xandi M, that is so adorable! Your dad is a wonderful man and he obviously loves you very much.........

    Emely Perez


  39. Timaura Wilder

    Friday after the next brought me here

  40. ChefLyrics

    Friday After Next anyone? 2017

  41. Djennings

    friday after next all over again

  42. QueenVQueen

    I taste just like candy 🍭


    I bet u do!

  43. roddyveli !

    Another neptunes classic

  44. Jose Heredia

    I really wish women taste like candy😝

    1nd0nly_ Kayy

    Jose Heredia ....well lol

  45. Jazzy Faye

    Friday after next brought me hurr

    Alexis hayes

    Jassÿ Mzfreakkerß jtfo me too 🤣🤣

    Tiffany Richardson

    Same here

    Lupita Lara

    Lol same too I’m watching it right now on Netflix.

    John Martinez

    Jazzy Faye lmfaoo me 2

  46. Lionel Escalera

    love u foxy fox

  47. Travis NEWgod

    Damn her skin tone in that pic is crazy sexy!

    Why you doing this to me skip

    told you


    John Blaze oh

  48. Rambunctious Scales

    Now Kelis probably tastes like Candy, but I think Foxy definitely tastes more like Cookies!!!

  49. will

    Her best album.

  50. Kelsey Lewis

    she kinda sounds like lil kim

    Why you doing this to me skip

    that's why they beefd

    Sam Brooks

    they are both from Brooklyn so it would make sense that they have similar voices

    An Da

    Not at all.

    Dezanay Grier

    Fr doe.

  51. Sam Brooks

    I am a diehard Foxy fan but she was FOOLOSH for not making a video for this!

  52. Inferno Setfire

    I taste just like candy 🍫 I taste just like candy 🍫
    So dance with me

  53. Floyd Roberts

    I bet Foxxy do taste like candy and damn I got a sweet tooth

  54. MrMitchell12996

    Why did this song never reach legendary status. It has such an iconic sound imo.

  55. TheWarriorKing

    Fuck a redbone....nothing beats a fine ass dark chocolate sista! Much love fox!

    Love C.

    Lol don't call yourself loving "sistas" but putting one complexion down just to big up another, thats lame and hypocritical


    didn't mean it that way...I apologize for the way I said it. I just hate the way light skin is glorified in our society. Your right. I love all conscious black women!


    TheWarriorKing bruh they're both black women lol.

    PrettyRed Gemini

    😐 well damn... wow.

  56. RiPP2_The_Core

    ILL NaNaaaa

  57. Dom Bo

    Strip club song. Love it

  58. Devin Wilson

    40 year old Virgin

  59. Nibbler800

    Beauuuuutiful black skin. 

  60. CaapriceTube

    Kelis was definitely the "Hook girl" btw 1998-2002. 
    She was on every hip hop artists hook!!! I miss those days and that young Kelis with the big frilly afro.

    Kiambu Powell

    Yea she was the shit and very underrated! She was the female Nate Dogg. And she had a nice contribution to ushering in the new sound of the 2000s. I use to want a wife like her back then, lol a proper talking female who was weird and sexy like her.