Brown, Foxy - BWA Lyrics

Ughh, let me show ya how it go down
When you get three of the illest bitches
Together on one track
And we all got attitudes

[1] - I'm a mother fuckin' bitch
(With an attitude)
I'm a mother fuckin' bitch
(With an attitude)
I'm a mother fuckin' bitch
(With an attitude)
I'm a mother fuckin' bitch
(With an attitude)

I gotta case for spittin' in a mother fuckers' face
Me and my ace, crunk calicos strapped to the waist
A hundred in the clit' blastin'
What cha'll motherfuckers eyein' me fo?
Alias Chyna White, Gangsta Boo on my right
And Mia X to my left, why y'all motherfuckers thugged up
44 bulldogs and tear the whole motherfuckin' club up
(Tear the club up, feel me? Uh)

I sets motherfuckin' friends for bitches
Make 'em feel shit, real bitches recognize real shit
Only one bitch put it down like this
See this shiny ass shit on my wrist?
See them shiny ass shoes on my six?
And I know ya'll know them thug ass do to my clique
When it's beef, Na Na stash this heat for all y'all asses
My bitches roll them nats since gats is popular
We 5-7 droppin' ya
It ain't no limit for my three bitch mafia

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

[Mia X]
A certified hairdresser (Mama Mia)
Known on the streets for drama
When my bitches meet some heat they call Mama
And I'm comin', gunnin' everything up in my way
But it ain't always gotta be about the gunplay
I gots to say (for real)
My right and left AKA Dumb Hoe Beaters
Black-sizin' while his jaws, y'all know Mia
A street bitch 'bout street shit
They ain't no attitives in this bitch
I live this raw dog
To all y'all backstabbin', two-face motherfuckers
Double talk and get y'all crunched in both your dick suckers
I buy the ruckus aye' day, whatchu gon' do 'bout the crew
Cuz my clique's all true, true niggas, true game, true paper
Keepin' up with us, trust the true then break it
Take the shit outside or start it in the club now
Y'all gon' tear it up then I'mma shut the bitch down

[Gangsta Boo]
Die bitches, everywhere you go
Bitches is dyin', bitches been dyin' for over 400 years

I'm a mother fuckin' bitch
(With an attitude)

[Gangsta Boo]
I live a rich life nigga so that makes me undefined
Got them bitches mad cuz your niggas is all mine
So, I guess that means I'm just the shit
Straight up blaze, the wrong lady to fucked wit
You lay your ass on the fuckin' ground, don't speak!
Watch I'll bloody up you seat, leave your ass all nice and sweet
On your monkey ass, when you take the mask, try to run with mass
Go down, infra-red on your monkey ass
Gangsta Boo be wit it, what the fuck you tryin' to do?
Your Power Ranger crew scared of us
We thought we told you, we coming through tearin' clubs up
Bitch in the reins yellin' hit a motherfucker
And give her the damn thangs

[Repeat 1]

Real bitches don't die

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Brown, Foxy BWA Comments
  1. Alex Navarro

    Foxy is sexy as hell and spit a dope verse
    My kind of lady

  2. sperm monkey

    Foxy Brown some trash😅😅😅

  3. Underground Hiphop Canada


  4. Underground Hiphop Canada

    Salute To The real B. W. A. !! #QueensRepYourQuest

  5. Juvecox Juvenile


  6. Chris Davis

    Boo killed that 1