Brown, Dennis - The Promise Land Lyrics

The promise land
Going to the promise land
Yes the promise land
Oh gosh now, through the promise land

Imagine Ghana like California with Sunset Boulevard
Johannesburg would be Miami
Somalia like New York
With the most pretty light
The nuffest pretty car
Ever New Year the African Times Square lock-off
Imagine Lagos like Las Vegas
The ballers dem a ball
Angola like Atlanta
A pure plane take off
Bush Gardens inna Mali
Chicago inna Chad
Magic Kingdom inna Egypt
Philadelphia in Sudan
The Congo like Colorado
Fort Knox inna Gabon
People living in Morocco like the state of Oregon
Algeria warmer than Arizona bring your sun lotion
Early morning class of Yoga on the beach in Senegal
Ethiopia the capital of fi di Congression
A deh so I belong
A deh di The King come from
I can see us all in limos
Jaguars and B'mos
Riding on the King's Highway
To the promise land
Going to the promise land
Oh gosh the promise land
Yeah through the promise land

Promised Land I picture Porsche's
Basquiat Portraits
Pinky Rings realistic princesses
Heiresses bunch a Kings and Queens
Plus I picture fortunes for kids out in Port-Au-Prince
Powerless they not allowed to fit
But not about to slip
Vision Promised Land with fashion like
Madison Ave Manhattan
Saks 5th Ave and
Relaxing popping labels
Promise land no fables
This where the truth's told
Use them two holes
Above your nose
To see the proof yo!
Imagine a contraption that could take us back when
The world was run by black men
Back to the future
Anything can happen
If these are the last days
And hundred-foot waves come crashing down
I get some hash and pounds
Pass around the bud then watch the flood
Can't stop apocalypse
My synopsis is catastrophic
If satellites is causing earthquakes
Will we survive it
Honestly man it's the sign of the times
And the times at hand

There's a lot of work to be done, oh gosh
In the promised land

Talking 'bout promise land
Oh gosh get me to the promise land
The promise land oh the promise land
The promise land

There's plenty of land for you and I
By and by
Lost of food, to share for everyone
Cause that was civilization in the promise land
Answer to the promise land
The promise land
Going to the promise land
There's a lot of work to be done
In the promise land

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Brown, Dennis The Promise Land Comments
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  3. Jevonie Haye

    Favourite...2020 onwards

  4. Mr Vex

    Blessed Big Tunee from the late Dennis Brown

  5. KingdomOfJudahARE NegroSlaves

    This promised land belongs to the Children of Israel (Negroes)!!!!

  6. Bryan James

    Dennisbrown album full hoistrey

  7. Amanda Knopp

    Listening in 2019?..

  8. cor de ridder

    eerlijk delen !!!2020.

  9. Adi Murenzi

    Much love from the promised land called Rwanda 🇷🇼East Africa 💙

  10. up4atgal

    This tune tore up the dancehall when it came out and the bass line wow 💀💀💀

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  14. sabry ali

    Love from Cairo egypt


    1.25 its perfect

  16. maria610421

    The criminal elite has fooled the world, people who claim to be jews but are not in Revelation 2, verse 9, so who are they the sinagogue of satan, the people who invented paper to take over the world, and call it money, in an attempt to deceive the world. How can you use paper to steal your land and country, because they believe god is a fool.

  17. SHURlKEN

    Reggae is in all aspects of media and has influenced and inspired many. No doubt 2019 and on

  18. Ricardo Yearwood

    2019 n jr gong and nas have done a dub

  19. Khalil Abdul

    Jah Promised Land

  20. Leo H


  21. Christol Badal

    15 August 2019 ❤ Still listening to this hit🇬🇾🇬🇾love from Guyana continue to #SIP #LEGEND

    andrew kizito

    It's a great tune to date!am from Kampala Uganda! !

    Bam's Baf Bam's Baf


  22. Rasta Fonz

    i hope Madagascar is part of The Promised Land on here since i don't see it on the map <3

    andrew kizito

    Yap,it's laughable man,thanks!!

  23. johan hermanns

    yup still listening 2019

  24. George Harris

    Listening still in 2019

  25. healup 1220


  26. E30 Fo'life

    Selassie I .. Dennis brown.. promised land

  27. up4atgal

    Classic Roots Reggae.Here in 2019;

  28. Jr Onetime

    I'm going work now rocking this track one of my favorites yeah!!!2019 n so on!❤💛💚

  29. Irwin Ashby

    Chuuuuunne to rawted

  30. H Sam

    Article Vibes

  31. staceygood2

    They teach these people that the promise land is Ethiopia. What a shame. These people have done a lot I feel scared knowing there punishments.

  32. Richard Dotson

    Da king of Reggae,fuck prince!!!

  33. I'sha LOVE MaxwellLLC


  34. damiansdroid

    Yes the promise Land is Not of this World. Jesus Christ is Lord the only one who offers salvation from Deaths mighty grip.

    N STAR

    One love Blessup!!!

  35. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    So sweetly done Ever up!


    Primeiro thiago doente e você segundo e no Brasil e terceiro vai cometa coisa chata la na tua vó

  37. mami pro 2008

    Sampled in Boss - Deeper

  38. Maxus Hunter

    Promised land is from the Nile river to the Euphrates river the true borders or ysrayl promised to ysrayl..wake up African Americans. Genesis 15 13-18

  39. Ken Leek

    Can someone tell me if Aswad backs Dennis Brown through the whole record of "Love and Hate" or just this song?

  40. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    A Great song) 😊

  41. William Offord

    There is no question if can stop listening to this you don't love reggae music. ....

    N STAR


  42. David Smith

    I heard female singing on this riddim saying "killing them with love" anyone know the tune ?

  43. Nero Diamante

    Honourable Soundz
    Rastafari Vibrations
    2k18 still here SELAH

  44. Brod Evans

    tune for years

  45. Real Hagi

    Africa is not the all humankind land
    White people are not Africans and never was they started from caves even Arabs are Europeans! All other nations except Europeans and Arabs are Africans and was Africans!
    Long live mama Africa

  46. donmegace

    Blessings to my brothers and sisters! I love this classic! What's the name of the riddim?

    Kevin Smith

    I want to know too
    ..what's the name of this riddim

  47. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Beautifully done! X upAllways x


    1 of my favs

  49. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Me Allways love good song's no matter what happens !x

  50. L. Chill T.

    Love this song

  51. Incredibly Stoned Gaming

    It's earth

  52. Dao Cerrado

    Roots cerrado!!!!!!!

  53. NMS

    This was played at my uncle's funeral rip Dread🕊️💯😭

  54. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    My Lion have beautiful day x

  55. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Thank you for the beautiful singing allways upright ever blessed !x

  56. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    My Lion you number 1 Ever up

  57. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    Me only have littel time out wah that me soon come home ?

  58. sugerlipsx Jamie wright

    A voice so Beautiful! Timeless & talented ever Blessed up!

  59. spi tchoo


  60. Charlotte Schreiner


  61. Mark Wallace

    Moses view d Promised land if Africa is not the promised land then where is the Promised land

  62. Lookout4the3rdrail

    Absolutely 2018 👊🏾

  63. MrSwaggin55

    I know the first chord is D minor, and then it goes A minor, then it goes back to D minor and then 2 other chords I don’t know, can someone help

  64. Justin Garner

    New Jerusalem "city of Shalom"

  65. Yanique Burrus


  66. Tuff Gong

    My favourite Dennis Brown track ever, featuring Aswad!
    A true masterpiece!

  67. Jess Sparrow

    2020 :D

  68. Ricky M.V

    Riding on the kings highway

  69. Chachee Kilipo

    2018 and still mawwwd!

  70. handel nicholas

    The promise land is in the wisdom of jah. Proverbs 3,13.proverbs 4,7. Ecclesiastes 1,16.

  71. handel nicholas

    Zion lion

  72. Juan Uanini

    420 coments!!! Rastafarai babylon

  73. ryerye333

    A visionary masterpiece even for the blind. Trodding on the kings hwy from Cairo to Kenya. What a vision. Jah is the ultimate, got to go to the promise land.

  74. DJRubyAngel

    2018 someone?

  75. Theresa smith


  76. Robert Morrison

    I love this song. When i listen to it i cry

  77. Seymour Darby

    Etheopian is a greek word which means dark skin. Nefertiti was greek. And cleopatra roman

  78. Seymour Darby

    Africa is the promise land. Its the only land where Ethiopians will not be viewed as slaves. Ethiopians as were called by the greeks not the land the people.

  79. Jason Carlos Cardona

    Made a stop in Addis Ababa! Rastafari

  80. Nero Diamante

    This tune has touched me from it come out.🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  81. QueenAsh212


  82. healup 1220

    bless the prince of reggae, Dennis brown. .Selah

  83. Knowledge Power

    The promise land is an inward journey to emancipate mental servitude that lead to fratricidal blood bath currently taken place among our people in Africa and in the African diaspora. Stop the self hate and love affair with our historical and perennial enemy.

  84. Jon M

    Made a playlist of some of the best roots rock reggae classics including this gem and more...

  85. Brodi Wheeler

    Need Lyrics! Everyone sing along w/
    Mr. Brown. Song still so uplifting in 2017!

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    Mandei errado eu sou portuguesa I love

  87. Dia a dia da maya

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    someone should make a dubstep version of this

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    I play this song at least once a week.

  91. Sharon Campbell

    From birth to the grave promise land to that promises land realty music that what I listen 2)!!??

  92. Cameron Bentley

    He Roars like a Jah Lion <3

  93. Anthony Stephenson

    Conscious vibrations.

  94. Ultimate Krimron

    no time for segregation in the promised land


    There's work to be done lol....💪