Brown, Dennis - Any Day Now Lyrics

Any day now
I will hear you say goodbye my love
And you'll be on your way
Then my wild, beautiful bird
You will have flown
Any day now I'll be all alone

Any day now
When your restless eyes
Meet someone new
Oh to my sad surprise
Then the blue shadows will fall
All over town
Any day now, now love will let me down

I know I shouldn't want to keep you
If you don't want to stay
Until you're gone forever
I'll keep holding on for dear life
Holding you this way
Begging you to stay

Any day now
When the clock strikes go
You'll call it off
And then my tears will flow
Then the blue shadows will fall
All over town
Any day now, now
Love will let me down
'Cause you won't be around
No, don't fly away
My beautiful bird
Don't, don't fly away
My beautiful bird
Well.. why oh why..

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Brown, Dennis Any Day Now Comments
  1. Kay Burke

    Happy birthday to my favorite singer Dennis Brown R. I. P

  2. Camile McKenzie

    Lovely song can count on Dennis Emmanuel Brown to deliver!

  3. Tyler Wesley

    Top tune

  4. Donald Small

    This shows the man's vocal talent

  5. Melonie Stewart

    Big up from Jamaica

  6. Melonie Stewart

    Melonie likes your music

  7. rose bud

    The one and only Dennis Emanuel Brown your music lives on forever always remember Prince of reggae R,I,P my fren

  8. andrew young

    Any day now Ficken Brexit will be over RIP Sir D Brown

  9. All Smilz

    Yassss! He can sing anything still tuning in 2019❤️🇯🇲

    south_london observer

    Class is permenent

  10. Carolyn Lambie

    Is that photo Dennis? I just love this guy even though he isn't around physically. Rip my king of REGGAE

  11. Edward Young

    bet sey him argue with me this a f'n battyman......cuz someone told him too.....a fuckin fagot!bet sey as i wake up him argue with me.......

  12. feb121988

    The Best to ever do it!!

  13. springcolley

    Lord I just can't explain how this music makes me feel. Sweet sweet music.

  14. anesu manuel

    Wish i had known DB while i was still a teenager . His music is soulful . I I cant stop listening to this song ...

  15. Sammydreddi

    Respect to brother Brown, but u have to realize bob Marley shineth upon whiteness but guess what? Whiteness comprehended and that was good.

  16. charlotte yaffe

    I see a few negative comments about Bob Marley now first we should not compare good artists to one another. They are all good in there own right.

  17. Rasta- Meme


  18. kimhotlips

    Cannot stop thinking of my cousin Steve on this one R.I.P will never stop missing you.... Nearly 2 years and still so raw xxxx

  19. Kay Burke


  20. Dinaldo música boa Pereira

    Essa música boa

  21. Dinaldo música boa Pereira

    Música boa

    Jose Nilo da Costa

    Música boa??? Música mais que boa.


    True singer ever mr dr Dennis brown rastafarian

  23. adreadlocksrasta

    Possibly the most talented and gifted singer from Jamaica. RIP Dennis Emanuel Brown. Gone too soon.

  24. Bruce Prescott


  25. sara black


  26. marie tobias

    crispy clean who can do it like mr Brown.

  27. Andrew Mills

    Big TUNE

  28. ian Hedge

    vocal wise Dennis Brown is a better singer than Bob Marley ,Bob him self say that Dennis Brown is his favorite artist


    No need to compare each has their attributes.

    Arina Electronicsbb

    bro that's no argument.. Dennis Brown was the better Artist but Bob was a better messenger

    Beverley Smith

    they are all equal in one way or another ian.. love em all.

    Georgia S. Kalawan Miller

    Agreed. I have always said this

    Mary Martha

    Dennis had that ability, in his songs to take you into that Spiritual realm. Bob Marley had the look and the music. people always go for image, first! Dennis was truly the better singer!

  29. smoravittu

    You all know this is a cover of Chuck Jackson right?
    Still, I heard this version first and love BOTH!

    Irene Wakefield

    Me too,they both deserve the praise.x

  30. Gian Caceres Vera

    This great , absolutely great. Does anybody knows a live version please?

  31. sophia brown

    only D Brown the greast!!!!!!

  32. ruggedcool

    Greatest Ever!!!

  33. springcolley

    can never stop listening to this song

  34. mckwall

    Dennis Brown songs always touches my heart and makes me so happy. You rest my friend. x

  35. True King

    Even Bob hailed D.E.B. as the best reggae singer in the world.

  36. south_london observer

    just have to listen to dennis he has a lot that could be covered and a lot that would be massive no1 hits if the right person covered them and didn't change to much. In my opinion he had more strength and depth to his lyrics, on broader scale.

  37. Harry Bunch

    Thanks Everton! I appreciate the opinion shared!

  38. Everton Baker

    Dont feel guilty about your opinion ,bharry....I agree whole heartedly !!

  39. MissLoveyoubaby

    exactly how i feel : ) and i thought i was the only one lol

  40. 42mable

    Dennis Brown is probably the most versatile reggae legend.It's a shame that most westerners only think about Bob Marley when reggae music is mentioned.There are so many other reggae legends other than Bob you'd be suprised to know.Glad you stumbled on this too....

    John emanuel

    42mable true dat

  41. dank cada

    sorry??? why sorry.... u dont understand death do u

    Derek Douglas

    dank cada l.p. moo kooo l.p.l.p.00p0

  42. dank cada

    in the reggae scene, we dont compare artists...... everyone is uniqe at its thing....... Bob Marley opened the gates man... give him some credit... as I said, people that hear reggae to its fullest ..... wont ever compare artist... especially knowing that artist even re-use songs and do many covers, especially in dub versions....... I see where ur going.... but everyone of this has its uniquenss..... Dillinger, Bob Marley, Lee Perry , Tosh, Bunny Wailler, Gregory Isaacs , Jacob miller!!

  43. dank cada

    INSTA SKANK!!!!!! Öhhhhh yehhhhh

  44. karen castle

    It just gets better and better

  45. Curtis Sterling

    The beat is great for this song, and I think this is a song with great sound.

  46. delores white

    beautiful forever

  47. Stefan Tual

    si tu veux découvrir dennis brown regardes la vidéo"dennis brown live in concert publié par ganjaraymie"sur youtube

  48. Peggy Duncan

    wow! I love this version! This guy sounds amazing...very sorry to hear he has passed on..what a shame..He sounds great. I love this reggae style..I will have to find more of his songs and listen to them..Glad I stumbled upon this.. :-)

  49. Monefa Walker

    Dennis Brown will forever be the crown prince of reggae :DD

  50. Brooklyn Six

    Love this Dennis Brown cover of a Ronnie Milsap tune! RIP Dennis Emmanuel Brown!!!

  51. Evening Light

    Both were great and we can't compare the artists against each other cause they both are here to do what they do. Much love and respect to them all.. Peace.. Love... Truth...

  52. Beverley Smith

    what a tune...GO MR BROWN... love it

  53. Dee Francis

    I'm not talking about Michael or Elvis either .I mean Dennis and Bob. Both Great!!!

  54. Dee Francis

    Their both great. Love this tune !!!

  55. Steven Stephen

    @EVER4MJ i disagree with you with michael. I am two years older then michael. he was eleven when he started and i was thirteen so indeed i followed him from the beginning. michael started out very very soulful then switched to Pop. as he got older and left the jackson five. Elvis was known to everyone as I followed HIs career too. but he was Rock n Roll. which came from rhythm and blues. Elvis at Times Out danced and sang Some blacks of his era. how many people did an Elvis song over. FEW.

  56. Georgia S. Kalawan Miller

    @blkshepherd have to agree with you mostly on this one except that when it comes to MJ, I am bias. Michael wasnt a soul singer. He was an every thing singer and at best the world's greatest entertainer ever lived. Elvis was known mainly to caucasian but MJ, the world over - He is the King of Music - Ever notice how hard it is to do over an MJ song.

  57. Steven Stephen

    @EVER4MJ I agree with you One million percent. I am Not Jamaican. and embrace both artist. But Marley was Not a great vocalist by any stretch. Dennis could sing his tail off. and if it came to a sing off Dennis would leave Marley and Many american singers in the dust. It is what it is. Just like Elvis Presely may have been the King of Rock and Michael Jackson King of Pop but Neither were The BEST Vocalists as many folks could Outsing Elvis and Michael Put together.

  58. Steven Stephen

    @folger5 Sorry disagree. Dennis IS Dennis. Marley is Marley. Dennis had a far sweeter voice than Marley and much more diverse where as he made any american song his.

  59. Sandrakitson W

    Big Chune!!!

  60. patz alexander

    @helithemaddog me to most definitely agree

  61. Daniel Delgado

    Dennis is more uplifting than Bob to me, his music makes me dance and move alot more than Bob's. RIP to both tho

  62. daniel

    @EVER4MJ he just strung his guitar and chant 2 lyrics ?? HA! Pass that chalice brotha, Bob did more than that.. haha

  63. Georgia S. Kalawan Miller

    @folger5 why pray tell wouldnt there be a Dennis Brown without Bob Marley
    Do you believe reggae music started with Bob - he got popular because of the hippie movement in the 70s
    Dennis got his ratings because he could sing
    Bob Marley may have written profound lyrics with help from others but he was no great vocalist by any standard - he just strung his guitar and chant 2 lyrics - DENNIS BROWN CAN SING
    Go check out Reggae's history - I am a Jamaican who follows music esp. old music so i know

    Kay Burke

    He is right

    Gilbert Montage

    You can't say that about Bob because Bob was a different singer..he was more of a chanter meaning he was a messenger..he was concerned with conveying the message. D Brown was a different vocalist mostly lover's rock. Bob was still very good when singing regular but he was concerned with conveying the message. Have come u ever heard Bob sang without the Mike? You could have heard him if he was a mile away because he was a natural chanter like Burning Spears..TOSH..& others. D brown or anything one shouldn't be compared to Bob.. D brown is in the class of John Holt..Freddy..Berres .. Bunny Rugs & the best of the rest.

  64. 010sandorino

    Dennis Brown is the championsound
    much more melody much more albums recorded than Bob
    Him are da true champion for me gonna put a tattoo of him

    Dennis Emanuel Brown 1957 - 1999 Netherlands loves u

  65. Harry Bunch

    I think Dennis Brown may not be as reknown as Bob Marley,but, to me(my opinion),he had more versatility!!! No offense to Bob Marley or anyone else,just the way I feel!

  66. Harry Bunch

    I think Dennis Brown may not be as reknown as Bob Marley,but, to me(my opinion),he had more versatility!!!

  67. springcolley

    What a talent! there will never be another like Mr DENNIS BROWN.

  68. Best Jamaica

    Super track

  69. Vikki Billington

    love you and miss you darlin xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  70. bassiehd

    A Chuck Jackson R&B hit from 1962, written by Burt Bacharach. Nice selection!

  71. Karen G

    This has to be my favourite dennis track..such sad lyrics...

  72. Vikki Billington

    loving this..... RIP my love..... Colin Hedges.....all my love as always xx

  73. springcolley

    love love love it!!!!

  74. vandrossfan

    Nice version.

  75. Steven Stephen

    the only reggae Lion King to take an american class hit song and turn it into his OWN..with reggae flavor. this is Chuck Jackson hit but dennis does it such justice..he was truly the Lion king.

    linda Russell

    Sweet voice miss him a lot.