Brown, Chris - Trumpet Lights Lyrics

[Chris Brown:]
It's time to celebrate like I just touched down
Know we getting ready to party
I'm a show you how
Yeah shit happens but tonight we don't care
I just wanna see you put your hands in the air and say

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]
Hey little mama all that ass in them pants
Drop it like you're single even though you got a man
Black and Puerto Rican with a Spanish accent
Hands on the floor dancing like we sexing

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the one you
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]

[Sabrina Antoinette:]
Come for me right now
Won't be no hard
Hear my voice
Hear my body cry
Got the key to my heart
But it won't waste no night

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the one you
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]

You wanna be bad tonight
Baby look at you
You gotta be bad enough
Oh yeah mama let me hear you say
I just wanna do some
Dirty little things to ya
I just wanna be your
Your lova

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the
Gonna be the, I'm gonna be the one you
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh [x2]

Be my love [repeat]
I want you to be
Baby baby
Baby baby
Be my be my be my be my

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Brown, Chris Trumpet Lights Comments
  1. Antoine Mouthon

    Omg this is auditive cancer at its purest. It's so bad it should've been banned by the Catholic church.

  2. me himself

    This song is utter bullshit

  3. Psy Suly

    African mood omg legendary #CBFORLIFE

  4. tim emmanuel

    This song is so good and the beat is so excellent 😃

  5. justin shoemaker

    Worlds worst song

  6. Leslie Harris

    This song should've been a single

  7. First Name Last Name

    Man, TheDoubleAgent wasn't kidding when he said that this is the worst Chris Brown song ever

  8. Itsraeee

    I’m a male majorette and I dance to this

  9. Queen Shy

    Ys n d u zjjsnakajajajoakaksksoapapaklaoapakjzxhbcbvbjcjxnncbcb

    Queen Shy

    Hyb have been

  10. Zion Southam

    6 years old but never gets old

  11. StrEaMErBtW

    love chris brown

  12. Aestedia

    This song is ass

  13. Kirathenote

    The beat is dope I don't know why people hate it

  14. Moriah Evans

    DD4L 😃😃😃😃

  15. younglivingtruth younglivingtruth

    Dancing dolls brought me here 2017

  16. Malik Baldwin

    Read somewhere this is his worst song he’s put out .

  17. Desire Weeden

    y'all ok so when I go to games in Whitehaven I going to dance majortte let see the faces or divas of olive branch

  18. Ryan Parnell

    Doesn’t this sound like J.Lo Booty Song🤔🤔

  19. Marta Arendt

    I dance speen feckes

  20. Samantha Boers

    i love this song💖💓 💝

  21. Amet Kemalidinov

    10/10 song, props for sampling DG's No Love!

  22. Elizabeth

    I need to do this song for hiphop

  23. Deanna Daniels

    2017 and I'm still upset he never made a video to go with the song. It would have been dope af.

  24. Tylivia Spillman

    I was just fin said that

  25. Zaynab Ali

    i want to..swollow you.down daddy

  26. Tay tay

    wow chris.

  27. Carolina Cruz

    Puertorican with that spanish accent 👍🏻 🇵🇷

  28. Connor Does Things

    This is the guiltiest pleasure I have.

  29. Arkishia Norman

    anybody here because you a chris brown fan lol and not the dancing dolls

  30. Keenan Searles

    Better than nick cannon

  31. King Arachnus

    This sounds like a rogue autotune machine got hold of Chris Brown's voice and a water gun filled with mustard, combined them, and thought "this will be the best song ever!" Then, the horrified producers walked in and released it so they wouldn't be killed by the living autotune machine.

  32. Laangelia Funches

    How Can Yu Not Love This💕💕

  33. logan.

    Why does this shit have over 7 thousand likes? Are you shitting me? All this is is noise. It's repetitive, it's annoying, it will cause you to get a sinus infection. Stay away from this trash heap at all costs. It will do your life a favor. The less Chris Brown and team breezy the better. I don't care if it's a "song you're supposed to dance to." That doesn't save it from criticism. Fuck this song and fuck team breezy.


    Bring It Edits you’re willing to cause violence with me simply because I don’t like some shitty ass song? Ha. I’d like to see you try, you failed abortion. How fucking psychotic are you? I don’t think the Internet is the best place for you and your 12 year old kin.

  34. Google User


  35. Internet Princess

    Dancing dolls brought me here ^_^

  36. Destiny Hampton

    I dance to this everyday

  37. Tomás Fortunato

    i knew Chris Brown could get bad at times But this is a New low

  38. israel zamudio

    nice song

  39. Dreigonix

    This beat is what old people think video game music sounds like.

    ...Though I legitimately do like that occasional faint trumpet line in the background– it kinda reminds me of Touhou. (And yes, comparing Chris Brown to ZUN does make my soul cringe.)

  40. elijah p

    i came here by the dancing dolls

  41. There Is No Spaghetti

    This song is better experienced when your high on Soda in a Loud dance party. Listening to this song with headphones gives me a headache.

  42. Edvard Munch

    is it me or does this song sound like a fucking ZUN composition lmao


    There is that one part where the ZUNpets kick in, and that admittedly would justify almost any other Chris Brown song in my eyes. Sad that most of the song consists of electronic ear-raping sound effects.

  43. Pipimis Biggest fan

    What the fuck is this shit?

  44. Autism Awareness First!

    Why does this video have more likes than dislikes?

    Immortal 0710

    Dan Packard bc its good?

    Autism Awareness First!

    Immortal 0710 no it's not. It doesn't even sound like music.

    There Is No Spaghetti

    This song is popular among Professional dancers


    Thanks for the views.

  45. The Legend Of Jonathan Penner

    Save me :(

  46. Wonkey Dude98

    What even is this garbage? Is this a joke?

    Wonkey Dude98

    David Ferguson A migraine for two days is all I got out of this.

    Not as bad as my friend's sinus irritation.


    Wonkey Dude98 I wish it was a joke. We all do.


    no its something dancers dance to thats what it is


    dancer for life Not at all. It's something you need to protect your ears from.

    Ganiis The Ninja

    I think this is the first song that LITERALLY hurt my brain.

  47. Tacosauce21



    I do agree that Stupid Hoe is a fucking awful song, but this is not a song. This is a collection of awful noises, and Sabrina Antionette's voice, all clumped together.

  48. Azuraii

    Anyone else here from DoubleAgent?

    Wonkey Dude98

    Real Deal Kyogre Wait you read that review? Awesome!

    although Bassline is still an atrocity, it's Skeleton Tree next to this.

    King of the Void

    Wonkey Dude98 Yes I do read your reviews, they're hilarious. Plus, I can support any protege of Senpai Agent.

  49. Dalejr88rox

    What the actual fuck. People actually made this and thought it sounded good?


    Jessy_ Lovessweets the fact that you enjoy this trash is unspeakable.

  50. Squidwardo Giovanna

    One of the worst songs I've ever heard. No question

    Maggie Daddies


    Clorox Bleach

    Maggie Daddies a sane person


    Clorox Bleach agreed


    Clorox Bleach wow..clever

  51. Jacob Anderson

    Was Les Claypool on this song? I'm hearing some delectably employed slap bass here! ^_^

  52. km alternative

    what in the actual fuck is this ass trash?

    Elle B

    King Marc of

  53. Michael Mercer

    Legitimately the worst beat I've ever heard.

    jjsally Love


    King of the Void

    TheMercenarian Isn't it funny how Team Breezy is making faulty emotional appeals to defend what I believe to be the *worst* song ever made? This barely sounds like a song, and there's a part (2:09-2:24) where it sounds like Chris Brown has a lobster tail being shoved up his ass and his reaction drenched in autotune. I rate negative 3 out of ten. jjsally Love, you're trying to make Merc feel like shit just for expressing an opinion.


    oh hi there

  54. K.A.D Upnext1

    Dancing dolls put me on the song

    Mobtown Princess

    K.A.D Upnext1 Ikr

  55. BLibraBeauty

    This song is so sick it's ridiculous! I seriously wanted a visual for this cause I know it would've been insane Obsessed with it for life.

    Tylivia Spillman

    BLibraBeauty tyyiiiiiiiii

  56. davidlongoria

    nice one! love the video! Loved your video! . just subscribed! I'll watch for your next post.

  57. glitter sprinkles

    i model to this song

  58. Aleric King

    dd4l brought me here makya call out live

  59. The Pauling Family

    This my sing this album is still my favorite.... Hands down

  60. Jioe

    I fount this song bymyself ! :P

    Nancy Diankenda

    I know right

  61. Ken M Rey

    nice musik Dd4L!!

  62. Kristof Michiels

    Good song

  63. Dominique Shackelford

    i can dance to this DD4L

  64. SillyBabe11

    yes yes

  65. Kaniya Simone

    Dancing dolls brought me here 😭

    T P


  66. Treshaad Mack

    Dancing Dolls slayed this song

  67. glo boy ty king

    dancing dolls

  68. glo boy ty king

    dancing dolls

  69. Arkishia Norman

    if dancing dolls brought you here then you either not a Chris brown fan or late af


    +Diamond Foster or this song wasn't promoted and nobody fucks with it lol till now

    Arkishia Norman

    +ChiefExecutiveKing it wasn't a single it was on his album thats why I said the ppl who is now listening to this must not be Chris Brown fans


    +ki ki exactly lol I'm not trying to be a smart ass. I'm saying not a lot of people would know of this song because he never pushed it or performed it much

    Asia Hobson

    Arkishia Norman 🤗🙌🙌👏👏👏👍

  70. Miyaa Chanel

    dd4l brung me here

  71. aferaa


  72. King Leek


  73. Jesse Aguilar

    same DD4L

  74. Shelby DunBeatuy101

    good song! DD4L!

  75. AshVlogs Sings

    love it😇😇😇

  76. Tahj Milan TV

    The Dancing Dolls brung me here

    Alaina Moseley

    Tahj Milan TV I

    Cierra’s Beauty

    Tahj Milan TV FRFR omg me too 😍😍

    Chenyrai Georgenae4l

    Alaina Moseley yea

    Amari White

    Tahj Milan TV me too

    T P

    Tahj Milan TV 👍👍👍👍 Love Dancing Dolls.

  77. Dario carrillo

    it`s a good song

  78. Dario carrillo

    it`s a good song

  79. Johnay Harris

    Still listening to it in 2016 , good song to dance to.

    Amarra Anderson

    Johnay Harris 2017

  80. amanda jefferson

    i love this song

  81. Saqron Jones

    love it

  82. Savannah Aiello

    This is a GREAT song to dance to i am going into a dance class one day I think that will be fun!

  83. Kylmon

    This song reminds me of Mario Party 7

  84. Jayla Stafford

    I danced to this

  85. Jayda Anderson

    This song is poppin i love chris brown😝😝😝

  86. Nikita Hartman

    This is the most awesome electronic music to dance to 😄

  87. Irene Ascencio

    Never mind

  88. Irene Ascencio

    Im going to be making the dance for this song and im going to record it in my phone then im going to post it in my youtube. I might make a video of the dance tutorial. So check my youtube and stay on just case i might finish my dance maybe in a week or 2

  89. alex ijspeerd

    I am a dancer. It is a perfect song to dance!