Brown, Chris - Tell Somebody Lyrics

Wassup baby
Lemme ask you a question
Don't tell nobody
Think you got my love
Making love
Watching the sunrise
While Chris sings us a verse...

[Verse 1:]
Hey there pretty lady
Saw you at the bar
And I was mesmerized
You might think it sounds crazy
But I ain't never been a man to lie
Girl I don't think your ready
Cause you can't keep a secret very well
And aye girl if you let me
I might give you something to go and tell
Aye and I could just see it now

Tryna hold it in
Tryna keep it down
But you keep screaming ah ooh

You're gonna wanna tell somebody
You're gonna wanna tell everybody [x2]

[Verse 2:]
And turn the lights down low girl
Cause you know I be waiting on you
Won't you hold me close girl
I'ma show you I got something prove
So go ahead tell all your girls
Yeah you tell 'em that I put it down
They all gon' want a piece of this
So you better keep it to yourself
Yeah I can just see it now

Tryna hold it in
Tryna keep it down
But you keep screaming ah ooh

You're gonna wanna tell somebody
You're gonna wanna tell everybody [x4]

Just tell 'em how good it is
Oh yeah
And how it makes you feel oh ooh
And just tell 'em
(gon' girl tell it all)
How I'm pullin your hair from the back
And I got you shakin
Girl you better tell 'em all
That I'm just
A sexy sexy freaky freak
Just go and tell 'em
That I put it down

You're gonna wanna tell somebody
You're gonna wanna tell everybody [x4]

And turn the lights down low girl
Cause you know I be waiting on you
Won't you hold me close girl
I'ma show you I got something prove

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Brown, Chris Tell Somebody Comments
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    Nov 17,2019 and it's still my favorite song.

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    Chris Brown can get me pregnant ion care 😭😭😭😭😭😌

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    Chris Brown is the best

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    Junior Bakhali

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    You're gonna wanna tell somebody you're gonna wanna tell everybody

  14. Pretty N

    We moved from "you're gonna wanna tell everybody" to "girl, don't tell your business".

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    Still bopping in ‘19 tho. Still smooth asf.

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    A lot of ppl just don't understand this mfkn song. This my ish😍😍

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    I loooooove this song, I found this song from DJ & Dehja's Intro Video

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    This is the most relate able album from CB to me. Like its so mature and i can relate on so many issues on it, i cheated and my dude found out and now he absolutely hates me and i cant take it. Worst thing i have ever done.

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    I LOVE THIS SONG😭❤ 2018, anyone???


    I LOVE THIS SONG😭❤ 2018, anyone???



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