Brown, Chris - Talk That Shit Lyrics

Girl I know when we fussin' every little thing I say ain't right
Now, you callin' me names and I see the pain that's in your eyes
Then we be makin' love all around then I got my body in between your thighs
Oh, baby, I like it when we make up

Keep it up
Keep it goin'
Cause you're fine
And you know it
I love it when you talk that shit
I love it when you talk that shit
Yell it loud
So I can hear it
Cuss me out
Make me feel it
I love it when you talk that shit
I love it when you talk that shit

God dammit I just like everything you do cause I know you keep me in check
And if a girl try to push up on me you won't hesitate to grab her by her neck
A little crazy but you're amazing
You ain't scared to show your bad side
Oh, baby
You're the one I want
One I love


Tell me shut up, tell me no
You get better if I let you throw my phone
Then you tell me to the left to the left
Then I'm right back for the sex for the sex
I know you're mad now but later on
Yea we gon' take it to the room
You can let out all of your aggression
And put it all on me like

I hate you
You ain't shit but I love you
Don't nobody else make me mad as you
But when we makin' up thought I'm glad it's you
Lady's sing it


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Brown, Chris Talk That Shit Comments
  1. Tori Mo’nay

    Still listening in 2020 ❤️

  2. Kari Bentley

    I NEED THIS ON APPLE Music!!!!!

  3. Alexis Liles

    💃 2019

  4. Nicole Pascual


  5. JASON Green

    I love this song

  6. Ahja Lewis


  7. Alexis Liles

    2018 🔥

  8. sexy girl

    Love this song 💛

  9. Patryck Anderson Breezy


  10. ss2jesus

    Best song off his "In My Zone 2" tape in my opinion. Smooth ass beat & of course CB killed it as always

  11. Renee Tanuvasa

    Lol at the description but lol more at the comments, so what if these songs are old asf, they still dope & better then half the shit music out today haha! Praise the fact this person is posting good music & not rubbish.

  12. Nya Carr

    Jus cause da song old doesn't mean ppl don't watch it as many ppl as there are in da world I mean ik I still watch all
    all his videos cause chris is bae😘😍💕

  13. heir apple

    odd OLD jam!

  14. jurrell hudson

    comment section going to look like......"man i was still in high school when this shit came out, fuck outta here im 30 now."

  15. Viper Shiva

    This channel is always uploading songs from 6 years ago.. Smh only just for views

    Nia Thomas

    What albums are these on???

    Viper Shiva

    @Nia Thomas This is from Breezy's 2010 mixtape "In My Zone 2"

  16. PuReSnipZ

    This is years old

    Laci Burrell

    I don't get it

    Lauryn Kelley

    PuReSnipZ Facts I was listening to this in 2010

  17. Andrea Hankins

    Sound like some of his stuff from back in the day,