Brown, Chris - Strip Lyrics

[Chris Brown:]
Take it off
I wanna love you
And everybody wanna touch you
You're moving right
Wanna see what's up under
Then back it up
Beep-beep like a trucker

Nice thighs, nice waist
And you know I can't forget about your face
But don't none of that matter
I'm about to make your pockets fatter

Girl, I just wanna see you strip right now
'Cause it's late, babe
Girl, I just wanna see you strip
Girl, take your time with it
Girl, I just wanna see you strip
God damn, you're sexy
For me
God damn, you're sexy!
God damn, you're sexy!
Girl, I just wanna see you

Got my shades on
And my Js on
In the club with a pocket full of ones
This girl booty out of control
There she go up and down that pole

Which one I'm take home?
Get my freak on
If you ain't freaking
We ain't speaking

You think I'm playing
No, I'm not
Let me see you back it up and drop

I wanna see your legs in the air
Baby, don't worry about your hair
Or those tracks
I don't give a damn about that

In the club they're playing my song
Turn it up, play it all night long
If you think you can
And you know you can
I'm 'a give you all this money money money

Girl, I just wanna see you strip right now
'Cause it's late, babe
Girl, I just wanna see you strip
Girl, take your time with it
Girl, I just wanna see you strip
God damn, you're sexy
For me
God damn, you're sexy!
God damn, you're sexy!
Girl, I just wanna see you

Pants, shirt, you can take it off
Panties, bra, you can take it off
Red-bottom heels, you can take 'em— wait, wait
Leave 'em on 'cause I like my woman tall!

Got a hot momma
You're hotter than a sauna
I wanna peel them clothes off your body like a banana
The only reason I dress you in that designer
How you go that?
Is to get you out that Dolce and Gabbana!

I throw this money up
She watch it all fall
Toot that thing up for a boss

Anything you're wanting, baby, you can have it all
Starting with my last name
Now they call you Mrs. McCall

Girl, I just wanna see you strip right now
'Cause it's late, babe
Girl, I just wanna see you strip
Girl, take your time with it
Girl, I just wanna see you strip
God damn, you're sexy
For me
God damn, you're sexy!
God damn, you're sexy!
Girl, I just wanna see you

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Brown, Chris Strip Comments
  1. Krishawn Samuels

    Still hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥 in 2020

  2. BotsonFN

    Who likes the lyrics better

  3. Courtnye Porter


  4. Shenayah’s World

    The beginning it says “ a business business ?”

  5. Crystal Hamilton

    Kevin McCall Made Chris Brown Look Average Asf 🤞👩‍🎤

  6. Jon Bush

    2019 and only 66 mil views?!

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  9. Beth Tabasa

    Me: girls lile money not boys. Boys like strip girls.. Soon god will reset everything..

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    C'mon Team Breezy 100 M Leggo 🔥💕🔥💕

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    He so damn fine🥰😭‼️❤️

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  13. Zara Babyyy

    He was so fine 😍😍😍😍. 2011 was really his year 😫.

    Edit: He still is 😩 !!

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    Who still bumping this 2019

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    Yugyeom brought me here Hahahaha

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    2019/2020 ???😅

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    Immer noch häftig 2019

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    I absolutely love this song and love love serve bought me here ahh I just love the chorus ahh another perfect song😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎🙂😊👍🏻

  20. I'm From The Bahamas Bro!!

    who here still in november
    this my jamm!

  21. stephanie_16

    Ew fuck Kevin

  22. yaske segaman

    Wish kevin had more respect for the talent he has SMH people let money control them its sad

  23. Gelimar Alicea Sanchez

    Back it up..beep beep like a trucker

  24. JOR

    When Chris brown used to wear them sexy ass glasses.....

  25. DreamXpzzz

    I miss being 5 years old

    blaxican maree

    DreamXpzzz SAME😕

  26. Sizakele Mntambo

    Who's here in Nov 2019❤

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    Idk why I randomly thought of this song

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  36. Y'all have no idea how much talent & confidence chris has,
    He can sing & dance

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    This song so old

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    Godamn : 2020 is soon. Who is still listening to this ? So much feelings

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    Who is here after Kevin’s arrest at Fulton County Courthouse ? #2019

    B. Minor 11:11

    to learn he wrote deuces .. strip .. and no bs .. kevin McCall was cold at writing .. for Chris brown might need to link back up ..

    11 11

    @B. Minor 11:11 Chris don't like kevin's ego !!! 🤮 ✌🏽

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    Where my 2020 people at 🔥🔥🥶

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    Love his expressions.

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    He did memory lane at the indigoat tour and I was going through the video I took and the moment I clicked on the video were he sung this I left and went to this

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    I just to see you strip ayeeeeee

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    I like your guys song and I love you girls so much more than anything in the whole world and I want you to kiss me and i want you to hang out with me and I want you to have a fun time with you and I want you to twerk on my lap and I want you to shake your girls bottom and I want you to strip on my lap and I want you to lick your bobs and I want you to lick your bottom and I want you to shake your bottom and i just want to see you to strip and my name is Xavier Shaw ❤️😘🤸🏿‍♂️👙 👅👯‍♀️

  57. Darth Sidious

    Throwback lmfao

  58. mwahforbuteraa

    chris: ain’t playing

    also chris: *nods head*

    Apple Juice

    "Well yes but actually no" A classic case of yesn't.


    *i'M sO pUrE* lmao

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