Bronson, Action - Bitch I Deserve You Lyrics

[Hook: Action Bronson]
Look at the game, say "Bitch, I deserve you."
Here forever, that's my word, boo
I know my words slurrin' now, but when I sober up
I just called to see how the fuck you've been holdin' up

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
I know you heard your boy's been hoppin' out the Rover truck
Long remove him when I rode the bus
Now I'm diving up in Polish sluts, with the gorgeous butts
And she love it when I throw her in the Cobra clutch
Window half down, smoke trickle out
Stripper fixin' out the blouse, put the pickle in the pouch
No more sushi, style reserved for the past days
Big joints filled with hash in my ashtrays
We still fam', though we chose different pathways
I heard you're sniffin', cleaning plates like the Cascade
That's the only thing that's certain, was the cash phase
Fuck it, I'm getting money 'til my last days

[Hook x2: Action Bronson & Evidence]

[Verse 2: Evidence]
Your number changed and I ain't recognized the ringtone
So pardon for the unannounced, the rain, you know I've been gone
Flip the fuckin' beat up, I was looped around the planet
In the coupe with the cannon, with car and the camera
Paparazzi never flashed, the days are way beyond us
Fact, they never flash, and I'm below the surface on us
Never blast my way out, I stroll out, pull by
Under the nose of anybody that knows not
Check-in's out of courtesy, cause these are not requirements
Wait until our time is up, high and then the niacin
Boomer Esiason, flyin' out the Lion's den
This is weird science, inside a siren's blend
I hit the solid ten, water just a little splashin
Loop it up and bring it back, man, cause this is Action

[Hook: Evidence]

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Bronson, Action Bitch I Deserve You Comments
  1. Bronze Serpent

    Is that really Evidence? It sounds more like Roc

  2. Ryan Kearns

    This song is sick as fuck...I love it

  3. Quake SRK

    did he really make that much off molasses?

    Patrick Stanton

    Quake SRK who tf knows. I wouldn’t put it past bronsolinio

  4. HG beats

    i also flipped the same sample, check it out

  5. The Official DJestiC

    Yo, Youtube Family check out my remix of this song

  6. NOtation

    Did a remix Check it out on my channel feedback would be appreciated

  7. yungpistolwhip


  8. Jon C.

    Alchemist made the beat... and he's from cali...

  9. ScrilboBagginsGaming

    love it, Alchemist was amazing on this beat

  10. Th1zzardOfOz

    we still fam though we chose different pathways. I heard you sniffin, cleaning plates like the Cascade.

  11. o0stray570o