Bring Me The Horizon - A Lot Like Vegas Lyrics

So cash in all your chips tonight baby
Cause we're going out of style
We could leave this city, if only for a while
We'll take this feeling to our graves
For every heart that we betrayed
No one can know about this
We'll take this feeling to our graves
For every heart that we betrayed
No one can know about this

The only place I'll ever call home, is my deathbed

I know we're so wrong
But it feels so right
And it's not a party
If it happens every night
I'm running on empty
You're running out of luck
So lets ditch this city
Before we sober up

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Bring Me The Horizon A Lot Like Vegas Comments
  1. Sick Soul

    best album they ever made

  2. Kelvin Nguyen

    It's not a party if it happens every night



  4. bear frog

    We’ll take this feeling to our grave

  5. quicKnife TM

    0:45 брейкдаун вообще чёткий

  6. LlamaMusicChannel

    First guitar solo I ever learnt was from this, haven't been into BMTH for a few years now but it's good to listen to this album again.

  7. Ricardo Echeverria Din

    Diciembre 2018 !!!

  8. Bar5uM

    "I know it's so wrong .. But it feels so right!"

  9. chase clarke

    Best guitar solo

    chase clarke

    In deathcore

  10. lethemknow

    2018 still fucking love this

  11. ganondorfchampin

    This has one of the best solos I've ever heard in deathcore.

  12. Jon Ass

    the solo starts off so good but then just kinda stops

  13. MrGrowlify

    damn...miss those days when bmths was creating song like this,so heavy and original...

  14. Farlié LaCroix

    2018 !!

  15. kevin sarajlic


  16. Matt Burnage

    Real BMTH

  17. Kittikorn Tatar

    2017 anyone???

    Andres Avila

    2K19 Alv

  18. chef chef

    this is the bring me horizon i know, the new stuff is good, but not as good as this and seeing in the croft bristol when there was 200 people. good times.. bring back the roar!

  19. danteisbrutal


  20. Willhasnofriends

    The rest of this song is good but the unnecessary breakdown ruins it

  21. Amity Oliver

    The Greatest Song Ever Made.

  22. Drake Cutrer

    Don't get me wrong, I love Count Your Blessings, but I think all of Bring Me The Horizon's albums are amazing because they will always be uniquely Being Me The Horizon

    M Martinz

    Drake Cutrer so true.

  23. Elisa 1902

    I fucking love that song

  24. Jake Clarke

    does the guitar solo remind anyone ells of dragonball Z? every time I hear it it reminds me of the dbz opening song

    ate apinecone

    It reminds me of Ultimate Tenkaichi kinda, not sure how lol

    Robert Groot

    No dumbass

  25. Beat Micks

    Best working out song cx

  26. Leo Hill-North

    Ahhh the good old days, before his voice sounded overly auto tuned


    +Leo Hill-North Overly autotuned? Seriously? Have you listened to Attack attack first album? now THAT'S overly autotuned

    Michael Gaona

    He was never autotuned, his voice was just altered a bit in studio recordings. If they ever used autotune it's on their newest album.

  27. fluoxetine dream

    1:13 love that guitar

    Brandon Gilmore

    Metallica solos haha

  28. ken


  29. Morticia Moonflower

    I really liked Sempiternal and I'm glad I decided to check out their older stuff. It's sick as frick.

    chris dud

    @.PotatoPancakeKilljoy. ilistentomcrallday *fuck

  30. Sonya Ramirez

    I miss this! count your blessings is definitely my favorite BMTH album.

    The Legacy Of Kaizer

    +Sonya Ramirez Give it a couple years. They may come back to deathcore.

    Sonya Ramirez

    @The Legacy Of Kaizer Sadly, I honestly doubt it. Oli and the band have changed a lot since their deathcore days. I don't think it really interests them anymore and Oli really can't scream like he used to either.  :(


    +Sonya Ramirez back when bmth was awesome. i like every album up to thats the spirit

    You take a sip from your Trusty Vault 13 canteen

    I've heard Oli has been even awful at singing live,i hope for a new singer I MEAN SCREAMER.

    Ray Getard

    Dead 死んだ Yeah maybe they can become a band like Alesana, post-hardcore with Deathcore screams.

  31. Warbr33d

    They will never make an album this good, what a fuckin' tune

  32. Josh Beylinson

    Damn, that beginning guitar part is so badass. I love it.

  33. Luke


    Ira baillie west

    @92DropDead  SOOOO HEAVY #DJENT

    Joseph Lybarger

    @Ira baillie west Certainly not Djent..

    Michael Gaona

    @Ira baillie west Do you even know what you're talking about?



    Fuck and such

    Ira baillie west you're a troll aren't you

  34. Sincere Perez

    Even though the instrument play is kinda crapy the songs still rock and I love this album. They didn't like this album they said it was the worse they made, because of the instrument sounds. But I love it.

    what are you, fucking gay?

    Sincere Perez
    This album is wayyy more technical than all their other ones, TTS is generic and awful.
    I love their two EPs and CYB but it pisses me off that they are ashamed of what they used to do.
    It's fucking stupid, they just cater to the 14 year old girls who wear MCR shirts and have a million fucking braclets, who also listen to PTV, TOP, FIR, Kpop, and other shitty music.


    @Chris Motionless

    your comment is the truest shit ever.

    Zild Jian Cavardo

    but this music was the music that 14 year olds listen to back in 2006 lmao


    It’s not just the instruments, it’s how much negativity the album emanates. I can kinda see why they won’t do this and it’s because they acted very different back then. Now they just want to move past this phase and it kinda throws the old fans out of the way because of how people love this album.

    I’m not complaining tho, I like how it all sounds, but the lyrics are pretty awful.

  35. Maija Corey

    What kind of a scream is he doing?

    The Legacy Of Kaizer

    +HxZeyy He doesn't want to scream, so you just made wilson's point.

    Leo Augusta

    The scream of an angel


    @Leo Augusta you mean of a fucking demon hahaha

    Michael Gaona

    False chord, he uses fry now though.

    Артем Терещенко

    This is wrong false-cord scream that fucked his voice

  36. Haddon kearns

    That guitar solo ! C:

    Pelmas aren't lazy bruh

    Haddon kearns love how in antivist the brought a version of it back XD

  37. youthinkyouknowme

    "Lets take this feelings to our grave for every hearts we betrayed, no one can know about this"

  38. GloomLurker

    26660th view ;P

  39. Mehrab Rahman

    The first time i listened to this song i was only 8 and i thought.this was the best song ever and i still do

  40. Dr. Gains

    this is proper bmth

  41. Laxori666

    i cannot stop listening to this song

  42. SilversteinRescue

    The only song on the album that sounds like Suicide Season lol with that shout vocals Oli does

  43. Guilherme Cezar

    i'm the viewer 22.222

  44. johnny gorrie

    no its AWESOME duu

  45. Patricio F

    Omg, what happened to they? New stuff is gay as fuck...

  46. 2pro4u2c

    Loved both bands and both songs for yeeeeears now, and I never actually noticed till your comment

  47. Asia94nt

    wow it really grows on you,im really starting to like this,suposse in few days i will not be able to listen to anything else but this song : D

  48. James Hodson

    I used to suck dick for BMTH, and I wish I still did


    IM FIRST! i heard this song 666 years before it came out

  50. Chris Wood

    i'd like this song more if it didn't rip of devildrivers 'the mountain'

    Tyler Durden

    It wouldn't be the same song

  51. taylor curtain

    Good ol grade 9 days

  52. Jesus Gutierrez

    i fukkn love this song!!!

  53. Timm's Vegan Kitchen

    Love his voice at 0:20

  54. eeta pupu

    Not first, I first heard this song six years ago.

  55. MopsiTV

    Im chuck norris and love this song

  56. emily Simpson

    second and i also love this song:D