Brightman, Sarah - O Mio Babbino Caro Lyrics

O mio babbino caro,
mi piace è bello, bello;
vo'andare in Porta Rossa
a comperar l'anello!
Sì, sì, ci voglio andare!
e se l'amassi indarno,
andrei sul Ponte Vecchio,
ma per buttarmi in Arno!
Mi struggo e mi tormento!
O Dio, vorrei morir!

Babbo, pietà, pietà!
Babbo, pietà, pietà!

[English translation:]

Oh dear daddy
I love him, he is so handsome
I want to go to Porta Rossa
to buy the ring
Yes, yes, I mean it
And if my love were in vain
I would go to Ponte Vecchio
and throw myself in the Arno
I fret and suffer torments
Oh God, I would rather die
Daddy, have pity, have pity

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Brightman, Sarah O Mio Babbino Caro Comments
  1. Aline Rodrigues Caldeira Aline

    Wonderfull voice!!!

  2. Hugh Mcaleer

    Sarah your an angel sent from heaven

  3. What is Life?

    As someone studying Opera Performance I genuinely enjoy her rendition of this incredible Aria, Sarah Brightman is one of the reasons I decided to study voice and performance. it is quite sad that some opera lovers have criticized her for singing this and are unable to enjoy this work of art

  4. Mary Marth


  5. Márcio Rogério Silva do Carmo

    Celestial..benta Pereira. Campos .r.j

  6. Ashley Wang

    I auditioned with this piece for a competition. Someone told me that it was his favorite Sarah Brightman song. I cried.

  7. Jaqueline Rocha

    Amazing voice

  8. Marco antonio Santos

    Linda maravihosa, sua espressão encantadora ela conta com a alma

  9. Kayla Lalonde élève

    it good

  10. Kayla Lalonde élève

    it good realy good

  11. Dino Chierichetti

    In questa bella aria di Giacomo Puccini, l'interpretazione di Sarah Brightman è davvero bellissima e, a mio parere, qui Sarah non è seconda a nessun altro soprano.

  12. tatboi1

    Ghastly! Now go to Renee Fleming - the real thing, and heard the magnitude of difference.

  13. Robert S. J. Hu

    Sarah Brightman I love your marvelous rendition of "O Mio Babbino Caro."  Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Robert S.J. Hu    December 7, 2018 .

  14. 汝、何時でもネコ様を讃えよ


  15. José P. S. Filho


  16. sandy baby

    nearly vile

  17. janeth martel leandro

    Me encanta

  18. cleber gobi

    Mother of god... woooooooooow!!! ❤️👸🏻

  19. Tharangsa Kande

    she should never sing operas.


    Tharangsa One of the greatest, sorry you’re not able to see/hear it

  20. Jordy Ydroj Ch

    wow que vooz Dios mio es soprano ligera, netrebko tiene una voz muy acartonada y pesada pero es muy exelente,sarah es soprano ligera de gran alcance en los agudos.

    Uriel Paszko

    Puccini tiene mucha carga instrumental en sus óperas, se necesita una voz grande para pasar a la orquesta. Claro que las voces livianas tienen una delicadeza que las voces pesadas no, pero no se bancan esas óperas. Hacen lo que pueden para cantar estas arias ligeras.

  21. Ayde Morado

    Amo esta canción 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

  22. Marcy. AO


  23. 山田明美


  24. WSQuest

    For those who want to understand the lyrics, there we go:

    Oh my dear papa,

    I love him, he is handsome, handsome.

    I want to go to Porta Rossa

    To buy our wedding ring.

    Yes, yes, I want to go there!

    And if my love were in vain,

    I would go to the Ponte Vecchio

    And throw myself in the Arno!

    I am anguished and tormented!

    Oh God, I'd want to die!

    Papa, have pity, have pity!

    Papa, have pity, have pity!

    Maria Chatzi

    Thank you !

  25. Rafael Ballesteros Peñaloza

    Bonita voz y nada más. Prefiero la voz e interpretación de Anna Netrebko:

    Carlos Eduardo Neves

    Rafael Ballesteros Peñaloza eca

  26. Vanessa Arteaga

    Wonderful ♥

  27. soro due


  28. Livia Valente

    Amo a Sarah. Ela cantando Dans la nuit é insuperável. Mas vamos combinar, hein...Giacomo Puccini qdo compôs essa ária (a ópera inteira na verdade) estava em contato com Deus. Não há ária mais emocionante que essa. Belissima!! Eu choro toda vez que ouço. Verdadeira paixão!! ♡♡♡

    Edgar Cardoso de Oliveira

    Ela é magnífica mesmo! Minha cantora preferida, a partir da primeira vez que a ouvi cantar!


    Com exceção da parte de chorar (rsrsrs), eu concordo plenamente com você.

  29. Sim Pechchansophea

    I love Sarah's voice even I'm just a Cambodian fan.

  30. Stephen Wallace

    if we blasted isis with her voice maybe there would be peace

  31. balans_ cafe

    Wonderful ♥

  32. francisco fava

    she normally sings with help of electronic devices and have mistakes in pronuciation, even though is very nice to listen

    francisco fava

    Are you dumb ? I said that she is very nice to listen,,, but she just have mistakes in pronunciation... screw you!!!

    R Beth

    I guess it's to be expected since Italian isn't her native language. It's not like an opera singer where they have coaches.

  33. Francisco

    Que vozzzzzzzzz

  34. Miguel angel baldelomar

    amazing love sarah

  35. plantluver9

    just something for music/life lovers and that, once you understand what the're singing about, the "restricted" way become the more subtle and natural, after all, classical technique is nothing more or less than learning to sing with the greatest possible freedom of expression and Brightman's singing only sounds free on the note, not in between and certainly not before reaching a high note where she does this jump from low to high to be able to place the high note in the same place as the low one

    sandy baby

    dont talk s--te

  36. plantluver9

    That's a valid point, but mine was that what you see as unrestriction, I see as an inability to control her instrument and a lack of knowledge about the singing style (belcanto) of the aria... As to beauty, that's of course completely subjective, we can't all like the same performances after all.. :)

    I would however love for you to try listening to a complete opera in this style (i recommend La Traviata) And afterwards I hope you will see that classical singing isn't something for "snobs" but

  37. Alex

    I have, and I find Sarah's interpretation much more beautiful and unrestricted.

  38. plantluver9

    Watch Renee Fleming or Cecilia Bartoli singing this and you'lll see why us "snobs" might think it's too bad that Brightman was not classically trained, I don't deny she sings it very beautifully however, she just doesn't tell the story with the resonance of her voice and she doesn't listen to the orchestra (in my opinion)

    ach nix

    I think by now everybody knows shes not the best classical voice but does everything in her own way/style which is sort of a pop style version of classical singing. She goes more with the Melody and thats instead of the meaning of the words like a character in am opera... and thats why she us where she is today and i dont think she ever aspired to be the Great opera diva. She knows shes not the best technically but an Artist who makes everything her own and her look, Performance, aura is part of the deal

  39. TYLER RESTO, bass-baritone

    she's scary.

  40. singuntiltheend89

    After her breath, I dont see her very sick sick, maybe didnt feel well.

  41. Alex

    Beautifully sang. And to those opera snobs who criticize her singing operatic arias. You fellows are just bitter that a pop singer like Sarah could sing those arias much more beautifully than most of you classically trained snobs can.

  42. Cesar Al Lo

    jo jo muy mala para la ópera pero un gran y espectacular voz!!!!

  43. HerrNilssonTheMonkey

    "She was sick that day" How do you know? Are you her doctor?

  44. Dezney C.

    Love it!

  45. YuriH0777

    Wow, the best version i heard

  46. Shane Jones

    breathtaking, as always. I love her.

  47. Shane Jones

    breathtaking, as always. I love her.

  48. Andres Guerra

    @mestizala muy sierto todas ellas tienen execelentes voces y sus formas de cantar y las 3 tienen grandes exitos y grandes voces ammmmm solo q sarah tiene mas amplio el tipo de musica que canta hehe pero las 3 son grandes mujeres y el fantasma de la opera es muy hermoso con la voz de sarah dudo que alguien llegue a cantar phantom of the opera como sarah eheheh pero todas son execelentes cantantes de opera..... hermoso =D

  49. Rodanfer Lambrey

    no podemos comparar con la voces de una Monserrat Caballe, Maria Callas, son cantantes de opera verdaderas no las podemos comparar con sarah porque son diferentes las tres, pero en lo que si podemos comparar es que todas tiene unos grandes registros vocales, grandes habilidades vocales, grandes éxitos, grandes high notes Y SOBRE TODO GRANDES VOCES, dudo mucho a mi parecer no demérito a nadie de las tres pero dudo que Montserrat o María callas HAGAN lo que hizo SARAH EN EL FANTASMA DE LA OPERA

  50. Rodanfer Lambrey

    No se que tanto discuten si La misma Sarah ha dicho que no es una cantante DE OPERA es una voz impostada para cantar un aria de opera es diferente cantar una aria de opera a cantar una opera( que es una obra de teatro con un guiones que son cantando con voz de cabeza e interpretando al personaje que se le asigna, todo mundo tiene la voz de cabeza todo mundo puede utilizar y cantar una aria nomas que la COLOCACIÓN, TÉCNICA Y RESPIRACIÓN deben de ser la correcta y sarah la tiene...

  51. Alejandra Monjardin

    OMG! She just made me cry and gave me goosebumps all too many times!!! This goddess is AMAZING!!!

  52. serflo59

    Is there a dvd/blue ray of this concenrt anywhere other than youtube? If there is, I need to get my hands on IT!

  53. General Account

    Totalmente de acuerdo.

  54. Maggielicious21

    @carlos105 oh, ok

  55. Beto M

    @gygggyhhh I agree with you ... sarah isn't a opera singer, she only occasionally experimenting with that genre and she does well ... I really love her work

  56. Rodo Lomelí

    @kingromeraso lo de soprano de broadway lo digo por la impostación que tiene, que de hecho no es precisamente una impostación completa de ópera, es una mezcla bastante rara de estilos, por eso su voz resulta tan melosa y vibrateada de esa manera. Pero es bueno tener una serie de comentarios racionales, con los seguidores de Netrebko uno dice pio y están mentando madres.

  57. Carlos Aponte

    sorry wrong person, sorry

  58. Maggielicious21

    @carlos105 what the hell is the matter with you??!

  59. Maggielicious21

    @blackhoumor por lo menos deberias saber q es un sopranista es UN HOMBRE emulando la voz soprano de las mujeres NO una mujer

  60. Maggielicious21

    @kingromeraso no es q no encaje, su voz es muy bella, es solo q no esta lo suficientemente entrenada para la opera

  61. Pinkey Sherbet

    Some singers sing better when their sick. I'm an opera student and I found that for some singers being sick can make their performances better. It's an absolute wonder.

  62. Daiana Edith Maiocchi

    @blackhoumor, pero hay muchas mas personas que opinan que la voz de sarah es la mejor... a los que no les gusta es envidia o por que son fanaticos de otra soprano inferior a sarah... no todas las personas pueden aceptar que una cantante salida de "broadway" haya superado todas las espectativas y al resto de las soprono del mundo!!!

  63. Rodo Lomelí

    @dimaiocchi no creo que sea precisamente porque es muy buena, sino por lo mala que es su dicción y su técnica impropia de una soprano. No es una soprano clásica, es una soprano de Broadway, y esas cantantes no son lo más apto para cantar opera real.

  64. Daiana Edith Maiocchi

    @blackhoumor hay que estudiar antes de opinar... Van a pasar años antes de que aparesca otra voz como la de Sarah Brightman.

  65. Matt Miller

    the opera ppl can say whatever they want about her, i like listening to her cross over style interpretations, and her pop music, she was the one who got me into listening to classical music, and ill always give her that credit, she's never said she was an opera singer, but she made me interested enough in operatic/classical to minor in a non-vocal music minor in school...she gets all my credit for making me interested, and deserves more from those who want her to stop singing.

  66. spoyledbratt


  67. myopicseer

    @Belcore14 Post some of your singing so we can tell you how God awful you are compared to Sarah.

  68. myopicseer

    @ChimeraLambent What a turd. Can't you be nice to this Goddess?

  69. ChimeraLambent

    she covers and over rounds everything.. go back to broadway.. though.. she wasn't even that good in repo! and that's a polished recording.

  70. Rodo Lomelí

    You know, I like to watch her doing her abdomen contractions, 'cause they really show me her technique. the problem is that they made me think that every single soprano on earth do them xD.
    kind of funy.

  71. oxfordyes

    was sick that day?
    and she did that being sick???!!!!!!
    OMG.....i don't know what to say..just stunning

  72. Jose Antonio Ramirez Perez

    simplemente maravilloso que hermosa melodia en verdad que me gusta mucho como lo canta sarah hace que me den ganas de llorar ñ_ñ

  73. Jelenita208

    i think you can't really hear she's ill. she's doing a great job though! i like her as the opera singer but also as the operatic pop singer she is today! :)


    Italia!¡!¡!!¡ Grazie!¡!¡!

  75. Matt Miller

    this is probably my favorite version of her doing this and the fact that it's live makes it all the better for me.

  76. ktnicoll1987

    Even when she's sick she sounds wonderful!

  77. Michael Dunn

    gr8 - she doesnt profess 2 b an opera singer but her voice is perfect anyway - vry diverse unlike most opera singers.