Brightman, Sarah - La Wally Lyrics

Ebbene? ... N'andrò lontana,
come va l'eco della pia campana,
là, fra la neve bianca;
là, fra le nubi d'or;
là, dov'è la speranza, la speranza
il rimpianto, il rimpianto, e il dolor!

O della madre mia casa gioconda,
la Wally n'andrà da te,
da te lontana assai,
e forse a te, e forse a te,
non farà mai più ritorno,
nè più la rivedrai!
mai più, mai più!

N'andrò sola e lontana,
come l'eco è della pia campana,
là, fra la neve bianca;
n'andrò, n'andrò sola e lontana!
e fra le nubi d'or!

[English translation:]

Well then? I will go far away
As far as the echo from the church bell
There, amid the white snow
There, amid the golden clouds
There where hope is, and sorrow and regret

O, Wally is going far away
Far from her mother's joyous home
Maybe she'll never return to you
You'll never see her again

I will go alone and far away
As far as the echo from the church bell
There, amid the white snow
I will go, I will go alone and far away
And amid the golden clouds

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Brightman, Sarah La Wally Comments

    i like classic

  2. Xavier Grajeda


  3. Theresia Atmojo

    I loved how she sang high note in 3:14 a little bit longer than the other singers. This is the best La Wally Aria

  4. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Best Rendition ever. This version send me to Heaven instantly. Diva. Angel.

  5. Dino Chierichetti

    Sarah Brightman è sempre bravissima sia che interpreti brani di musica leggera sia che, come qui, interpreti arie da opere liriche; brava, brava davvero!

  6. c Clau

    C'est tellement, tellement beau, Merci, Merci et encore Merci, continuez de chanter s'il vous plait

  7. Fr. Bazán

    A MI MADRE, por ser, por estar y por darme tanto amor, tanto amor, tanto...

  8. Raymond Dooley

    Not a good rendition. In fact rather bad. Miss Bright man is not an operatic soprano. She is using microphone and other electronic equipment here to make her voice seem bigger. The orchestra is very intrusive in order to compensate for her small voice and the high note at the finish is simply a scream. Not how this beautiful aria should be sung and should not be sung by a limited singer like Bright man.

    Тёма Мельник

    I agree that she is not an opera singer, and does not have a powerful voice. However, this performance of "La Wally" is the best of all that I heard from opera singers.

    Catherine Fillon

    Totally agree with you.. S. Brightmann is not a classical singer, pretty good in musicals but that's all. The voice is too light, the orchestra pitiful and the vibrato overplayed to compensate the lack of power... Le lower notes sound as flat as the higher are empty... clearly not the kind of aria Brightmann is brighter at.. Additionnally the Italian prononciation is quite poor... (I used to work on this aria and so doing can remember the lyrics which are mispronounced or underpronounced I would say).Nevetheless if this could help to offer an opening to people who never had a clue about great arias, may this be ^^

    Тёма Мельник

    Catherine Fillon

    You are bragging anyway. Every YouTube commentator likes to call himself a proffessor))

    Christoph Spiessens

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. You're quite incorrect about the technical details. This aria is sung to perfection. A tone like 1:28 is of incomparable beauty and skill.

    John Constantine Marinakis Kipps

    As if! It's a brilliant rendition and Sarah's voice is angelic.

  9. Jean Marie Carlier

    Magnifique ; quelle émotion que d'entendre cette voix . Merçi Madame Brightman .

  10. Joulia Skapinaki

    To my mind Sarah Brightman sings this Aria the best !

    vanessa wishdoom

    not only at yours she does.


    @vanessa wishdoom
    Yes, also the conductor. This is a very good interpretation.