Bright Eyes - Black Comedy Lyrics

Well once I gave a look to you but you never gave it back
So here I stand expressionless but my memory's intact
I guess the past is good for a laugh
A comedy so dry and black
It makes my stomach hurt so bad, I cried
So two thumbs up we give this one despite it's predictable ending
Dialogue seemed rushed and wrong but the actors did their best
To lay some worth on every word
Like coffins dropped into the earth
The saddest sound I ever heard, we sang along
We sang it, take this weight away
We sang it, take this weight away
We sang it, take this weight away

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Bright Eyes Black Comedy Comments
  1. Seee See

    Still as good as day one.......

  2. Save Sin City

    I had this EP for YEARS before i finally started to listen/appreciate it. Now it's one of my favorite albums of all time, can listen to it from start to finish and enjoy the fuck out of every song <3 Especially this one and Tripped

    road 2 joy

    same thing happened to me with the people's key, cheers


    road 2 joy
    Me too... now it’s one of my favorites!! 💜


    Save Sin City
    Fantastic!! 🖤

  3. sarah jamack

    i adore this song so much

  4. LovesTheIgloos

    And we're singing take... this weight... away... away... away...

  5. Ange Stella

    This song has been on repeat for me for 4 days straight now. It's so perfect.

  6. Charlee-Dee Glover

    oh wow.. <3