Brenda Lee - La Vie En Rose Lyrics

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast this is la vie en rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs,
And thou' I close my eyes I see la vie en rose

And when you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart, a world where roses bloom

And when you speak angels sing from above
Ev'ry day words seem to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be la vie en rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs,
And thou' I close my eyes I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart, a world where roses bloom

And when you speak angels sing from above
Ev'ry day words seem to turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be la vie en rose

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Brenda Lee La Vie En Rose Comments
  1. Mostly Brenda

    Edith Piaf was known as the Little Sparrow and was indeed only 4' 8" inches tall. Even shorter than Brenda! (4' 9"). I could name many singers who are short in stature, but had powerful voices. Judy Garland, Timi Yuro, Lulu, Lesley Gore, Dolly Parton, Roni Spector, Little Eva, Little Peggy March etc. Somebody should study this phenomena!

  2. Roger honoré

    Je découvre, merci!

  3. Lily Viterbo

    Beautiful rendition of my favorite song by Brenda Lee!

  4. Lita Rabiah

    My song till my last breath...

  5. sheung pok Chiu

    只能說, 聽的熱淚盈眶. 經典.

  6. patrick ryan

    I like the way the melody of this song seems (to me) to have been altered just enough to blend with the song stylings of some of Brenda's major ballad hits. Could this be Owen Bradley at work? 11/2018

    Mostly Brenda

    Probably not, Owen once related that it was not really her voice that impressed him the most, but the amazing confidence and originality she had (even as an eleven year old!). She seemed to have a immediate take on the songs she recorded and simply stepped up to the mike and it poured out in a natural way.

  7. Barry Marks

    "Life in pink"----saving you the trouble----FYI---WHO is the "ONLY" singer--to be in the "Rock n Roll----Country----Pop-----Rockabilly" Halls of FAME ??

  8. James Wiernick

    Brenee can Sing

  9. Maria K

    lubię taki dyszkancik.

  10. Charles Noland

    Love Brenda, but do take a listen to Connie Francis' version of this song. She sings it in English and French. Gorgeous!

  11. Joefuss2

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for posting.

    Alan Beaven

    Joefuss2 h

  12. Robert Potter

    She was always playing in our. House i was young and loved her songs. The Xmas songs she sung. Oh what a great time 👼

  13. Ljiljana Pop Cenic


  14. Angela Sanders

    Her voice is unique...

  15. Jeff Lipinski

    Brenda Lee is SENSATIONAL

  16. Corentin M

    This english version is beautiful. This women is a reincarnation of Piaf.

  17. Michel

    great,no comment

  18. Milton Moore

    It doesn't get any better than
    this! But Do please Google
    the French child singing
    sensation EZRA
    who made a magnificent
    recording of this song at the
    tender age of 8.
    You shan't
    regret it!!!

  19. Brian KB

    Madonna, Lady Gaga, even Celine, perhaps should have listened and learnt how to sing this song....... :)

  20. marcia toro

    Y despues de 50 años aun me siguen encantando estas lindas melodias .

  21. Bill Bright

    In the pink Doll.🇫🇷🌍🌹💗

    Bill Bright

    Très Jolie à mon ami🌸

  22. Trevor E

    It touches the heart for those who know true love excellently sung.

  23. Agustin Pinto

    Mediocre tom excelente cantante

  24. Mostly Brenda

    She also did it in Japanese, but I've never heard it.

    Mostly Brenda

    Now on YT! Search for "Brenda Lee - La Vie En Rose(jp)"


    Wow. Listening to it now and she adapts the phrasing perfectly. Thanks for the tip...and all the great uploads. :)

  25. Robert VanDoren

    Thanks for the memories Brenda...God Bless

  26. Rosita ucros oviedo

    Me transporta a los años 60.

  27. Estrella Maria Rita Martinez MD

    Absolutely, BREATHTAKING!! Brings one back to a ROMANTIC, Real, PASSIONATE era, where LOVE was about LOVING......ENJOY ALL!!

  28. miltsar

    she can  any thing and she is always fantastic

  29. daniel occoner

    If only I could have danced with Brenda Lee in Paris.

  30. Ray Navarrette

    Magical song and Brenda does it justice. I didn't know she sang this , I'm so glad I came across this version .

  31. Derlin Clair

    La Vie en Rose;literally"The Life in Rose".A very lovely French song.Tres bien Chanteuse, Brenda!

    Mostly Brenda

    [literally"The Life in Rose"] - No!! Think of a rosé wine.

    Roger honoré

    @Mostly Brenda LOL

  32. Chris Logan

    pure magic as always xx

  33. Victor Yanez Arancibia

    Brenda is unmatchable!

  34. Carlos Corrêa

    Brenda Lee,inesquecivel.Ha vi pessoalmente em Belo Horizonte em 17.9.1959.
    Tenho (quase) tudo da Brenda!

  35. Phelim O,neill

    we who born and listened to Brenda Lee when we young were blessed, her heart and sole went into her music, im not religious but i hope their is an afterlife so we can continue to listen to her misic

    Milton Moore

    You can't have
    your cake and
    eat it to.

  36. Frank Young

    listen to this song from Edith Piaff, the " French  Sparrow".  Brenda Lee does such a good job with this song but, the French Sparrow did it first.


    Yeah, and?

    Is there anyone alive who doesn't know this?

    Roger Huff

    +absoftitanium she does it well but melissa is hard to follow

    Lita Rabiah

    I don’t go for Edith Piaf



  38. jillkristin

    si belle, ma chérie, tu es magnifique, vraiment un don et une bénédiction de la musique et de la chanson!

  39. Lida Chang

    I love her golden voice. Thanks for sharing.

  40. Berkah_TV Channel

    i remember back on romantic moment song of movie WALL-E so sweett

  41. Tom Smith

    Thank you very much!

  42. ronaldo meirelles

    Brenda Lee e Elvis.Ouço um milhão de vezes e não canso.Penso que esta geração dos anos 50 é imortal(Elvis é a perfeição).comecei tocando guitarra base com estilo Led Zepellin,Jefferson Airplane,passei para o heavy Metal antes de parar,porém os anos 50 são o início,o fim e o meio.Elvis e brenda começaram tudo.Elvis é eterno!!!



  44. Nora Enciso

    beautiful song,beautiful rendition..

  45. Paludian59

    Fabulous version of The Pink Aeroplane. I was lucky enough to see Brenda Lee on stage twice in the early 60's and she simply filled the auditorium with her great voice and terrific personality. You could have heard a pin drop when she was singing. I enjoy listening to other female singers but no one else has really ever come close to Brenda in her prime. It's great that people are posting so many of her songs on here so that people who may not have appreciated how great she was/is can catch up.

  46. Thunderstormwitch

    This is a wonderful version! This is perfect both in the arrangement and in voice quality. It gives you a country flavor that I believe enhances the emotion. Intriguing performance! Bravo for posting!

  47. popoy malabanan

    i like this song very much especially brenda lee she's one of my favorite singer

  48. lateforbreakfast

    one of the best versions of this deightful ballad..Brenda Lee forever!!!

  49. Tom Smith

    You're welcome!

  50. Louisemusiclover

    I love this by song Edith Piaf I didn't know Brenda had recorded this beautiful
    thank you for posting