Bread - London Bridge Lyrics

I know the times the times are hard to bear
It's hard to find someone to really care
But before I went down and out
Here's what I used to think about, think about

London bridge is always fallin' down,
But there it stood within the heart of town
Reminding everyone of life behind and life to come

The changes taking place are everywhere
The centuries past have nothing to compare
Where they stand, where they trip and fall
Watch the writing on the wall, on the wall

London bridge is fallin' down at last,
And so another memory of the past
Has fell beneath the blade, but soon the dead may be repaid

I know things just can't evolve for all eternity
The thoughts will leave, will never die, and now so you can see

London bridge is finally fallin' down,
It packed it up and shipped it outta town
And though the horror's gone, the memory will linger on
London bridge is finally fallin' down,
It used to stand within the heart of town
Reminding everyone of life behind and life to come
London bridge is finally fallin' down

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Bread London Bridge Comments
  1. Irene Ramirez

    Te amo tanto mi amor. Me encanta cuando compartes your life with me through songs.

  2. Zacomonta

    Michael Nesmith of the Monkees produced a version of this song in 1968 or 1969 that was never completed. That version had a run time of almost five minutes. Unfortunately, it only went so far as a backing track, no vocals. Most likely, it was intended for a planned two-LP set by the Monkees that ended up getting scrapped. The backing track was released on a deluxe edition of "The Monkees Present," which was the title of the original two-LP set. The title was used in a single disc version which was released in November 1969.

  3. EmmaYaBasta

    one of the very first uses of a moog!


    Not really, Emma. The Moog synthesizer was pretty well common place by 1970 and in use by a number of acts. Micky Dolenz of the Monkees and country singer Buck Owens reportedly were the among the first purchasers of the Moog in 1967. The instrument was featured on a couple of songs by the Monkees in 1967, and the Moog also showed up on songs by the Rolling Stones, also in 1967. The Moog was used heavily by the Beatles on "Abbey Road" on several numbers. The Moog even turned up on some Elvis recordings by the end of the 60s and 70s.

  4. MarkeusTV hd

    Wheres my cassette

  5. Tracking Station Neil Lindsay

    This has always been my favorite Bread album.

  6. David Cook

    I remember this was on my brothers "The Sound Of Bread" UK vinyl lp which was a huge seller back in 1977. Excellent band, quite easy listening and very melodic.

  7. Dee Dee

    this is london now

  8. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    magic song from the legends bread. man david gates's voice is so melodic and beautiful. 

  9. 1badhaircut

    Great great song with a very thin demo mix. The drums sound like tin cans.