Bread - Dismal Day Lyrics

I look into my morning mirror
And it reveals some things to me that I had not been able to see
I saw someone that I'm not sure I want to be
An empty lonely face was starin' back at me

All and all, I would have to say
It's been a rather dismal day

The afternoon was slow in coming
I drug myself outside the face that people that I knew would be there
And though they walked along pretending not to care
I knew behind my back they'd point and laugh and stare

All and all, I would have to say
It's been a rather dismal day

And now the evening shadow's falling
I guess it's best I lay my hopes to rest for noone's calling my name
I sit and wait behind a door that's never knocked on
I live in silence like my phone that's never talked on

All and all, I would have to say
It's been a rather dismal day
All and all, I would have to say
It's been a rather dismal day
All and all, I would have to say
It's been a rather dismal day...

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Bread Dismal Day Comments
  1. Fred Virtuoso

    almost sounds like a John Denver song

  2. MetalizedButt

    Lack of views makes me mad. Most underrated band of 70s hands down

  3. Alcino Barbosa da Silva

    Estou ouvindo em 01 / 08 / 2019. Horas:01 e 30 minutos.

  4. XMIR10C

    1st song

  5. XMIR10C

    minor hit 1969  big inpacti

  6. Chip Lovitt

    What a great song! One of Bread's first and best cuts. If anyone thinks David Gates was not a superb singer-songwriter -producerneeds to listen to this song till they do. I wonder who in the LA Wrecking Crew played on this one.

  7. Ватник КГБ

  8. Tis Morgan

    Cómo mi juventud dinámica y honesta .

  9. Jared Curry

    This song sounds so cheerful.....

  10. Christine Numrich

    This is a wonderful memory..lost on Whidbey Island in the late ^60's with my sister('s )in her wasn't a Dismal Day...but great tape!!!!!

  11. qtpysusie54

    One of my favorites of Bread. Still think of it on dismal days.

  12. Jozinek


  13. Ngatai Johnson

    this song helps me cope with depression

  14. Lightning Ridge

    For my son Morty,, in Florida

  15. airando kawagoe


  16. Xaca Sunhoga

    Love Bread since high school,,,,,,,

  17. Ali Pringle

    Brilliant band these

  18. Giseli Marr

    Bass line fantastic

  19. Paulo Nessin

    Old days, sweet memories... So good to remember

  20. sysOxygen

    If you like this song, your next destination should be
    Dire Straits - Sultan of Swing

    Dave DiNatale

    Ironically enough, been listening to that one a lot lately too!

  21. Paulo Lincoln Vieira

    Aqui impera o bom gosto; estou feliz porque vivi esta época

  22. Herr Doktor von Nuremberg

    This is my life.

  23. XMIR10C

    THANKS 1`969

  24. Gabriel Cline

    this song is too real.

    Zad Ras

    Yeah, lol

  25. Jesse Burleson

    This has gotta be used in a Wes Anderson film. I think it would work.

  26. Eds Villasana

    22 Justin Bieber fans were here and counting...

  27. Dujink

    Great 70s.

  28. Britt Overbaugh

    Their original failed A side. Not a mere album cut. MAKE IT WITH YOU released next.

  29. Fuzzy Karma

    I have a hard time listening to Bread in my old age....many many tears. Much much regret.

    Roberto Oliveira

    ... not only you...

  30. Andii Rejino

    this is for you dad


    Andii Rejino :,)

  31. yabyab rubi

    i grow up wd my older brothers singing this magical voices amazing singers

  32. 田中花子


    I K


  33. akira Hoshimo


  34. Roie Chubadu

    The best!

  35. Pete Clarke

    Usualy play this on the way back from Anfield........

    Alexandros Deligiorgis

    Very nice comment!

  36. Ellen Despues

    I like all love songs. Always in my heart im not forget and relay much to me since im high school and now...

  37. Paulo França Lacerda

    Wonderful song! Thanks for sharing.

  38. Hans-Jørgen Jægergaard Nielsen

    Sangen "Dismal Day" er fra gruppen "The Bread" første LP fra 1969. Trommeslageren er en studiemusiker, gruppen fik stor succes og så måtte gruppen tage en trommeslager som fast mand

  39. supreme millipede


    Spencer Kieft

    That's my favorite part. Plus I looked at your profile pic and imagined a millipede saying "eeeeeeeeeee" and it made me laugh.

  40. itcfan

    Great song...great band!

  41. Anthea Carson

    Such a great song

  42. Skyver


  43. Skyver

    Same I love this song it relaxes me once i get back from a hard day of getting bullied at school like this guy knows how i feel lol

  44. Elvin Mejia

    One of my favorite oldies!!! Love it!!!

  45. blackandtanful

    70年代、上質ポップロック、ブレッドの幕開け、このデビュー盤からのシングルカット”Dismal Days(灰色の朝)”で飛躍していったナ!

  46. Ethan Gill

    I'm really happy my mom knew bread. She introduced me to them! And I introduced them to people at school. Who knows they might make a comeback haha

  47. STEREO1717


  48. milestones24

    i like to go back to the past... love the song..


    I can't find any reference to that book online Falconman 1960. Can you help with a link? Thanks.

    Hi Ruthgee How ya keeping? W

  50. Time Traveling DJs

    There's a brand new book called "It Grew On The Vine 2" that is a total homage to David Gates and Bread. Highly recommended, and at times emotionally hard to read.

  51. Jomar Machado

    Hearing this song on saturday afternoom just before to go to the ballads...those were the days... :D... no more 70's...

  52. ruth greeley

    Where's the original album cover "Bread" Bread? !!!