Bread - Any Way You Want Me Lyrics

Take me anyway you want me
'Cause I need your love to see me through
You can make me anyway you want me
That's all that I can offer you
I have tried so hard to please you
But I just can't seem to reach you

Tried, tried a little kindness
Every night and day like I knew I should
But you can take me, yes and you can leave me
But I always stayed, and you knew I would
Come on, come on closer now
I will get to you somehow

Come on, come on closer now
I will get to you somehow
But you got to show me how
Please, please baby, please
Please, baby show me the way to your heart
You got to take me anyway you want me
Or take me just, just the way I am
Take me, or you can make me

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Bread Any Way You Want Me Comments
  1. Blake Gregory

    James Griffin is so underrated. David Gates is talented but he had his own style.

  2. Matt Winkett

    Great drumming on this song

  3. alfredo reinaldo Alberto


  4. William Sargent

    That is James Griffin singing, not David. James wrote most of the band's harder-edges songs.

  5. Shannon Pincombe

    So groovy. Pure awesome!

  6. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    hell yeah this song kicks ass from bread, my favourite one on the bread debut album strong song. man david gates is just magic a lot of soul in his voice.

    Paraglider Motorizado

    Not David singing! Just Jimmy!

  7. Miguel Montes López

    Thank you so much, its an amazing song, Great!!