Breach - The Key Lyrics

Have you back in my face
With all those years passed
I just got used to my space
I don't know how to feel
This whole thing seems surreal
We got so much history
I hurt you, I hurt you
I hurt you, I hurt you
You hurt me
No we don't need therapy
What I need's you to leave

You got so many issues [x8]

Oh, I'm so glad you gave back the keys [x8]

So baby don't go, baby don't go
Baby don't, baby don't go!!
Baby don't go, baby don't go
Baby don't leave me, leave yet

Baby don't go, baby don't go
Baby don't, baby don't go!!
Baby don't go, baby don't go
Baby don't leave me, leave yet

Oh, I'm so glad you gave back the keys [x4]

You got so many issues [x8]

Oh, I'm so glad you
Oh, I'm so glad you
Oh, I'm so glad you gave back the keys

Oh, I'm so glad you
Oh, I'm so glad you
Oh, I'm so glad you gave back the keys

Oh, I'm so glad you gave back my keys

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Breach The Key Comments
  1. Twiglet

    My key brings all the locks to the yard

  2. KeelanDragon

    Still bumping this

  3. Kells Chapman

    Oi oi forgot how good this track is, big track

  4. Natalia Arriaza


  5. djtrevis

    10 / 10 !

  6. Virtuozzo!

    new house anthem!

  7. Marc Johnson

    Nostalgia 😍

  8. Milo Practice

    ugh I miss 2014 :I
    that was a good year for raves

  9. Camy Galindez


  10. ollie cracknell

    fucking phwoar

  11. Robbie Laurie


  12. Elena Jacek

    It's more like an edit rather than a remix.

  13. SuperElmundo

    where can I get this extended version? on iTunes etc is only a shorter 2:48 version, that is not as good as this one here

  14. Mitz Patel

    This is way better than Kelis - Rumble (Breach Remix) because they have defined the music and background to sound more upfront and more better.. I think this version is far better than the other one the other one lacks a little bit 👍😏

  15. graphenes

    phat tune

  16. Julian Phelps

    pretty smooth

  17. Ciclon753

    always!! in the second 30 the songs change in this channel O_o

  18. michael l

    love it

  19. Andrrew99

    What was wrong with Kelis - Rumble (Breach remix)?

  20. X6Herbius

    1:01 - She's clearly talking to a magazine collector.


    How does this not have a dozen likes?


    Big Issue worser magazine

  21. Jorge Barreto Jr

    hey boys , Kelis still brings her milkshake to the yard

    Derek P:o

    yep seen her in Chicago in July met her.....shes fabulous!!!   & your pretty hot!  just sayin


    You're 🔥👍🏽

    Derek P:o

    I hope that means something nice

  22. Scayeldnb

    one of the best songs ever uploaded on here imo

  23. Mifty

    Oh Kelis :3 

  24. Jonathan Galvan

    huh they remixed kelis' song rumble. i have this song KELIS- RUMBLE (BREACH REMIX) i like it better than this one. thought you guys should know. 

  25. Arron Green

    I'm sorry but this is rubbish what a load of shit there is a well better version

  26. MainlineDnB

    Superb track. Original remix of "Rumble" was brilliant, this takes it to that next level. To the people thinking "But... It's just Rumble under another name?!", it used to be a fairly common practice in dance music in the 90's when a remix overshadowed the original track. For example, the now classic 1995 house track "Ultra Flava" by Heller & Farley Project started life as a (released) remix of an Ultra Nate track from two years before, hence the track title.


    So am I getting this right: the remix was so much better than the original that Kelis let Breach be the named artist and agreed to be the featured artist instead? 

    Hofftastic Voyage

    It isn't even recognizable, to be honest.

  27. Justin / Prolyfic

    Haven't liked a song that UKF has uploaded in so long.. used to be known as the best EDM music channel.


    ukf is just moving with the times, this is what's popular now

    Justin / Prolyfic

    are you a hipster or something? 

    Justin / Prolyfic

    Nah, but thanks for replying to my comment that is just shy of a year old

  28. Rob Pagett

    Tip Top Track

  29. André Oliveira

    C'mon that's old

  30. Creeper Dubz

    I'm not really fan of deep house, but this guy is probably the best producer of the genre :D
    And yes, this song uploaded twice with another name??? (and now without video clip)

    Lindsay Hands

    nah this is more of a VIP or rework or something. I don't actually know but it's not exactly the same song

    Hikari Sakai

    nah, Oliver Heldens is the best of Deep House :)


    He's good, but there's a lot of amazing deep house artists out there. MK, Shadow Child, Dashdot, Alok, Tchami, KANT, T.E.E.D, etc etc. 

    If you still don't like DH after listening to it for a while, you need to try drugs... 

    Creeper Dubz

    @xboxgamer959 I don't think... he selled himself to Spinnin'...
    Btw. he is also good :D


    @xboxgamer959 haha

  31. drumandbassob0007

    this is too smooth really like the vocals , allways liked Kelis's voice 

  32. Ivey Coor

    I love it. Rumble is good. This is just a whole lot of awesomeness.

  33. Música y traducciones

    WTF?? It's Kelis - Rumble (Breach Remix)


    It's not the same!

    Another World

    Shut up cybermorph.


    A producer does significantly more work that a mere singer, it's no bad to give the producer the main part of the credit of the song.


    your fucking username is already pissing me off

  34. Addicted2Bass

    Where is Rumble :(

  35. ThreePieceBang

    Anyone else notice that as this track went up, UKF took down the previous
    Kelis - Rumble (Breach Remix) video?
    I know they're very similar. But that previous track was the absolute shit. The backing video was equally insane.
    I demand it back!

  36. JaSumMakedonec

    Whats next?
    Breach - The Door?


    I should not be doing this but this is the perfect opportunity:
    Breach - The Rude Sandstorm.

    Arctic Empire

    @JaSumMakedonec hahaha!

    Manu Bautista

    @JustForFun119 fucking boss.


    @Manu Bautista Scouse



  37. Noah Schilling

    Lol first komment ^^

    And cool Song Love it <3