Breach - Jack Lyrics

I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Let's jack.
I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Come on, let's jack.

Jack, jack, jack...

I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Let's jack.
I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Come on, let's jack.

Jack, jack, jack...

I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Let's jack.

I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Let's jack.
I want your body, everybody wants your body, so let's jack.
Come on, let's jack.

Jack, jack, jack...

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Breach Jack Comments
  1. robert szoradi

    Jack black is gonna make me get my hair back

  2. Bacon & Eggs

    Dumbest video Ive seen in a while... congratulations!

  3. Shannon Baksh

    Let's jack up in Italy

  4. 2k2 Mar RB

    Fucking scared, after 7 years and I'm still traumatized

  5. A Team

    ok now i need a pain killer for my head

  6. itay abecasis

    מי שפה בגלל גיא tv שיתן לייק בבקשה

  7. Iony B

    Anyone listen it on 2020?❤️

    xXMonopolyXx YT

    Iony B yes

  8. Ashling Duggan

    Let's Jack's 😂

  9. wave

    Today is day when day is today

  10. Brian Klaus

    I first heard this in kfc and was wondering why the hell they would be playing this in kfc.

    After watching this video I have to say now I’m wondering even more.

  11. Silversurfergio

    Noem me maar jack
    Vieze jack

  12. ShamRockJack

    This song was made for me

  13. The Awakening Tribe

    If you didn't come here on psychedelics, you're missing out. Seriously - go take them and come back.


    Wer ist auch wegen inscope hier 😂

  15. David Hammitt

    When I listen to this song, so do my neighbors.

  16. Name Name


  17. Sifix

    Im now upset that i clicked weird music videos playlist..

  18. Shane 47

    Porfavor, que desperdicio de cabello!! Conozco gente que necesitaría un poco de ese xD

  19. Cory L

    This makes me want to shave.


    This isn’t strange. This is scary

  21. Elaine Vickers

    love this video, makes you feel good! Still watching in Dec 2019

  22. Nana Srean

    Who thinks this song is a bit awkward and fancy at the same time?

  23. SangitaSunshine

    I regret and share in the sorrow of all the "Jacks" in the world whose beautiful name is included in this most bizarre and disturbing thing!

    All the jacks in the world !!! You are just as amazing as you and this horrible song was not written about you !!!

  24. Rihanna Fenty


  25. Uni Tato

    2019 Bro’s?

  26. Anastasia S


  27. HyperThorpe Playz

    2013 was worst year almost nothing interesting happened that year except towards the end

  28. Scoped Victory

    This is so creepy...

  29. Clintology

    Is that the furry wall from when P diddy smoked a Jeffery with Russel brand and when mental

  30. VSIM 79

    Наркоманы, блять, вы разлагаете и до того разложенное общество память и русский террор, выстрелил в спину и душу долой, мы призываем крестом и мечом...

  31. Luis Herrera

    Came here 6 years later because I went to a rave last week, Escape 2019 and heard Chris Lake do a remix to this and it made me remember this song. So here I am now! Hello everyone!

    Abdulrahman Alsuwaidi

    we are the lost travelers

  32. Silent Human

    Nothing will ever beat this video when it comes to weird songs.

  33. Rihanna Fenty

    My favorite song right here


    So good you came back twice lol. I dont blame you

  34. Rad.

    6 years later and I still can't understand what the meaning of the music video or even lyrics is.

  35. doggothegreat

    absolute trash song

  36. Dave Blanco

    The strip club brought me here...

  37. Elizabeth Aleman


  38. son ombre

    I heard this song in a pornhub compilation hahaha

  39. Amber Ledbury

    When you hit puberty

  40. MagicOrange

    I don't know why but I find this video scary, like really scary!

  41. ObsidianWolf 22

    When I was 7 I was scared of this video XD I just found it again and oh.

  42. Just No Daphne

    I typed in werid hair music video and it came up

  43. ThelolOfGods

    lol i searched for music and this song was just above a song named hit the road jack

  44. נועה בן יוסף


  45. Alex Marshall

    oh its a jackoff song i think ???

  46. DpsFoxGaming

    Every one who see it in 2020 give a like

  47. patrickJMT

    i dedicate this to my beautiful and hairy wife. i love you sweetie.

  48. Salomon Vera

    Buena onda , añadida al repertorio !😎✌🕺🔥🥦

  49. Nick Quaife

    finally a decent song about LUST... why there are not more songs about this 4-letter "L" word is beyond comprehension.

  50. selahattin özdemir


  51. Garrr Lick

    in the age of garbage EDM, glad to see a solid house/club track get mainstream release and attention. No overproduced cheesiness that you get with Diplo and a lot of other trashy EDM producers who all sound the same. Just well structured percussion, nice bounce sub and coated in some nice vocals.

  52. Satan

    look up the lyrics to this vid

  53. Nova_Pawz

    This cannot be from 2013! It feels like last year

  54. Nova_Pawz

    I searched up 'jack' because I was looking for Jacksepticeye but then I found this, this song is a bop. 🤩

  55. RobertBon

    Someone in 2019?

  56. 1K Subs without any content Challenge

    Who’s the ginger chick?

    amxranthine x

    Winter Soldier Jack

  57. Amaro

    yes hello there in 2019

  58. Hashirama Senju

    It sounds like the got Rexella Van Impe to say "Let's Jack!", I might be wrong......the voice sounds the same, this is how Rexella says Jack.

  59. Imagine Ariana's Fifth Logic

    This was my favorite song when i was 10

  60. Nailah


  61. Matthew Howes

    way too much acid vibes in this video

  62. Volvo Polestar 1 from nfs heat

    I showed this to my golf
    Now he becomes a F150

  63. Aleskeroov

    Ne izledim amk ben 😂

  64. Matthew Cunningham

    My confused is so boner right now.

  65. Josh K

    I never realised how great this music video was!

  66. what the hell

    Weird as fuck , but totally great
    I really miss this song ❤️

  67. virginija lukoseviciene

    I was searching for jacksepticeye and i saw this song

  68. August Grell

    i need the blonde-hair jumpsuit

  69. Alex Green

    Blonde handlebar moustache guy definitely has a lisp

  70. Joo Honey

    I found this song by accident... and wtf?

  71. John Banji

    2019, still a jam

  72. Honey Sirachi

    my fever dreams look like this

  73. Rhea

    The amount of hair in this video makes me uncomfortable

  74. Lil hoe peep

    I was 11 when this came out and I was terrified of this happening to me once I hit puberty but I came back to say I’m ok and I made it...

  75. Tatum Smith

    How did i even find this😂😂😂

  76. kiara kiara

    I was looking for this song and i forgot the name then i typed "weird music videos" And i found it😂😂😂😂

  77. Rona G

    גיא טיוי.....?

  78. lil boi

    Producer: how much hair do you want in the video?
    Breach: yes.

  79. Mr. Meaty

    so weird....I love it

  80. Tori Winters

    I think I must have found a hair in my breakfast

  81. MRThunderwing 1999

    I don’t get it with the hair

  82. Steph Graham

    What kind of Guinness came up with these lirics yeah inagreee though this song is very nice and coool

  83. Wee abo

    I searched up Jack ( meaning jacksepticeye) and found this •-•

  84. kiara kiara

    Let's just appreciate the two dancers cause they are awesome 👏✊👍.

  85. Doğu Dağlı

    Click bomb👨🏻‍🚀🇹🇷

  86. Katie Jevons

    this scarred me as a kid

  87. dust hymn


  88. Jack Haynes

    Don't like this song

  89. hxneybee

    I used to sing this to my parents when I was younger.


  90. CareyEve36

    2019 anyone?

  91. GrassGirlGem

    Am I the only one that noticed wrong coloured skin tone pants/hair covering..? Love the dancing. Weird vid 👍

  92. Alex Mason

    Dancing gay probation worker XD

  93. euphorialisha

    i finally found this fucjing song

  94. Paige

    This video looks itchy