Branigan, Laura - With Every Beat Of My Heart Lyrics

As I look out of my window
I see your face in each shadow on the street below me
And as I hear the hard rain falling
I wonder will you be calling, do you still wanna hold me?
I think will you turn away?
Do you wanna say it's over?
Will you really come?
Was it just for fun, I wonder
Is it easy to see, that every time you touch me

With every beat of my heart, there's thunder inside
Every beat of my heart, I need you tonight
Every beat of my heart, I'm reachin' for you
I need you now, with every beat of my heart

As I lay down in this dark room
I hear your voice like a soft tune, echo all around me
And as I feel the cold wind blowing
I wonder will you be showing, or forget you ever found me?
I think will you turn away?
Do you wanna say it's over?
Will you really come?
Was it just for fun, I wonder
Is it easy to see, that every time you touch me

With every beat of my heart, there's thunder inside
Every beat of my heart, I need you tonight
Every beat of my heart, I'm reachin' for you
I need you now, with every beat of my heart
With every beat of my heart, there's thunder inside
Every beat of my heart, I need you tonight
Every beat of my heart, I'm reachin' for you
I need you now, with every beat of my heart
With every beat of my heart, with every beat of my heart
Every beat of my heart, oh, every beat of my heart
Every beat of my heart, deep inside of me something's died...

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Branigan, Laura With Every Beat Of My Heart Comments
  1. Sata Ss

    Ale chujowe

  2. Jb Beltran

    Shes the best i mest a lot

  3. AWM

    Error in your description. The album from which this great song comes from came out in 1984, not 1990.

  4. wladimir gjurovic

    Laura you are Every Beat of My Heart......forever

  5. Vinicius M83

    I don't know how people tend to compare Laura to Cher. In my humble opinion, Laura is light-years ahead. She's amazing in all ways. There's no comparison.

    Michael Demos

    There was never any real rivalry between them. Only comparison I can think of between them is, " I Found Someone" which Laura sang first and Cher made a hit out of the song with all that techno stuff. I like both versions.

  6. Bill McLeod

    I've been in love with Laura since Gloria...
    I'm 51 now and I still miss her...
    I could and can listen to her over and over and over and over...

  7. Deb Blackmore

    1982 till now baby 2019 never in a million years I will stop loving missing you with every beat of my heart I will never turn away xx

  8. Reno Bronson

    Laura was a Cancer (the nurturers of the Zodiac) as I am, we're only 2 days apart in birthdays (month not year); that explains why there is so much heart to her singing. Debbie Harry from the group Blondie is a Cancer also, listen to her sing Shayla and you'll hear what I mean.



  10. maheer mahmood

    2019!!! (Y)

  11. Anthony Leong Wann Lih

    Laura, one of my favourite of all time. She sings with passion and true heart. And this particular track is one of my favourite songs from her. God bless her soul and I am thankful to have been born to enjoy her music since the radio and cassette days

  12. Said Mohamud

    Laura Brannigan Tonight I Say In My 💔 the Heart I Love You 🤟 Forever And I Coming Where You Are God Bless To You Emen.

  13. Said Mohamud

    I Never Forgetting Your Voice .your 😉 Amazing Person In My Life .You Help Me Many Things .Really You Teaching Me .After 2000 years.And See You In Heavens.Insha Allah.

  14. Yuri Georgiev

    Just brilliant!

  15. TheSchmuck2

    Not a bad way to end an album!

  16. steve cundy

    how many people laid in bed thinking how this song summed up there point in time at that point in their time, ( every beat your hart)

  17. Joe Hayek

    rip 70s 80s and 90s.

  18. Julia Ng

    So wonderful and touching song, miss u Laura

  19. Julia Ng

    Wonderful song, talent singer

  20. Cindy Adams

    I Love everything Laura did. Such a powerful voice she would get you on the Train and take you Thru All the Emotions Sad Happy Angry. I was happy to Listen...

  21. Dahlia Abanes

    Every time my heart beat is runnin going to u lol...hahaiii me no say anything but, im going to marry very soon giatot lol...

  22. martin adaro

    One of my favorites from self control cd

  23. Julia Ng

    Thanks for Laura, this song always every beat my heart. You are a talent's singer and miss you so much.

  24. Greg Rivera

    Laura branigan's music will live on forever today's artists don't have that kind of talent the music stinks today I wish you were here you would show them what wheel Talent was miss you

  25. steve cundy

    the world is a lesser place, with out laura! heavin is better place now with laura

  26. Julia Ng

    Wonderful song, love u Laura

  27. Tania Burgos

    M l heart Laura branigan

  28. ضافر dafer adnan

    But like to 80'time ....laura......Rip

  29. Ana Margarita Rodríguez Villegas

    Cuando me entere de su fallecimiento quede en shock, ya que pensé que se había retirado hace tiempo del espectáculo, como lo han hecho tantos famosos. Y de alguna forma le toco irse , sin despedirse de su otra mitad; como ella decia que era su público o sus fans! Pero siempre vivirá en los corazones de sus seguidores !

  30. Odi Lon

    Hmm another inspiration of Gaga, I take it?

  31. Char Curib

    Excellent!,Laura forever

  32. Char Curib

    Excellent as always

  33. Craig Hatzi

    Was this her first album??

  34. The Bug

    With every beat....!

  35. scottjulie27

    I said it in another comment, but I will say it in this case because I think it is very appropriate. Besides Laura Branigan's amazing voice, the credit should also go to the very talented musicians. All her background music, especially this one, just sounds so damn freakin' good. :))))


    the drum machine you mean? Her voice is the key ingredient here.

  36. Walter Martino


  37. Lennox

    Wooo what nice voice , and a sad tragic death .... kizz

  38. Ghislain Fourbil

    Quel voix je valide !


    Well Yid atleast you are not running a YID add with an Irish Girl on Xmas or I will BEAT 10 of YOU tomorrow !! Like I did in BOSTON !!! God I hate you EWS !!

  40. Maurice C.

    Sorry but "Self Control Album" was released in 1984.

  41. Ghukiye chophi

    i love this song....thnx for uploading in u tube .. found after long time. ...

  42. Ron Meyers


  43. Abbas Alsamerly

    Great song I love it :) and never forget Laura

  44. Michael Demos

    Such a cool rhythmic tune with a fantastic voice

  45. Aamir Afzal

    it brrings so many tears that Laura is no more ....what a beautiful singer she was...what a voice... so many hit songs to her name.... my one of the all time favorite singers.....I always feel so captivated by her voice.....maybe words would come short to describe the power and brilliance of laura.

  46. Ayush Acharya

    O god this touched me ..
    This song carries interesting story with me. I was very obsessive with song, in 2012 after listening this song for more than 3 years, I searched this song on google and knew that singer was Laura Branigan, her and my birth day was same and the day when I googled it, the day was August 26 (the day when she died).

  47. Alexis Simms

    This woman literally sang her heart out,not many singers could sing like that if any,Im talking Mariah,Whitney,Adele,Benetar etc.Singing such a powerful song and her voice gets stronger and stronger throughout,very rare vocals indeed.One of the reasons she wasn't a megastar for long was that she wasn't a sell out like the others and she had family that came first,sonebody please correct me if u think Im wrong,and does anyone honestly think a singer from the past or present could duplicate this?Not many of Laura's songs were ever sang as covers to other singers,who else ever sang Gloria after she did?Nobody,why,because they couldnt,ever heardvSoraya sing Self Control,that was a joke,o.k.she had a miniskirt on but a big adams apple also,a horrific copy,Cher had a copy of I Found Someone,nice upbeat tempo,but no where near as powerful as Laura,and fake vocals throughout her version,again short miniskirt helped though,then we have Celine and Power of Love,judge that one for yourself,I mean that song made Celine a star in 1993 and I have no clue as to why,Roxette s,The Sweet Hello The Sad Goodbye which Laura sang after her original,u be the judge on that one,the list goes on and on,bottom line is Laura was in a class of her own and only us fans and all of the other so called megastars know it.Truth be told :-)


    I'm almost all the way with you - with one little exception: Power of love - I agree, Celine doesn't sound right on that song but Jennifer Rush, who originally recorded and rewrote that song is my favorite on this one.
    Anyway - there is absolutely no doubt that Laura was one of the greatest singers ever. I love her voice, her power and I really can't remember a single song of hers that I didn't like.

    Michael Thao

    Alexis Simms DA W0w00101


    Alexis & Biggy : You pretty much covered everything I wanted to say. I, too, was aggrieved that Laura was putting out great music that was getting very little radio play while other [often mediocre ] singers were all but being rammed down our throats. That's because they had corporate backers who also owned media outlets- like now- who want to decide what we like. You also notice how many great singers are famous elsewhere but get little [ if any] radio play in the US? The majority of  Americans couldn't tell you who Sarah Brightman or the Celtic Women are if it weren't for PBS , or Florence and the Machine , if it weren't for the latter doing music for a video game. Things haven't changed , it seems...

    Ever Life

    Actually a Mexican singer named Gloria Trevi did a cover of "Gloria" back in the 90s and early 2000's. It was a great hit in Mexico. But other than that, Laura is an amazing and tremendous singer. God bless her.

    Troy Bilharz

    She sang better then any female out there and did any version better to...who cares about who ELSE sang it...if laura sang it...that was it!

  48. Santiago San Miguel

    Self Control was released in 1984

    Roberto S. Barraza

    That´s right, not in 1990

  49. AgrilEX

    Laura i will always miss you

  50. jo keenan

    more tears

  51. Lucas Lima

    linda d+laurinha para sempre

  52. Mário Moreira

    Mário Moreira obrigados ameivos aty alouviu

  53. BuskakiNews


  54. fatima

    englisch schlager

  55. Bruno Meireles

    +stacey hansen Yes, this song is wonderful! I have only two albums her: (Branigan 2 and Self Control) .

  56. Alexandre Oliveira

    Muito linda a canção. Laura tinha uma voz linda, inesquecível..

  57. Bruno Meireles

    I love this song <3

  58. Raphael

    Iwish i never let HER alone, what a big mistake....Laura, we miss you, RIP!

    jim walker

    what u mean

    Johnny MFan

    Did you know Laura?

  59. Katherina Sheehan

    This is one of my favorite songs from Laura. She was a phenomenal singer that felt every song she sang. You can hear the cry in her voice. Also, her voice was golden like no other artist around today. Her voice sounded good live too. And this is what true talent is, not when you need help to improve your voice in the studio. She is truly missed. She inspired me again to write and sing again. RIP angel.

  60. Mark Socha

    one of my favorite songs from the album. I always thought it should have made it big on the charts.


    It has a fantastic introduction!

  61. Santiago San Miguel

    Beautibul song but sad :(

  62. Confetti show


  63. dm9542

    Self Control album came out in 1984, not 1990.

  64. David Gray

    Like a whiskey ginger smooth

  65. Paulo Ricardo Souza

    Que voz linda, enfim... Laura encantava a todos com suas belas músicas. Para sempre te amarei...

  66. Newton Chava

    Such a brilliant song and a lovely voice. I still love this song to date. Laura died too soon.

  67. 80s guru

    Holy crap my speaker blew at 4:00 of this song:)

  68. 80s guru

    Happy Birthday Laura July 3,2015

  69. 80s guru

    Damn this song Rocks!Incredible voice,why wasn't she more well known?

    Hail God&Life

    She was popular in the 80s, the reason why she's not so popular today she went in heaven way before the big media was created, like adults about 40 50 years old or more know who Laura is

    Kenneth Newnum

    Hail God&Life She still did very well internationally, selling out stadiums in mostly Latin countries where she was adored. The loss of her husband after being caregiver for many years hurt her bad, but she was slowly coming out of the dark but she passed just as it was happening. I love you, Laura. RIP

    Char Curib

    Kenneth Newnum ,,truly amazing and so much affections

  70. Betty Sustayta


  71. travis walden

    b.o.b - room 34 brought me here.

  72. Paula Mete Maxwell

    omg i luv this song n the rest of the cassette was same 

  73. barteek22

    Great song! The remastered Album came out in 2013.It contains additional songs (remixes) earlier listed only on records. The sound is really outstanding.

  74. djteddy bear

    love her vocals

  75. suzan primrose

    my favourite song ever x

  76. Omar M.

    Best song &singer you can listening to...
    من اجمل الاغنيات التى يمكن سماعها

  77. bizzybone951

    lucky living in the 80s listening to laura

  78. Marley5895

    It turns out you're right. I originally got the info off of Amazon's description. But the 1990 date must be referring to the CD release, not the original album.

    Thanks. :P

  79. kamilbam

    This album was released in 1984 :P

  80. onceuponatimeinme

    by far my favorite song by laura!!!

  81. N. Karl-Belitz

    I didn't like it very much in 1984. Now I can see it's a real gem!

  82. Marley5895

    I had to double-check. It's from my iTunes library, and it didn't specify "remastered", so I'm going to say no. I'm glad you liked it. :)