Branigan, Laura - Hold Me Lyrics

Kinda young, very pretty
Living alone, full of fear
Feeling lost, so unhappy
Waiting for luck to appear

Meet a man, sit together,
Talk about dreams, a career
Feeling good, getting closer
Putting her lips to his ear

She whispers hold me
Baby please hold me
Make all those bad dreams disappear
She whispers hold me
Baby please hold me
I'd feel safe for just a minute
Help me drive away my fear

Shattered dreams
Her ambitions slip from her mind
Drift away so secure
Living his life
Pushing the world, far away

She whispers hold me
Baby please hold me
Make all those bad dreams disappear
She whispers hold me
Baby please hold me
I'd feel safe for just a minute
Help me drive away my fear

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Branigan, Laura Hold Me Comments
  1. Thomas Oetting

    Rip laura

  2. AWM

    Laura Branigan was very popular in Australia in 1983-84. This album didn't do well in 1985, despite being an excellent album with songs such as 'Foolish Lullaby' and 'Forever Young'. I remember when she visited Australia in 1986 and sang a duet with John Farnham. Check it out on YouTube.


    AWM Spanish Eddie made it to the top 10 in my country, Guatemala.

  3. Eldon Ruhl

    Miss Her..R.I.P.

  4. Zdziczały Obszar

    Klimacik :)

  5. Jani Virtanen

    top quality song ,gotta love everything from Laura <3

  6. Md Tariq

    I think this is a best song of laura braningan.

  7. Zuggy Wapwap

    Holding You In My Heart Always , Love You Laura,,,

  8. Alejandro Herrera

    she was so sexy , i used to listen this song on the radio in 1986

  9. Ghislain Fourbil

    Comment je kiffe ce genre de music J'adore Laura Branigan !

  10. Huberto Vasquez

    Muy buen tema...clásico ochentero

  11. ANACRÔ


  12. Kenneth Newnum

    one of my favorites. to the ones confused on story. it's a young professional woman who goes to a bar because she's lonely. Work isn't everything. She meets a man, sit together, talk about dreams, her career. She then whispers in his ear, Hold Me, baby please Hold Me. so beautiful.

    Viribus Unitis

    This is the Self Control's video...

  13. David Vigil

    makes me wonder who she wanted to hold her! he/she "both" just saying after listening to her lyrics.

  14. housetrancformer

    That's really not what I meant. But thanks for the 411

  15. Troy Bilharz

    Idk y she didn't have a video for was an excellent song and never made it high enough in charts either.....whoever managed her and produced her did NOT get her out there enough.....jack Buchanan was it? All I'm saying is she was better than any female singer then and tday!!!

    Troy Bilharz

    Yes she far


    Laura was huge in 1984, but you're right after that her success seemed to disappear. I had this album HOLD ME and it was fantastic!


    I had Hold Me! And I was surprised tge record company didn’t push it further. I found someone deserved a video and bigger promotion to become the top 10 hit of the album.

  16. jabemer

    you stuped fock

  17. Robert Pereira

    Very well done! Thank you for making this montage from "Self Control"".

  18. Eldon Ruhl


    Eldon Ruhl


  19. Eldon Ruhl

    The Best!!!!

  20. DC Sheehan

    Totally works with this song - thanks for making.

  21. Paula Mete Maxwell

    omg got this cassette Hod Me album n songs r fantastic

  22. housetrancformer

    This song is so powerful , Laura Branigan was an amazing talent that we lost too soon; it's injustice that artists like we have today are allowed to roam free while she lies dead in a coffin

  23. pablo samaniego

    muy buen temaaa ;)

  24. Jean-Michel Decembre

    Merci, tres bien fait...

  25. Murat MORSÜMBÜL

    Thanks for sharing...