Branigan, Laura - Foolish Lullaby Lyrics

You always run to me
Whenever she leaves you
We trade philosophy
But nothing can free you
Too many poison arrows hit
The heart you've try to hide
Can't you say goodbye to this foolish lullaby?

Still you talk as if
She didn't hurt you
But I see what she did
And you see the virtue
You refuse to hear the words
That lie behind your eyes
Can't you say goodbye to this foolish lullaby?

If you are so sure that she's the one
Why are you lying here with me?
Did it ever cross your mind at all
Of how this feels to me?
I'll never know just what you see in her
I don't even want to try
I guess the both of us sing a foolish lullaby

So we'll wear the goodbye look
Collecting excuses
For all the time it took
To hide the abuses
The thorns around the roses left
Their mark below our eyes
Can't we say goodbye to this foolish lullaby?

If you are so sure that she's the one
Why are you lying here with me?
Did it ever cross your mind at all
Of how this feels to me?
I'll never know just what you see in her
I don't even want to try
I guess the both of us sing a foolish lullaby

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Branigan, Laura Foolish Lullaby Comments
  1. Adelaide Dupont

    #foolishlullaby - what a humdinger! And it touches in spots that I'd not had before. #laurabranigan

  2. Iz Nh

    I love Laura.

    But the duet of Regine Velasquez and Anka is the best.

  3. guitar11diary

    Laura voice was strong, rough, raw, distinctive, elegant, warm and tender. Such variety from one voice.


    Laura Branigan had a 6 octave range.

  4. HYDRA . J

    Nice song 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Char Curib

    I love everything about Laura,Perfect!

  6. Hakan Ünlüdere

    We arent lucky because to late born 30 years late. .

  7. Char Curib

    Excellent singer, there will never be another singer-performer like Laura Branigan.We ms You idol.

  8. Char Curib

    We should start to VALUE again this talented artist 'Laura Branigan'

  9. Char Curib

    Excellent! Excellent! The Legend, my #1 artist

  10. Char Curib


  11. Sam Mo

    Oh my 💘 I miss you my Ghazal

  12. Yvonne Gräf

    Such a beautiful song and the best voice ever 👍❤

  13. Michael Demos

    U we're truly the best Laura

  14. Michael Demos

    The most beautiful voice ever

    Yvonne Gräf

    Yes 👍👍👍

  15. Anne-Marie Graham

    18 seconds into this video looks like Celine Dion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Bruno Meireles

    A versão da Laura Branigan é melhor.

  17. melaneros

    The music is basically the same but the feel of the songs are totally different. Basically they are two different songs using the same music. This is the original and the one I like the best. I really can't judge both because to me all they share is commonality in music. And I agree that Laura is underrated but I will always remain a big fan.

    Sund Jeffrey

    yea but i prefer Laura's ;) simply best

  18. Sam Toucan

    Featured on Laura's 1985 album HOLD ME which is currently out of print. Hopefully it will get remastered and re-released like her SELF CONTROL album was in 2013. One can hope.


    Over the years, I sent requests for a "Hold Me" reissue to a lot of record companies specializing in reissues from that era (One Way, BBR, WoundedBird, etc.), and the best that I got was "Thanks, we'll take that into consideration".  I know that the album tanked on the charts upon its release, but given the indecent costs that are asked for this CD on eBay, they ought to know that this would actually sell !

  19. Sam Toucan

    Laura Branigan sang this first. Typically Celine copies everyone else's songs.


    Yes, but to be fair... don't forget that Laura herself performed many songs in her career that had already been done by others, sometimes in other languages. Anyway, "Foolish Lullaby" is certainly in my top 5 Laura Branigan songs of all time. I didn't even know that it had been covered - they never should have changed the lyrics, something got lost along the way.


    Lol. You are correct about that.

    April Salcedo

    It was Paul Anka who rewrote the lyrics and was sang with Regine Velasquez first. I believe.

  20. bizzybone951

    i love this song but wheres laura fuck that blonde and i know wat the song meeans but still

  21. azdificultoso

    It's beautiful but.....The best version Celine Dion and Paul Anka

    DBreaking Nutz

    No. The best version is the Regine Velasquez-Paul Anka version

  22. pavel03091983

    Way better than "It's hard to say goodbye"

  23. Shannon Goede

    this is mine and a very good firends song because he only talks to me when his girlfriend is really mad at him.

  24. jerome candia

    regine's way better

  25. jerome candia

    @WhiteMoon0505 i prefer regines version

  26. jerome candia

    @methnomore503 how about regine version...?

  27. Gary Dillon

    Amazing track by an amazng singer. Sadly missed.

  28. outerspaceoutpost

    I like this video, even though we don't see Laura. Iike celine Deon as well. I Think
    it's great that two fantastic singers collaborated together to bring us this wonderful
    ejoyment. seeing celine and hearing Laura does't take away from any of their talent that God blessed them with. Laura's music was always there for me through my difficult teen days and she was my first concert.
    . I will always love Laura. I will always be here to listen. keep singing in heaven my friend.

  29. azdificultoso

    Why are you using this Celine's video, this song is singing for Celine Dion, Laura Branigan and Regine Velazquez, all the versions are very good because are different .I prefer Celine's version.

  30. brito nito

    ambas geniales.......

  31. Julina

    just enjoy the music. no need to argue who's better sang this song.

  32. Mandy C

    I love this song, cant get enough of it.

  33. 123xxrobertx

    Great !! Guess it is one of most beauty Laura's songs I've heard ever! she has always well done soundtrax . I am listening other tunes too but I'm sure that's unforgettable

  34. roxylaa

    I AGREE! I work at a music store and there have been numerous times when we've gotten requests for this album. The 2 main songs people ask for are 'Forever Young' and 'Foolish Lullaby'.

  35. Meade Vlog channel

    I got the LP on Ebay for just 4$ Sounds better than a CD!

  36. slcrawford2003

    I wish Atlantic records would re-issue this cd, it was very underrated at the time of its release.

  37. Eric James

    Oh yea, holy crap. And I have that song too!

  38. xBankaiZ

    She didn't cover 'Foolish Lullaby' but she covered 'It's Hard To Say Goodbye' (duet with Paul Anka who sang it with Regine first)which uses the same melody as this one. Celine and Paul did a spanih version as well titled 'Mejor Decir Adios'.
    Even if the song isn't the same, it's totally obvious that the melody has been taken from this song and its a good thing cos the melody is just too beuatiful.

  39. Eric James

    Celine didn't cover this!

  40. Kagome Dirksmeyer

    I would like to Why you used a Celine Dion Video with A Laura Branigan Song? Do you thing we are all the dumb we wont notice it? Get a life and try again

  41. isisblitz

    it actually seems to make more sense with this version for celine's video the actions and movements are more to this versions lyrics that's why i think the music is all that's different

  42. xBankaiZ

    Wow! I always liked Celine's version but now that I heard this, I love this one, too. Infact, the melody is just too beautiful and whoever knows how to play the piano, knows what I am saying... its just a masterpiece *wub*

  43. paul rivershore

    Beautiful song.
    This classy lady we shall never forget.
    I love you forever Gloria.

  44. WhiteMoon0505

    I prefer Celine's Version, this is also very nice... but I prefer Celine's.