Brand New - You Stole Lyrics

Last night they said the fire had spread
And we said our prayers
And now the flames are burning me in my bed,
But I just don't care
We all go to sleep in the same place
And in the morning hope that we're all the same
Just sit around like broke down cars in the lot Waiting for repairs

There you go
There it goes...

Well I wish that I was as good as you
Caring and trusting
And I wish that my condition was new but I'm old and rusting
So we just hurry up only to wait
Add to the list of all the places we hate
And I pretend like I got something to say
But I've got nothing

Now I know that you stole
Yeah you stole
From the cradles they were rocked in
You took the first words that they spoke
Yeah you stole
Yeah you stole
So if I'm a liar and you're a thief
At least we both know where the other one sleeps
So let's end this tonight

Now I know that you stole
Yeah, you stole
From the cradles they were rocked in
You took the first words that they spoke
Yeah you stole
Yeah you stole

So if I'm a liar and you're a thief
At least we both know where the other one sleeps
So let's end this tonight

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Brand New You Stole Comments
  1. Owlicide

    reminds me twin peaks them sometimes ;)

  2. Aaron Montgomery

    let's end this tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lorenzo Ramirez

    LIL peep

  4. Mika Foshee

    Beautiful ❤️

  5. Dirk Beer

    😭 por eso me gusta Lil Peep .

  6. im retarted

    I know it's probably been said before, but Lil Peep sampled this.

    why mechuls


  7. Hornet Poison

    Body on the asphalt
    Be careful what you ask for

  8. deerhunter23

    "ima take my last breath in this room"

  9. john Vicaire III

    What's this song about?

  10. ThatCitrusFriend

    I feel like they're talking about time in this song. If you listen to it it makes sense. Idk it feels like there could be so many different meanings and it's really cool.

  11. Melissa Ivey

    What happened to him?

  12. Gary Green

    This group evolved into something very dark. Deja Entendu was the rocket launching and the albums get darker with each new major release. The Devil and God, Daisy, and Science Fiction all capture a deep feeling that my soul understands better than my mind does. The lyrics are a factor but the music is what makes me feel this way. It captures a kind of familiar hollow too well. It sings to my soul and my sickness in ways no other music can. Its my belief that only somebody who suffers as a norm can produce music like this. And this song....this song is so sad to me in every aspect. Im ironically happy this music is here. Thanks Jesse and Co.

  13. eelyab yeffoc

    this song was soo amazing live

  14. Geoffrey Hulsether

    Yeah, Deja is very overrated. The only good Brand New albums are their last three

  15. Caitlin Cloete

    The poor man's Modest Mouse.

  16. ESPexplorer

    One of my favorite Brand New songs. Also the first one i ever heard; while smoking bud in my friend's Jeep. He and i aren't friends anymore, but i'll always be thankful for him introducing me to Brand New.

  17. We Remotely Low

    This song reminds me of the things in Metal Gear Solid 4 that moo.

  18. SoyUna Mierda

    This song reassures me :)

  19. Jarius Spear

    Rip dad

  20. Helena Iero

    I love this band so much <3 <3 <3 <3

  21. Shay

    "If I'm a liar and you're a thief atleast we both know where the other one sleeps"

  22. Andy Sandoval

    just this song, it's for GRAVEYARDS

  23. Kacy Furru

    "And now the flames are burning me in my bed, but I just don't care"

    Henry Speer

    thats deep

    Jon Marshall

    This is everything ok with no I can make all I want happen never lost my Pooh Bear always

  24. Wes Harrison Films

    I just want to slowly fade away into a comatose state, while listening to this song...

    Slothy 1M3th0d

    Try sleeping

  25. eduardo serrano

    this song is so underrated. I fucking love it so much.

  26. Damian Horton

    sounds like brand new to me. you fucking fucks

  27. Chris Aktins

    4.15 is a drop of drops. Good song, often jam to it. From the album that divided everyone. Daisy isn't a bad record.

    Maxmilian Dealy

    doesn't every one wish that they could fight to that drop

  28. Refl3ctions

    4:15 heaviest drop of my life.

    Jonathon Parson

    Two years and it's still rocking my shit

  29. Mike Copeland

    I haft to say this is one of their deepest songs, everything about this song is just amazing....... I can play this over and over...

    Mike Copeland

    NotTheSun that's your Opinion mine is that this is the deepest track on the CD....

    Gary Green

    @Mike Copeland hey guy im with you 100%

  30. Joey Fersini

    Loved this song live

  31. Kevin Hackett

    Hello everyone. My name is Kevin Hackett. I am a musician from Cincinnati, Ohio. Every time someone asks me, I don't really know what to call my music. If you are interested, feel free to take a look at my music on this "Live" channel here and leave a comment on your opinion of it. I hope it isn't a waste of your time and that it speaks to you in I some way or another. Tell me what you think. Thanks for your time.

  32. Bear The Rotten

    Practically modest mouse...

    Still awesome tho

    Austin Cass

    @Bear The Rotten should hear their MM and neutral milk hotel covers, pretty rad stuff if you haven't given it a listen already

  33. Ryan

    everyone of their songs takes multiple listening to uncover the deeper meaning

  34. WinterFaery

    His voice and the instrumental sets me in a trance.

    Justin Reddick

    Me too🖤🖤🖤

  35. mikey ice

    they really do sound just like modest mouse on this album...even jesse's voice goes there lol...still great tho

  36. Jenna DeCesare

    Brand New kinda reminds me of *insert unrelated band here*, don't you think?

  37. Emily Wiggins

    Kinda reminds me of Pink Floyd

  38. Cristian Chavez

    Wow. I just get lost in this song. Amazing

  39. shortk23

    That off key strum reminds me of Twin Peaks for some reason. 

  40. B. Henderson

    And then Brand New just tried to make Modest Mouse songs and people called them out on it, and they stopped making music.

    The Roober

    @Brandon Henderson and then they released a new song and it was fucking awesome


    @Brandon Henderson Brand New and Modest Mouse sound almost nothing alike wtf.
    And I'm in love with both bands.

    B. Henderson

    Brand New admitted they were listening to Modest Mouse heavily when recording this album. Several of the rhythms are nearly identical to songs on Moon & Antarctica. 


    @Brandon Henderson well i can see that

  41. Phoebe

    I like his voice and their lyrics, but do they have any faster songs? All the ones I've heard so far have been quite slow

    tichina caldwell

    Failure by design, seventy times 7, last chance to loose your keys

    Jimothy Schmidt

    @Phoebe Brown Guernica is one of their fastest songs

    The Roober

    @Phoebe Brown listen to their first two albums

    Abyss Walker

    Sic Transit Gloria

    sarah !

    +Phoebe Brown the archers bows have broken

  42. Erik Beitz

    If anything this sounds like it could be a Blue October song. Or is that just me?

    riley roseberry

    Erik Beitz i think both bands are so much alike. Foiled and Daisy are from the same universe

  43. Ashley Spratt

    love love love love love love LOVE! <3 

  44. Jessica Bricker

    The guitars on this song are so freaking sexy.

  45. Kristina Bongiorno

    Just discovered this rad band. Thank you youtube.


    Listen to it all. Soak it all in. Start with "Moshi Moshi."

    Mark Moa

    I wish i was you and could re-experience that. My favorite song would be play crack the sky.

    Onesimo Serna Jr.

    @kris b Cool. I've discovered on 2009 during a game. The game is called Tiger Woods PGA tour 2004.

  46. creepydorkk

    Brand New is a band whose albums I can play on a loop and never get tired because every song is perfect. Today my favorite is this song. 

  47. Andrew Woodworth

    Daisy is my life album.

  48. Ans Uchiha

    bellissima canzone ^^


     "There you go." It's that feeling it gives off, not being able to stop the person from leaving, that useless feeling that consumes us. They express it perfectly.

  50. byebyebrain138

    love this song so much. idk why people bash this album so much it has a lot of good songs. although devil and god is an amazing album, same with deja.

    AMask ofGreen

    It's a very challenging album amid the Brand New discography.  I would listen to it seldom in contrast to their other albums, and when you least expect it, you feel the charm of "Daisy" captivate you.  It's a solid endeavor by the band.

  51. HnC Ty

    Drums and Guitar fucking rule and i don't even know this band that well, great fucking song. 10/10 

  52. Jared Babinec

    brand new is epic

  53. Ares Orellana

    This song gave me goosebumps, very depressing rhythm. I like it though.

  54. Emy Way

    eargasm 2:55

  55. Ka Ba

    so schön :)
    love it <3

  56. SandrinaBambina

    Daisy is a beautiful mess

  57. XSatampraZeirosX

    The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, and Brand New are my favorite bands of all time, and I love most of their songs, but I just dont get what the fuck is up with the Album "Daisy" theres only like 4 songs I like on it, and Ive tried and tried to like the rest but I just cant, I dont get this song at all =/

  58. Chelsie Lee

    this was my 2013 summer jam ugh i love it.probably my favourite off Daisy.

  59. TakeMyOxygen

    I know. I've been aware of this band for a little over a year and a half and from the very first time I heard "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows" I fell in love with them and have been my favorite band since then. And I have my friend Mark to thank for showing me who they are. Jesse Lacey is a lyrical genius.

  60. TakeMyOxygen

    Next to audioslave's like a stone, this is one of the best solos ever.♥

  61. Rosehawka

    i think you missed the point...

  62. Rosehawka

    Well, i think all that we need next is a music video. Get to it! :P

  63. Rosehawka

    They really know how to play a guitar that makes you Feel.

  64. Zoie Nixon

    this song is so good. i get chills

  65. peanutbutterrobot

    Chill, chill....

  66. Ryan Henning

    hahaha nice!

  67. NovemberRoze

    I don't know any band that says things the way Brand New does. They just have this phenomenal talent of putting things into words that none of us could ever come close to. It just feels so effortless. They continue to amaze me with each of the words in each of their songs.

    "We admit to the truth, We are the best at what we do. And these are the words you wish you wrote down".

  68. sturdywings

    i forgot how amazing this band was for a bit and now i'm caught up listening repeatedly to them again<3

  69. Edgar Rodriguez

    this song is too amazing!!!!

  70. lildiego111

    Look up I Am The Lion or My Horses Are Many by Phinehas. That guitar solo is nothing.

  71. DH7125

    Thanx to a girlfriend of mine, I know Brand new& La dispute,
    Normally i dont listen those kinds of music, but I LOVE it!
    And I would recommend it to everyone!

  72. Karlandtheinstallers

    No, it's called "why it scares me" hahah

  73. Jose Luis R

    Cry me a river, twat.

  74. EminentKnight

    Which one? Such Small Hands?

  75. zekken

    go fuck yourself

  76. Karlandtheinstallers

    why it scares me. listen to that song

  77. Karlandtheinstallers

    been listening to them for 4 years. they're so good. I actually have a video of a show of their's on my channel. it's crappy, but oh well.

  78. mahnahkah

    Uhm that's not funny? At all?

  79. EminentKnight

    Anything from Here, Hear 1, 2 and 3 is good. If you dislike spoken word songs, try their first album.

  80. ashbashm10

    Rape isn't cool to joke about.

  81. sexymusiclovez

    I've been waiting for ~two months...
    The game.

  82. Cody Culver

    La Dispute is poetic talking and raspy screaming of written down words. Brand new actually puts that level of poetry into amazing songs. I have fell in love with every song ever written by Brand New, while La Dispute has like one or two "songs" even worth hearing. Brand New's feces is the creation of La Dispute. Thankfully Brand New is so good that this means La Dispute is still good, but it is an unworthy comparison. MrBiggleton, listen to "You and I in Unison."

  83. Ayden Cadeveree

    im pretty sure it didnt

  84. MrBiggleton

    What song would you recommend?

  85. Jose Luis R

    Now I have an arrest warrant in all 50 states, lol

  86. Cesar Jimenez

    haha, that escalated quickly

  87. Jose Luis R

    Im gonna rape the first person who dislikes this awesome song.

  88. Adrianna Meyer

    I think it's probably they're best solo.
    It's like perfect.

  89. Cesar Jimenez

    epic, right ? :D

  90. Adrianna Meyer

    dat Guitar<3

  91. Cesar Jimenez

    yeah, i see what you mean ..

  92. Josh Venegas

    brand new is so poetic