Brand New - Yeah (Sowing Season) Lyrics

Losing all my friends
Losing them to drinking and to driving
Losing all my friends
I want them back

Slipping out the back
Did you really think they wouldn't notice?
Slipping out the back
In the pouring rain


Well you love his wife
Loved her, was faithful to her always
Buried both the kids
In the summer sun

Praying for his life
Huddled in the brig all with his shipmates
Praying for this life
And I dropped the bomb

Yeah, yeah

What you waiting for?
Searching for your brother
In an empty room across the hall
Is he coming back?

Listening at night
Waiting for a sound to come up the stairs
Listening at night
Waiting for the sound of the car park

Yeah, yeah

Call him up this summer on the phone
Let him know what it feels like again
Summer skin
Found another lover
Tell him straight, one time at night I'll come 'round again

Tell him I'm coming 'round the end, yeah
I'm coming 'round the end

Tying both your shoes
Looking past the ocean for a signal
Waiting for a bottle
In the open water

They don't send you letters
They don't telephone you
They don't send you letters
But you're waiting for them
You're writing

Yeah, yeah

Call him up this summer on the phone
Let him know you feel love again
I'm coming 'round the end

Call him up this summer on the phone
Let him know what it feels like again
In summer skin, yeah

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Brand New Yeah (Sowing Season) Comments
  1. Universal Hobo

    ooof save my soul why dont u

  2. Angella Youngman

    R.i.p Daisy🌼

  3. mathdebaterclub

    Somebody threw that brick; shattered all your plans.




  4. Tiny Moving Spaceships

    _Dear God, dear God, tinkle tinkle hoy_

  5. DeadTownManifesto1985

    "I'm not your friend. I'm just a man who knows how to feel." *CHILLS*

  6. Your super sexy boogeyman slayer

    nothing gets so bad, a whisper from your father couldnt fix it.

    i really like that line. my dad has always been a very intense guy with a
    short fuse and a foul mouth. even to this day, on the rare occasion
    when he whispers "youre good dont worry about it", it immediately brings
    me to peace.

  7. Menhera-Chan

    This song references lines from the “If” poem by Rudyard Kipling.

  8. Callum Ormond

    I'm having a seizure

  9. Vermiicida

    And I don't like ur fucking face.

  10. Nathan Lerud

    Officer is searching a cake and finds a file and says to the men that brought it in and what do we have here. Oh that’s just some fiber one of them responds

  11. taite wyld

    Where did the real emo music go? As time goes on the once “emo” bands got happier but I’ve only gotten sadder.

    Kris Anglin

    This is the greatest comment ive ever read


    Guitar hero 5 was a great game

  13. [broken machine]

    So sad what happened with them. Regardless, they’ll still most likely always be one of my favorite bands.


    Wat happened

  14. ivan blaz

    Tnx instagram!

  15. Cody Callihan

  16. Stopes

    I absolutely love this song! Check out their demo of this song too.

  17. Fabricio Vazz


  18. Brandon Burks

    I swear this song hits me in so many places I dodnt know existed

  19. Kiki Thomas

    "before you put my body in the cold ground take some time to warm it with your hands" 😔

  20. david plough

    cant believe these comments are 5 years, i remember magazines back in 2001, another way to spend summer...

  21. Nonja Ninja

    This needs to be doomer memed.

  22. Rob Mendez

    heavens we love u

  23. Devil Marie

    The devil and god are raging inside me.

  24. Brad Young

    damn that was good shit

  25. Fail_At_GTA

    The Lil John version is actually funny af.

  26. ck675

    This is one of the most deeply unsettling songs I've ever heard... and I mean that in the best way fucking possible

  27. Jared Williams

    When this CD came out I remember thinking it was trash. It only took a couple more listens to prove to me that it was, in fact, the best music ever written.

  28. jeremy james

    in my opinion this is one of the top 3 brand new songs

  29. Kyle Wasierski

    Ahh so close to a million views
    Come on guys we can do it!

  30. Bomb.Throwing.Mayhem

    Y O U ‘ R

  31. x per·i·ment

    Put Brand new and Modest mouse on a playlist, add some friends and spirits, and it will be an awesome night.

  32. Jahmall Tallman

    dis song is so cool to jam to

  33. A C

    I always thought he said “I am not a man, at least now I can say that I am trying”. Regardless this song hits my right where it hurts.

  34. The Rocinante

    Wrong words.

  35. tjr

    thank you Digibro, this whole album is amazing

  36. frog man

    its been years and this song still kicks my ass

  37. Drayden Michael

    am i the only one addicted to 2:30 - 2:55 ?

  38. frog man

    if i could only get this song as a tattoo. not the words, but the feeling


    Just get YEAH

  39. Karel Pospíšil

    How 'bout 1M 'til the end of 2018?


    forever greatfull

  41. Your super sexy boogeyman slayer

    this song makes me rejoice inside and feel hopeful about the future and also makes me look back on how i got off of drugs and turned my life from a piece of shit to something somewhat decent.

  42. Ali Mert Çaykovski

    Kalbim atmaz
    Kanım akmaz
    Canım yanmaz

  43. Steve Savage

    "I'm not your friend, I'm not your buddy, I'm not your guy." - Canadian Brand New cover band

    Nonja Ninja

    Dude first time I heard this I thought Stephen Abootman. Haha.

    Robin Willoughby

    Nice one buddy

    Тијана Ш.

    I think of that literally each time I hear that line

  44. David L

    remind's me of my ex, she played it. I never knew what she was going through as she was with me at the time., but this gives me a graps and I just dearly miss her.

  45. Kelley Brown

    I miss my uncle..u mended the broken pieces. #gonetoosoon

  46. mgk0586

    Still listening to this in 2018


    Of course

    Dizzy Danger!

    this statement only works if what you post is widely considered unlikely to happen...
    for example, I have an appointment in 30 min. Its going to take about 20 min to drive their but the X factor here, kids, is that I need about 20 min in the bathroom as the Taco Bell has been consumed and completely processed

  47. Daniel P

    I'm disappointed in myself for not discovering these guys years ago. Right in the feels

  48. B Bla.

    I Love this

  49. increasedosage

    missing special K

  50. Jenny Bonzanini

    Finalmente ❤️


    Jenny Bonzanini Um(a) Brasileiro(a) 😁😁😁

  51. DRBSW

    Still relevant today

  52. Noir Tres Noir

    I'm really really sad and angry at you

  53. cutie day dreamer

    This my shit

  54. Zachary Bernard Carlton

    Spilt my blood before I could hear it. Is it in you now @Britaylorrr

  55. Fancy FA

    There's a nice reference to Rudyard Kipling in here if any of you guys caught it :')

  56. Nathan Lerud

    i got on fb one night and there was a post that said youre gonna go to war over a bitch and i didnt pay any attention to it and my mom made a remark i could hear from the basement regarding it

  57. Nathan Lerud

    the thing is when things arent going my way i should be worried but when they are i should be just as worried so im not a fan of changing dynamics unless it involves me on my way out of here

  58. Nathan Lerud

    apparently something happened because now youtube on my phone isnt full of late night talk shows made especially for me. i mean how many times can bill burr and jim jeffries be on conan honestly.

  59. shrizulu

    I feel like every Brand New album should be made into a movie.

    Chase Flowers

    shrizulu Amen

  60. Jerry Seinfeld

    Guitar Hero 5 brought me here!! ;)

  61. Kris Monbebe

    "I am on the mend. At least now I can say that I am trying. And I hope you can forget the things I still lack."
    Such a great way to start a song. I have "I am on the mend." tattooed on my leg. ❤❤❤

  62. K Fo

    a friend I met in college introduced me to a lot of excellent music. I'm sad to say that I'm just listening to this now, after we've stopped talking, because I recognized the album art, and remembered how much he seemed to love the album. it gives me chills. Thank you B

  63. May _Bored

    i love this song

  64. JLOVE Catastrophe!!

    Can somebody please post the lyrics accurately?

  65. B B

    It's difficult to compare any song in their catalog to another because each one provokes such heavy thoughts and causes a sense of nostalgia thick enough to suffocate me...but I noticed I can't listen to this one in particular without restarting it, feeling like I wasn't listening closely enough the first time.

  66. Mike Hill

    1:04 my neck is snapping no matter what!

  67. Absentimental

    I got to say jesse knows how to do a good lil John impression

    Today With Hartle

    Absentimental 😔 You just ruined this song for me, now everytime I hear him say "YEAH" I'm condemed to think of little Jon. 😭 WHY!!!?!?!

  68. Let rne kiss you

    I am nacho friend

  69. Elijah Clevenger

    I want to make a fan made trailer of the last of us with this song! it would work so well!

  70. Sy Vallone Loves You

    I remember hearing this on 89x in 2006. Makes me so sad

  71. Unib 235

    is this a joke? 666k views

  72. Savannah Hunt


  73. spaghetti



    great work!! 🎶 👍

  75. jazzylovesth


  76. Rita McCarthy

    farted a baby out to this song x


    Wow. I would've liked this comment because having a few baby is beautiful, but the way you said it is just wrong. Don't tell that to the baby.

  77. Melissa Zehel

    one of the best songs ever written

  78. xMoDzProductions

    i stepped on a lego

  79. Carrie Bee

    Some of these lyrics are wrong...

    Kaya Sawyer

    you could always make a video yourself if it bothers you :)

  80. macie jones

    This song is and always will be my shit

  81. gee

    not that it matters but I'm a black guy and I love this shit with a passion!!!! that damn guitar dope as fuck


    Doesn't matter what color you are, racism is stupid, you don't have to be a stereotype and listen to "gansta" stuff only.


    sonicblast19 True my friend

    Samuel Guereca

    gee you lit my nigga

    Bri San


    smarties forever

    +Bri San no

  82. Ainslie Smith

    This song makes me want to lay in a field with someone I love and hold onto them so tight and idk y

  83. YoothHD


  84. Dead Valentine36

    Love this

  85. phillip miranda

    such a good concert ✊😀✊

  86. Bruhama

    Was losing all my friends
    Was losing them to drinking and to driving
    Was losing all my friends
    But I got em back.

  87. AnuxeL


  88. Brittany Kantack

    Yeah yeah yeah huhhhhhg.

    Daniel P

    Brittany Kantack YEAH

  89. RM M

    that 12 second guitar solo tho' (3:08-3:20)

    Apotheosis Mcdoodle

    Not a solo, at all

    Timothy Aldridge

    Ya that's kinda a "riff" is what it's called

  90. juice jerry

    Takes me wayyyy back to high school winter of 06 lmao damn times were so different then, music... The whole scene

    shey Mckervey

    I only wish i was in high school during those times class of 2018 was the worst ever to exist

  91. Donald Foss

    This song being my first exposure to Brand New, all I can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!

    Donald Foss

    @Aurora Acosta ????


    Aurora Acosta grandma


    Aurora Acosta grandma

    Sir Skafos

    the quiet things that no one ever knows.. best of their shit!

    Rufio Shaw


  92. Neverbloom

    Me: Hell no. *presses repeat button*

    miche williams

    Me too😂😂


    similar to his career

    Jonathan Ewing

    @augie it will always be too soon for this joke. I dont I'll ever be able to forgive him for that but I can hope that his family the victims find peace and separate the artist from the art.


    @Jonathan Ewing no it won't. he did something very scummy, im gonna make jokes about it. I still listen to the music, but he's a scumbag.

  93. Brian McCullough

    This song is powerful!


    Such a great band!