Brand New - Welcome To Bangkok Lyrics

Space cadet, pull out.
Space cadet, pull out.
Space cadet.... pull out.

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Brand New Welcome To Bangkok Comments
  1. Don Malik

    I fuck Bjork¡

  2. Don Malik

    Posh. From The Kooks.

  3. Robert Aubin

    This song is very underrated, change my mind.

  4. Sasquatch

    1:34 all hell breaks loose

  5. Andrew Landau

    Space is glum?

  6. napatthanan25 n

    (Yin-dee-thon-rub Su Barng-gork)
    Yep, that's the song name in Thai.

  7. J Smith

    One of the hardest tracks I've ever heard.

  8. Liliths-Dreaming

    BVODM sent me here

  9. nie aqu

    Fuck your mother

  10. Eric EB


  11. Ben.

    This belongs in a movie.

  12. another guy

    FROST Survival Simulator! :D

  13. Open Your Ears, Open Your Mind

    They ended their set with this when I saw them live years ago. Other crew members joined in. It was epic.


    man that sounds too epic. god damn.

  14. 7daedalus7

    This song is my spirit animal.

  15. coffeespoons

    the beginning reminds me a little of the Twin Peaks opening theme

  16. Eric Jaggers

    There isn't a single drum cover for this song, and for good reason

    J Lansdale

    Because its not some standard drum beat

  17. Ray Keys

    Bjork hates this song.

    Oliver Dreyer



    @Oliver Dreyer yes she told me

    Oliver Dreyer

    @Nekuro shit that sucks

    Bang !

    fuckin a'

    J Lansdale

    Fuck Bjork.

  18. chayas dead channel

    i absolutely love this song to death

  19. Ashley Lantto

    This was the best opener in concert

  20. Kaitlyn S

    SHE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN THELMA gbc till the grave

  21. jokūbas ver.

    she doesn't believe in thelema

  22. Cartel de Chanel

    thank you scatterbrain and CommunistNihilist for having this album uploaded. my favorite brand new album....!

  23. George Aliatimis

    This gradual deterioration getting more and more serious until at 1:34 chaos and suffering prevails with no hope that things will ever change again.
    It's my favourite track on this album.

  24. Ben L

    The drums are so angry, and the screams, my God.

  25. Rashotcake

    Is it just me or are there really quiet screams in the background around 2:40


    Even sooner

  26. siroli

    Wicca Phase Springs Eternal


    white kid tries to rap*

  27. TheCallofCreepyPasta

    This is the most underrated track I've heard in a long time.

    Robert Aubin

    Thank you for saying this, BIG FACTS!

  28. BLesS

    I dont like this album (because it sucks) but this song is pretty good


    That is the exact opposite of my opinion. I love this album but I'm not feeling this so g


    0/10 at least put a little effort into your troll attempts


    Subjective af.

    chayas dead channel

    BLesS the devil and god is a fucking work of art

    Bang !

    yeah, this album is hater proof. youre dumb and stupid

  29. Krystal Wilson

    I keep hearing "space cadet glow" at the beginning, like in 'In The Flesh?' by Pink Floyd

    Robert Aubin

    "Space cadet pull out"
    "Space cadet pull out"
    "Space cadet....pull out"

  30. LarryJuice

    Amazing orchestral performance. Perfect flow of sound. Don't even know how to explain it.

  31. Tyrus PnZGrN

    One of my favorite songs off the album, has a post-rock feel to it.

  32. TheTaffyBear

    this album is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, so so brilliant

  33. Jupiter Jazz

    "Space Cadet Pull Out" is a reference to Deja Entendu and the astronaut on the cover. They're basically letting you know that this is where Deja ends and this story begins.

    Fancy FA

    This is also the Seventh track (God)

    You Won't Know is the Sixth track (Devil) and technically the end of the album.

    This just can't be a coincidence.

    Vegas Chill Trap music

    its space cadet, glow.

    Bang !

    always had the feel of the intro to the album

  34. weezle2371

    space cadet...pull out...that's what she said

    Andrew Khuu

    weezle2371 That's what Nicole Gracey said.

  35. joe kane

    Devil and God, Deja Entendu, Your Favorite Weapon, Daisy. Love them all though.

  36. encryptedsignal

    kick ass tune. Brand new knows whats up

  37. aragornshair

    'space cadet, pull out' makes way more sense though

  38. Mister Bread

    It's "Space cadet, pull up." Or at least that's what I've heard listening to this song.

    Josh Shaw

    it is "Space cadet pull out"

    Vegas Chill Trap music

    @Josh Shaw pull up!

  39. HappySmilyGuy

    haha yeah and the song name is very different to the song... unless Bangkok is a terrible place... I have never been :P

  40. ScissorsToTheThroat

    i love it how the album name perfectly describes the song

  41. Kieran Carberry

    nah then they would be called one direction.... ;]

  42. Michael Prime

    @silented1 im pretty sure halo 3 came out after the devil and god