Brand New - Luca Lyrics

When I disappear, do you fear for the sister I took?
When I disappear, it is clear I am up to no good
I'm drearily blood-letting this bed-wetting cosmonaut
"Son, the last thing you'll realize
You need is what you've already got"

So touch me or don't
Just let me know
Where you've been

Please drop me a line with a hook and some raw bleeding bait
(one, two, three, four)
For I am uncaught and still swimming alone in the lake
(five, six, seven, eight)
Shimmering under a moon made in anger and haste
Shimmering like a penny out of reach in the subway grate
(Shimmering like a coin kept safe away
You'll never listen to anything)

So touch me or don't
Just let me know
Where you've been

We could leave it alone
I'm sure there's someone who knows
Where you've been

You could never work well with our group
Not with the faults we found
So we fixed you with cement galoshes
And no one can save you now
Unless you have friends among fish
There'll still be no air to breathe
You could drink up the entire ocean
We'll still find someone to be everything
We know that you'll never be

So touch me or don't
Just let me know
Where you've been

Or we could leave it alone
I'm sure there's someone who knows
Where you've been

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Brand New Luca Comments
  1. Lotus Naturals

    that part didn't scare me at all, also why is no one talking about the rest of the song?

  2. Ben Drowned

    sudden aggression

  3. Renchie Chavaria

    Find me here, J!

  4. XSatampraZeirosX

    Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

  5. Clloak 1

    "You could never work well with our group, not with the faults we found. So we've fixed you with cement galoches, and noone can save you now. Unless you have friends amongst fish, there'll still be no air to breathe. You could drink up the entire ocean, we'll still find someone to be everything we know that you'll never be."

    Fuck that's powerful. Imagine having this written about you.

  6. ReLOVEution2012

    2019 still listen to them. One of the best songs on this album

  7. Mgsgta3

    Whys Jesse reaching for pennys in subway grates anyways?

  8. Mgsgta3

    I am probably 1000 of these views lol

  9. Tara & Preston

    Imagine laying there listening to this half awake almost asleep and as soon as you close your eyes 3:54 plays. Waking u right the fuck up XD

  10. peripheral vision

    Got my heart broken by a guy called Luca brb crying

  11. 9MoonWolf

    The first time I listened to this song, I was just about to fall asleep. Then the scream came in and startled me awake and gave me chills at how beautiful it sounds. I've loved this song ever since.

  12. Luca Zaffino

    My name is l

  13. Eric Scionti


  14. Hewasdreaming

    This song gives me anxiety

  15. Madvillain

    I Dedicate this to luka doncic.

  16. itkojecockot

    this album was sheer masterpiece...... not many bands can provide you with such lyrical ecstasy

  17. Alyssa Jae

    Judging by the comments, I think I’m the only one that wasn’t completely terrified by the complete change in the song. I expected a soft to hard change by them. This song is so beautiful.

  18. RumpleStromSkins

    unless you have friends among fish

  19. Laykan Thee Alien

    Damn I'm finally get this song TRULY in 2018


    XD same

  20. janelpopp

    I listen to music as I doze off to sleep. It was not a pleasant experience having a split second jump-scare dream of falling, and then being torn wide awake with unexpected loud music and screams. Thought I was dying for a second. Don’t think I can ever unhate this song now. Never again shall I listen to thee...

  21. Eli

    The whole verse at 1:22 hits me hard, these guys are lyrical genius

  22. Eli

    Such a lovely song

  23. Miles Rockman

    suputamadre XDD que feo subidon de volumen

  24. Spoopy Parallax

    Well, I just found this song on Pandora and needless to say, I almost fucking shit myself. You got all these calming minor chords and then all hell breaks loose. I love it.

  25. Sara Campbell

    I named my son after this song. Gives me chills every time I hear it!

  26. Jaxi

    What is that picture in the end

    Soadman Streams

    The album cover

  27. Jilvanei Pereira

    This song is going to kill someone someday kk. Could be possible Brand New be processed when this happen?

  28. Charlie Musante

    The first time I ever listened to this album all the way through, I was doing busy work in my high school psych class and when Jesse comes in screaming, I jumped and the everyone looked directly at me. That jump scare bit never fails to scare the living shit out of me.

  29. Lukiboy

    Luca like me Luca

  30. LovelyButterCup

    Jesus the ending scared the shit out of me- loved it nonetheless!

  31. Wayne Mitchell

    My chakras have been aligned

  32. ana saavedra

    Jesus Christ Lol anyone??? Puns


    My doctor recommend this to me because of my name. No joke

    Sup fellow long island pateints.

  34. Δείμος

    this song hits me

  35. jamie

    scape !!

  36. Luke Berrie

    Welp, guess who needs new underwear...

  37. Galen Drelas

    HOLY FUCK, nearly shit myself there!

  38. Sara Campbell

    My little boy is a Luca solely because of this song. The lyrics give me chills and the jump is the best part. Unexpected and intense... just like him.

  39. Rose

    Had my Earphones in with the volume all the way up, I've listened to it so much I'm used to the loud part but I didn't think about exactly how loud it is.
    When it came on, everybody looked at me and I couldn't work out why until after.

  40. almostideal

    First time I heard this I almost shat my pants.

  41. 15onefive15

    This song is pure genius. I love the screaming at the end-- WHERE YOU'VE BEEN!!! If you want a non-scream version check out the Luca Demo from 2006. Beautiful in and of its own.

  42. TCS Gaming

    love it. original is better though if you haven't heard it.

  43. Erase.

    Actually I dont like this kind of music but this song is so fucking sick... like its starting so slow and quiet and then it hits you with emotions when the scream comes !

  44. gusreyes131

    I wish I could forget this song so I could be scared by it again

  45. Lizard

    I hate to be THAT person, but isn't it anger and angst?


    NotTheSun I saw your comment on a different band XD. I love your name

  46. JUMPINGjeramy

    The lyrics





    Is just amazing

    Dronto Ottrond

    those are not the lyrics

  47. rodman hunsaker

    Sheesh this song gives me the chillie willies

  48. razors98

    Heard this at a Brand New/Modest Mouse concert. Almost though they were covering Modest Mouse's Teeth Like God's Shoeshine.

    Nathan White

    razors98 dude you went to a modest mouse/brand new concert? You lucky son a bitch. How was it?


    Modest Mouse was really good, and Brand New was really loud. Trailer Trash and Never-ending Math Equation were fucking sick. And Jesus Christ and Millstone rocked me to the core.

  49. yukiandkanamekuran

    I thought they full on screamed... not like that,
    it's more gentle...

  50. Miranda Pressnell

    At the scream, my whole body tingled. The first time I heard it, and every time sense. What a chilling, beautiful song.

    K D

    just heard this song for the first time and it gave me chills


    Everyone is talking about how it made them jump, but I got the same feeling: straight chills. My jaw actually dropped and my eyes widened. Definitely up there on musical moments I wish I could re-experience.

  51. UberdankCaye

    I discovered this song in a Porno...


    Ummmmmmmmmmm. Not sure if you've actually listened to Kendrick.

    Ryan Sullivan

    UberdankCaye great thread


    @UberdankCaye have her name? lol


    @Mgsgta3 Teagan Jade!


    @UberdankCaye not all heros wear capes

  52. brendo

    Spanish Dr Pepper ad...


    You too?

  53. Dominic Bennett

    Just covered this song on my channel, give it a watch if ya got the time!

  54. Luca Nicho

    So I was just looking for songs that had my name in it...
    This was the first one that came up....
    I'm gonna stop looking...

    Sdot Amory

    You need to look no further.

    Monochrome Monsters

    But this is such a good experience no?

  55. XSatampraZeirosX

    Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

    Mark Hohmeier

    Yup this song is referencing him lol

  56. Bleed PRPL&GOLD

    Modern day masterpiece

  57. allflawsweakzen

    brand new masterrace checking in



  58. garbage bin


    jesus christ that's a scary song

    Jo Catton

    the kind you'd find on someone that could sing?

    Ben Drowned

    if they can turn the sound off, well, it'll be a miracle

  59. garbage bin

    *instantly turns down volume*

    Mehgan Elizabeth

    literally me when the chorus of you won't know comes on

    Fernanda Michel

    garbage bin haha the face of Gerard in your profile was literaly my face in that part haha

  60. kyleqc54

    Bedwetting cosmonaut

  61. Riah

    I know a jackass named Luca. awesome song though


    +Riah Are you talking about Luca Brasi?


    @Ryan Vogen no

  62. Toxic Kiss

    i was starting to relax and fall asleep until 3:56 came up and scared the living out of me

    Social Misfit

    I have listen to this song so many times and literally almost every time I forget about that part. one time I was brushing my teeth and walked out the room and came back in and my phone started screaming and I thought someone was contacting my phone to kill me I got scared for a second, another time I was on my school bus and I have a long bus ride so I was going to take a nap and turned it up since it was quite and then bam, I almost had a heart attack. 😂


    +Social Misfit Same

    Dani Ortiz

    this song came on my Pandora while I was trying to sleep and then all of a sudden that part game and I was like holy shit xD

  63. Neverbloom

    This is weird because my name is Luca. But the song is amazing. That last guitar riff <3


    Nice name.

  64. Methal


  65. Matt Cantor

    I listened to this song high and at the scream I thought I was getting murdered

  66. Inspector83

    Never been jumped scared by a song.

    Franklin Lucius Higginbotham

    Halcyon (Beautiful Days) by MONO.

    Franklin Lucius Higginbotham

    +juanjovr1 Mildred Pierce, specifically. Still gets me every time and I've listened to that album more times than I can count.

    Caitlin Clark

    Vices tho

    Tristan Block

    Tundra/Desert by Modest Mouse

    Scared the crap out of me on a roadtrip

    Ben Drowned

    yeah.... brand new will do that to you

  67. Ellyson Gorman

    their lyrics are genius.

    Gavin Benes

    agreed, the atmosphere song is intoxicating

    Gavin Benes

    +Gavin Benes of this song*

  68. poisonivy tøm

    Luca Prodan?

  69. Abyss Walker

    I honestly have a hard time believing this is the same band that wrote Your Favorite Weapon. They've improved so much it's unbelievable.


    Megan Clevenger

    Copper Fronts agreed. You can especially hear what we're in for when you listen to The No Seatbelt Song.


    They have improved a lot technically, but Your Favorite Weapon still speaks to my inner angsty emo kid and is still tied for first with Deja


    Copper Fronts

    and even for angsty early 2000s pop punk, I think the instrumentals themselves were also really good for it's time

    Hiroki Dabar

    They have not improved, it is simply a different aspect of an amazing band. That's why they are my favorite, the differences in their music and different levels of complexity and how it all ties together

  70. Eric Mobley

    Why does this sound like a mars Volta acoustic guitar song?

    Basking In The Glow


  71. Tina Alexander

    casually gets scared to the point where i got hiccups

  72. Tina Alexander


  73. Elizabeth Conner

    3:54 i ded... i died... rip

  74. december

    This song is so amazing. Screaming part came and my eyes literally went so wide. Scared the absolute living shit out of me XD

    The Lee Bee


    The Lee Bee


  75. Gerald Mickel


  76. Shab K.

    Always will have a soft side for Brand new in my heart

  77. Rosehawka

    ...I take far too much pleasure scaring people with that scream....:p


    And that's gotta be the hundredth time i've listened to this song, and still with the goosebumps. 
    THe power in this music is intoxicating. I hope I never get used to it, hope it never becomes mundane. 

    Social Misfit

    +Rosehawka Me too.

    Gavin Benes

    Well put


    I got my GF with it on the way back from snowboarding. I even warned her and she still jumped a mile out of her skin.

  78. Slushyspark

    This song always reminds me of Wakka and Tidus playing blitz ball and Yuna being kidnapped in Luca.

    Gavin Benes

    that's dope haha

  79. Wes Broome

    I can't find a brand new song i don't like. 

    Wes Broome

    but then again, i was never looking. . . 


    +Wes Broome ha XD I love that comment


    Wes Broome I saw a comment that said "when will people realize that brand New only had like 2 or 3 good songs" so I replied "whoops there buddy, seems you accidentally wrote good instead of bad"


    highly factual

    Ben Drowned


  80. Ryan

    The ending will always get me. 

  81. Emilee

    Jesse is a genius he deserves all the music awards ever instead groups like one direction get praised for crappy lyrics brand news songs have real meaning behind them

    Morgan Jane

    @3MilŁ33 Oh grow up, would you?


    @Craig Tucker I never claimed maturity in the youtube comment section so no I shall not.

    Carlos Mazza

    Nah. Awards are stupid and pointless. Money is pointless. Fame is pointless. This is fucking beautiful and it's all that matters


    Carlos Mazza thank youuuuuu


    Emilee Grace well one direction didn't even write their own music Ed Sheeran did. And Ed Sheeran is talented as fuck and famous so sometimes the world does balance out.

  82. Andrew Brinkmann

    I've been to Luca in Italy 

  83. michelle morris

    Awesome track

  84. Darth Dmac

    Jesus, someone startled the witch



  85. Matt

    Listened to this song driving home on a dark and foggy night and had my windows down. And when the screaming part came on it scared the absolute shit out of me.

    Amethyst Hyde

    This just happened to me lmao

    Lithium Dreams

    I'm sorry but that cracked me the f*ck up. I know this is a late response 4 years ago.


    Same exact thing happened to me. And then I played it while my girlfriend was in the car later and it scared the shit out of her too 😂

  86. A Nifty Kitty

    I got so freaked out when the song picked up again, and gasped so loud that I couldn't stop laughing at myself. This song truly is creepy, but it has interesting meanings behind it.

  87. L Burns

    This song gives me goosebumps. Amazing track.

  88. Luca Lozada

    so they made a song about me, huh :P

    Luca Lozada

    your name is bob?

    Bob Builder

    @Luca Lozada My name is Luca.

    Luca Lozada

    well it's for you too and all the Luca in the world

    Senna Zamora

    This is my cats name lmao.


    My boyfriend's name is Luca xD

  89. Lucas Marcao

    scariest song ever

  90. Hez Sybil

    I remember listening to this for the first time while doing homework freshman year of high school, and when the part kicked in (you know the one) I screamed so violently that my parents thought I was being murdered. This is a truly chilling and beautiful song


    I had a similar reaction when my friend first showed me this song

  91. Alex

    Often when I listen to Brand New I wish I had the opportunity to ask Jesse Lacey, "So, on a scale from 1 to Dahmer, how many people have you killed?"

    Gavin Benes

    I knooooooooooooooooow right fuck lol

    Zach Calhoun

    Instead, you should ask him how many underage girls he has solicited online.


    What I'm Doing

    Zach Calhoun this sounds like a confession, huh?

  92. Delaney Potter

    No one can Save you now. Unless you have friends among fish there will still be no air to breathe... LOVE THAT SO MUCH!!!

  93. Delaney Potter

    When I disappear, it is clear I am up to no good. :D 

  94. Ren Smith

    and suddenly im headbanging

  95. Eulasy

    My favorite <3

  96. Dustin McMahan

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who almost shat their pants when this song went psycho. I love the song, but I still jump sometimes when I'm not paying attention.

    What I'm Doing

    Dustin McMahan haha. I jumped the first time. Now i turn it down every time it gets close to that part.

    Brandon Clark

    Best part of the song

  97. total23

    moon made in anger and angst*