Brand New - Brother's Song Lyrics

So the air's getting colder
And the news keeps us scared
We still wrestle this summer
From the bones of our tired, blistered hands
Cause tonight we got drinks
And just a couple of friends
And the girl that my brother likes is finally talking to him
And his chest is all swelled like he's proud and happy
Like he's got a great idea
Like he's making a memory

Wake up and come out to the car
There's an east swell coming
And it's howling off shore
And we'll be lying like lions out in the sands
But I'll be dead before you put a gun in my brother's hands

So we make jokes back home
And we lighten the mood
But growing up my parents saw
What sending a kid to fight can really do
Now with the war I can tell they're a little shook up
Cause just a few mother's sons will never really be enough
Not 'til half of our names are etched out in a wall
And the other half ruined from the things we saw

Wake up and come out to the car
There's an east swell coming
And it's howling off shore
And we'll be lying like lions out in the sands
But I'll be dead before you put a gun in my brother's hands

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Brand New Brother's Song Comments
  1. Jamie Kitchens

    Heart wrenching

  2. Nihilist God

    Fuck god

  3. sierra rose

    Saw them at the Shrine Hall in LA on April 15th, 2015. They played this song, exact version and everything. I'd never heard it before and when I got home desperately searched everywhere to find it. I finally found the leaked version but it just never hit like this one did. Im so glad they released it because it reminds me of how completely enamored I was when they played it

  4. GertyFlings

    Love the surfing lyrics. Listened to this non stop during my brothers open heart surgery and he loves surfing

  5. Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    Before 2018 ends i wish they are back again to release more demos and make a last show..

  6. Jacob

    I really hope they don't break up, or at least have Jesse's career have some more success after those allegations, since people really hold their music close to heart.

  7. Mustafa Naveed

    and i tell myself, it's okay to cry listening to Jesse's voice

  8. A Voice Of Your Own

    reworked with much awesomeness

  9. Tyler Russin

    I'm personally a bigger fan of the Aloc Aloc version.

  10. Jake Torres

    Anybody else get an American Football vibe?

  11. MisterDeadeye

    I don't like this version as much as the original. The demo was so raw and emotional. And this... It just feels flat.

    Either way, it's a good listen

  12. spencer thompson

    Oliver Francis brought me here

  13. Emma Garofalo


  14. robbie

    jesse's voice singing "lying like lions" i came


    i like the demo version way better.

  16. Laura Boyce

    I've been a fan for 14 years and I'm not feeling this :/ the original is amazing even though it's bad quality


    Is it bad that I prefer the Aloc Acoc lyrics than this one? :C

  17. Dominic Bennett

    aloC acoC

  18. Emily Elizabeth

    I'm shooooook omgggg

  19. Nick

    Heard Brand New might call it quits so I'm seeing them live every single chance I get between now and then

    Andrew Slone

    nicholas perrotti 2018 is the end for them

  20. Brett Lewis

    I wish this song was an hour long.

  21. Megan Bailey

    holy anus balls. i waited a lifetime for this. and it's sosososo perf.

  22. Amanda

    Holy shit.... so beautiful

  23. james bond

    dont break up. never break up. stay together forever dammit

    Zane Fowler

    james bond WERE GONNA STAY 18 FOREVER

  24. Slut Bucket

    Good God how I love brand new... Can't wait for the album!!! So sad to hear this is their last

  25. Derek Bernard

    Finally!!! I've been waiting for so long for one of my favorite bands to release some new jams, and I am not disappointed.

    Seth Hardy

    Derek Bernard demo is 10x better
    Much more raw

  26. Chables

    They kinda already did a reworked version of this song. And it's called Coca Cola.

  27. Black Kats and Baby Bats

    It's good, but I prefer the original demo. I'm a sucker for anything acoustic. :P

    Slippery Master

    Same here :)

  28. Tyler Durden

    I miss depressed Jesse. This new stuff is garbage

    Helena Bowie

    Tyler Durden thanks!

    James Williams

    Tyler Durden .... Not ..... New

    billy no-talent

    Rashotcake this is new, it’s a re recorded produced version


    Opinion on science fiction?


    do you own stuff then

  29. Andrew Izquierdo

    really digging these reworked demos. getting excited for the new album. its been too long.

  30. Jacob Butler

    youtube just randomly played this while i was afk. and im like... this is good wutisittt. and i seen brand new. oh, of course.

  31. Clutch 18

    The subtle vibrato right at the beginning when he says blistered hands. I was hooked after that, his voice used to be a bit Whiney but now it's got a flavour.

  32. Bryton Cherrier

    Wow, AWESOME AND AMAZING rendition of the song! I really didn't expect the drums to kick in!

  33. Ian DiMartino

    Should have put Good Man on this

  34. Kagarin?

    a bit faster

  35. zombieteenager007

    I'm not crying. I'm not, I swear.

  36. david entendu

    I fucking adore this new version, thank you so very much. <3

  37. Cory D

    This will always be my favorite of the original demos.

  38. appleswithsauce

    I love you Jesse <3 I hope the band isn't breaking up soon, but if it is I'm happy for all the nice music you've made =) (Jesse probably doesn't read these but whatever)


    They're releasing one final project before they break up, so it is coming. Jesse said they can't do this much longer. They had a great run though.

    Helena Bowie

    appleswithsauce 2018. They're gnna "stay 18 forever " apparently lol

    Billy Martinez

    appleswithsauce 2018 is the end of brand new

  39. Kevin Reynolds

    this was incredible in philly

  40. Celeste Marie

    Already pre-ordered the vinyl and I'm waiting for I Am A Nightmare to come in. Also I'm seeing them with Modest Mouse is a few weeks! This is a great fucking year and I'm so excited

  41. Oakwood Recordings

    This is worthy enough to be on an album not an EP


    Well its a rework of the original song off of the leaked demo album Fight Off Your Demons, which would have been their third album instead of The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me if it hadn't been leaked.

  42. Mike Porter

    The tempo is far too quick compared to the original.

  43. Kirby M.

    love it love it love it fuuuucking loooove it!!!!!

  44. Craig Eric Johnston

    dont get me wrong i love all brand new.... just expecting older brand new

  45. Craig Eric Johnston

    i hope the new cd is more like i am a nightmare and not this

  46. Jeffrey Frattini-Cox

    00:52 yeah fuck this

  47. Jeffrey Frattini-Cox

    Fuck brand new. Tired of their bullshit. Not even gonna listen to or buy the new album.

    Untitled Untitled

    Someone's butthurt


    No one gives a fuck

  48. David Winter

    Definitely the best of the three reworked demos. There's a greater noticeable difference between the reworked version and the demo.

  49. Untitled Untitled

    I want to cry. This is so beautiful

  50. Justin Ichikawa

    Struck a deep cord with me- on first listen

  51. Justin Ichikawa

    I dig it!

  52. Trash Ian

    About time but I've already heard these songs

  53. tdagarim10

    This brings back some memories for way way way back! Unforgettable opening to a song.

    Aloc Aloc
    Untitled 3

    and now this wonderful track to add to the list.

  54. Vincent Smith

    I prefer the raw energy and emotion of the "original," but what a treat it is to get a fresh take on such a great song.

  55. Desi Phillips

    Fuck yea!

  56. funployee

    so good

  57. Hi-ν Guy

    One of my favorites from the leaked demos. Frickin deep song! Definitely resonates still!

    Glow Valdéz

    I cannot wait to hear Untitled.

    Hi-ν Guy

    A Fine Choice! I'm hoping they do a re-worked version of Nobody Moves or "Cleanser" as we knew it back in my day! Haha


    +Uriel Landeros they did already on the 2006 demos cassette that came out late last year.

    Hi-ν Guy

    For sure I have that one, but it's not reworked like they did here. 😆

  58. KAGA

    it sounds like placebo


    at 0:53, it reminds me one of their songs


    Similar moodyness MEDS era.


    It has a similar vibe to some of the stuff on Placebo's album 'Meds'.


    or sleeping with ghosts, no ?

  59. Kayla O'Halloran

    This is everything.

  60. thestormiscoming3

    One of my favorites from the demos. Can't wait to see them tonight with Modest Mouse!

    Jeffrey Frattini-Cox

    There's three fucking reworked songs. You can't pick one? How does "one of my favorites" work when there's three to pick from? idiot


    +Jeffrey Frattini-Cox I never said anything about the new versions. I said the demos. You sound like a swell guy, have a great day.


    are you retarded?

  61. jeff emerson

    This is happening.

    Ioeme Royal H