Brand New - Bed Lyrics

My head is lead I don't ever want to go to bed
Your hair is on fire
You snuff the blaze turn to vapor then you float away
We got into a bad fight
Laid her on the bed [x7]

My eyes are lungs, I'm a prophet and I speak in tongues
I know how you'll die
Your sister groans, an usurper to the holy throne
To me she is just a dead spy

Laid her on the bed [x3]
Lie to all your friends [x4]

I don't know what you feel like
Ambushed on the road, stole your gold, you're a rose and you're laughing now
Everything that I own starts to pile up
Like bones make the walls of a prison

Laid her on the bed [x3]

I don't ever want to go to bed
He stay out for the fight
The champ goes down like a clown in the second round
I wish we'd had a better goodbye
Lie to all your friends [x7]

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Brand New Bed Comments
  1. No. 5

    I listened to this while laying in my brand new bed.

    Someone had to

    Bang !

    Fuck yes friend

  2. Christopher Irwin

    Ppl talk and always will. This song is amazing. Get over the things you're looking Into without fact.

  3. StaySkeptic

    These lyrics didn't age well

  4. rudiistlieb

    Ich verstehe da immer (Sengaphone) 😂

  5. ゐひ乇ᄊム丂イ乇尺




  6. Day To The Day

    This song is too underrated...

  7. Rachel Anderson

    the lyrics are tragically wrong my friend

  8. I Brought The Horizon


  9. Todd Parkinson

    Best song for having a raging morning wood on a day off.

  10. Kristine Pellar

    Quite a few errors with the lyrics.


    "your sister crumbles oh your serpents to the holy throne" lmfao

  11. Blake Richardson

    One of the most beautiful things i've ever blessed my eyes to see. Your half sad smile, body lean by amphetamine. Knowing this all you'll probably ever be to me, but still imagining the dark where i hope someday you'll sleep. And maybe me.

    But tonight the lights are on like Vegas.
    And you're not new to this town.
    The sparkle that it gave those eyes since faded.
    Im just wishing you could see that sleep is not our enemy.

    Inspiration provided by shards of glass at her apartment. Love this song forever. Thought id post my lyrics about the shit.

    Joaquin Medina

    +Blake Richardson I liked it a lot! Do you make music with this or is it just written poetry?

    Blake Richardson

    Showed this song to someone and seen that I had wrote this...I write, play and sing. Blake Richardson from fort wayne, indiana. Beneath the street lights is my band name

  12. joseph Bilder

    this fucking song

  13. Marii

    Good for the ears.