Branch, Michelle - Second Chances Lyrics

Sometimes we get second chances
And sometimes we never make it past the first
It really makes you wonder why somethings happen when they do
It really makes me wonder why it wasn't me instead of you

And when you say
It doesn't matter well it does
And all it takes
Is a mistake to eat your words
Just one more time I think I'll drive on home tonight

Sometimes we never see the warning
And the voice in your head tells you not to go
It really makes me wonder why somethings happen when they do
It really makes me wonder why it wasn't me instead of you

And when you say
It doesn't matter well it does
And all it takes
Is a mistake to eat your words
Just one more time I think I'll drive on home tonight

And when you look its gone its too late to turn around
And it's another day facing yourself and the things that you've done

And when you say
It doesn't matter well it does
And all it takes
Is a mistake to eat your words
Just one more time I think I'll drive on home tonight

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Branch, Michelle Second Chances Comments
  1. NeutralGenericUser

    I love this song

  2. Jack Amelung

    Something to think about as we see so many FAKE artists, musicians, actors/actresses ..... Michelle is one of the few that is REAL, She is awesome person and a good mom. She is an Artist that shares. Very rare qualities in this day we live.

  3. Romar Imperial

    justin bieber got a million views but M.branch only hundreds :(

  4. Pamela Kang

    You are the one of my favorite singer and I really like your song and your voice.

  5. prancer71

    M Branch is sans question one of the world's best songwriters/chanteurs in history :)

  6. John Penza

    Great song, but it's not new. It's from Broken Bracelet, which is actually her first album (before Spirit Room); it's a must have.

  7. Nikky Momo

    Stop bursting bubbles and enjoy the music.

  8. Gary Mitchell

    Sound's Great!!!

  9. Nate Brown

    Listen to "Tennessee" on The Wreckers' album. Who do you think was singing that? I don't really listen to country but that album is one of my favorites, mostly because of the vocals. I didn't realize Jessica Harp sang half of the songs, she is amazing as well :)

    Mark B

    Nate Brown - Jessica Harp and Michelle almost sound identical. They're hard to tell apart.

  10. Chelsea Whitely

    this is exactly what i need... a second chance :) Thanks Michelle

  11. James Foster

    i dont think i want her being noticed bcuz nowadays, music sucks. and this is great

  12. Annie D

    call it country pop or hell cassical music o.o.. doesnt matter a bit, all that matters is she is an amazin' artist with some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard!!! enjoy what you enjoy n don't think to much, music shouldn't be about what everyone else thinks or thinking at all, its how it echos in your own mind.

  13. Kathy

    And when you look,
    it's gone,
    it's too late to turn around,
    and it's another day facing yourself and the things that you've done

  14. Enzochcimiti

    I wish I could have second chance...

  15. Ashley Fang

    the guitar sounds from this song was let me enjoy.

  16. sylverclaws

    Some of her songs have a bit of a country feel to them, but this one doesn't. lol Whatever the genre, she's very good. I love her voice and the majority of her older songs. I used to listen to her as a kid, had a lot of fun times back then. :3

  17. shuurei01

    Same Here! :D

  18. Liz9162

    @SohmaHero Totally agree with you!

  19. Christian Mallorca

    no.. your wrong... Andrea Corr is the best.... but still I like Michelle..

  20. TVY21333

    best vocalist of the world....perfect, i love her!

  21. pryscillabq

    yeh,i think the same thing :D

  22. munchkin0518

    Yeah, I agree. The so-called "country" music Taylor or Michelle plays is a watered-down version that's more palatable for the general MTV audience. Real country- well, let's just say it's an acquired taste.

  23. Jared V

    no way..... MIchelle is the best singer and songwriter

  24. dri ocasi

    michelle branch, taylor swift, and avril lavigne are my fav female artists...
    Their songs calm my heart and soul... :)

  25. angel garcia

    .. asking for another chance is such a brave act. .you still pursue it even though you're not sure if you'll get ACCEPTANCE for the 2nd time... (

  26. สังวาลย์ กลางบุญเรือง

    Hey SR, you're not the only guy who recognizes talent... I do! :-)

  27. Jim Weaseldorf

    Hey SR
    I am a Marine who adores Branch!
    Love yall!

  28. blondiegal397

    Ah I saw her in concert 5 years ago, whoa. She's really good live!

  29. SohmaHero

    it's not suppose to be a country. it's acoustic and i think that is what is confusing people. the song was written and recorded before she even went pop.

  30. saramariewood

    this song is from her first cd..before she did the whole Country thing.

  31. burnyourass

    i love michelle branch than she is in the wreckers man!

  32. idkmyuser1

    i love all her sttuff so talented

  33. Andy Tan

    uh this song was on her indie debut.

  34. SohmaHero

    WHOA!!!! Her friend, Jessica Harp, is great and talented and is definately on the same level as Michelle.

  35. idkmyuser1

    yes she was apart of the wreckers
    she is great
    i love this song

  36. nygal628

    Country, pop, doesn't matter, I love Meech....and I'm so glad she's back!!!

  37. SohmaHero

    It's called country pop and it actually does sound country, so sorry to burst ur bubble.

  38. Genesis2091

    I cannot stop listening to this! lol I've listened to it and sang to it at least 10 times today.

  39. Nathan Weeks Music

    No wonder I haven't heard what she's been up to for the last few years. Country. They don't play any country stations at work, so I didn't know. She's prob. a lot better of with that genre tho.

  40. lyla l

    This is a great song...sorry for reposting spam.

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  41. SohmaHero

    Thts an Ashlee Simpson song

  42. mike chen

    very nice song
    i ever hear my life
    michelle branch
    best pop singer

  43. mike chen

    i like this song
    michelle branch is best singer in usa

  44. Ruxi Fuxi

    she is really cool :D her song Breathe is the one that helped me decide to learn to play guitar

  45. Dennedy Yrvin Corcega

    hi!your the best..............i loveyha

  46. cinnabunnyy

    ooh i like this song <3

  47. Catherine Baker

    oh yeah
    luv it

  48. zerographica

    yeah, the song is super old but still a classic. Hopefully she releases Paper Pieces on an upcoming album

  49. tsjoencinema

    She sings well.

  50. twas2awesome

    Such a beautiful song ! We love you Michelle <3<3

  51. zena76

    i feel the same way! I totally connected to her songs. instead of "country" i call it "acoustic". its a little bit of country and just plain out pop. or rock. depending how you look at it. :)

  52. SohmaHero

    Weel, if there is no violin, banjo, pedal steel, mandolin, etc, then it wouldn't be country. Besides, this was recorded before she went country. Listen to her latest stuff, it is country. sorry. : (

  53. RAMKING61

    I prefer Arizona Michelle over Tennessee Michelle.

  54. IHS 13

    That Rolling Stone quote has to be one of the single stupidest things I've ever read.

  55. PhairAphrodite

    Thank you so much for posting this song <3

  56. Maxmilian Lisý

    Good moc fajn písnička...fakt

  57. w3ndie

    i like her solo more than with the Wreckers

  58. Leonie de Waard

    nice song!

  59. Katelyn Milley

    She was a solo singer long before The Wreckers... I heard she's going back to singing solo

  60. skybeach1

    when will this new album appear? Is it out now in America? When will we have it in Germany? I cant wait to listen to her new songs!

  61. Mell

    Broken Bracelet, There is Also Stand Still look Pretty (The Wreckers).

  62. starlightblues90

    is it just me or does that picture look like vannessa carlton????seriously

  63. adriang0

    I have the same tattoo's as her on my wrists. she's awesome

  64. Robin de Valk

    Michelle's so cute and unique. Turned into such a beautiful young woman. Love her music.

  65. Jia Qi Liang

    it was never released but you can try searching for it online. my friend got it a long time ago by purchasing on a site from texas. gl!

  66. Ahmad Arzmi

    country doesnt get much market outside of US. She should've kept that in mind

  67. Michael Hefner

    I do kind of like it. I wasn't a big fan of her full on Country music. She's always had a bit of a country tone to her music, but she always mixed it with pop. I hope she does that in her new album (even though I know he's staying country).

  68. SohmaHero

    Hate to brake it to you, but this song was before her Spirit Room album...

  69. HPLA

    I must disagree, I loved Michelle's pop Albums. Did not really like her country stuff very much. This like this song.

  70. Nadine Schulz

    God who cares!!!! Whatever she does is brilliant! Wasn't too keen on most of the Wreckers' stuff but all her solo stuff was/is bloody brilliant!!!! Can't wait for her new album!!!

  71. SohmaHero

    Oh, I know. This was on her first album which was never released.

  72. SohmaHero

    Obviously you're not up to date...