Branch, Michelle - Best You Ever Lyrics

Dearest lover, read this letter
I can't pretend I'm still in love
If my lips could say it better
I'd still be there when you wake up

We used to be for real
But now you make me feel
Like I'll never be enough
You turned me on, then turned me off, oh

I want you to remember me
Every time you scream it's the best you ever
I want you to remember me
In a lucid dream as the best you ever
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa

I hope you can find someone who will
Satisfy you like I did
Do all the stupid little things that
Never are as obvious

And all the things you miss
I seal 'em with a kiss
But I can't sign sincerely yours
I never was, I've never been

I want you to remember me
Every time you scream it's the best you ever
I want you to remember me
In a lucid dream as the best you ever
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Best you ever

I've been wondering why
I tried so hard to win your love
I'm giving up
I don't wanna waste any more time
So goodbye

I want you to remember me
Every time you scream it's the best you ever
I want you to remember me
In a lucid dream as the best you ever
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa
Oh whoa, oh whoa-oh, oh whoa

I want you to remember me
I want you to remember me
Best you ever

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Branch, Michelle Best You Ever Comments
  1. Donnie Brasco

    I really love the 80s Pop atmosphere and the presence of the electronic music in this album. Very good idea. Love you forever Michelle.

  2. SenorTwoPhones

    Found out about this album last week. It's AMAZING! Michelle is so damn versatile in what she can do and she is a genius in my eyes in terms of the quality of music she comes out with. Screw all the label politics she went through and I hope she releases another album and tour at least one more time in the future. Bow down to the Queen of the early 2000's

  3. Jose Corona

    She's so hot...

  4. Ben Wa

    This deserves 100 million plus views.

  5. Nephilim Heart

    Again, damn. Awesome!

  6. Pierre Bourquin

    A very hot and amizing woman artist; very stronger !

  7. Ben Wa

    This shit go hard fam 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. David Clark

    Michelle I like your old and new thank you

  9. Lil Al

    Such a different sound but I'm hooked!

  10. jair hugues

    she´s showing her sexy side :) welcome back girl

  11. Manuel Alcantar


  12. Alex Riegert

    9th Comment !👊👊
    listen to this song every day!!!!!! it's great

    Alex Riegert

    Hey Past Me Just revisiting

  13. Yellow Brick Road

    Voice is forever

  14. naswalt

    holy shit, thank you google ad sense!

  15. Steven Krappe

    Love it!

  16. Stephen Galley

    I like this song its pretty epic, gives some nostalgia and is very catchy!

  17. WhiteLantern

    This belongs in either Grand Theft Auto Vice City or Saints Row The Third

    Tommy Hammond

    A Vice City set in modern times yeah.


    Tommy Hammond True

  18. Lauren Kirstles

    Thank you 10 second Youtube ad

  19. Meredith Meadows

    My absolute FAVE of her new stuff <33333

  20. For the Doggies Guitars

    This is a different direction 🐶😊

  21. Robert Fedi

    This and Hopeless Romantic are certainly growing on me. The introduction reminds me of Gorillaz by Feel Good Inc.

  22. jess t

    Been listening to this over and over. Sometimes you just need something to get lost in and feel bad ass. This song does that.

  23. Dorman

    Looking forward to the album - I, for one, LOVE what I'm hearing :-)

  24. Carlos J Perez

    This song is brilliant; so well written and well arranged. I love it.

  25. Francisco Garcia Gutierrez

    OMFG Even Michelle Branch is back and im still waiting for a new Mandy Moore alum, this i s awesome tho


    Yes, my two fave from the early 2000s, they deserved more recognition.

    Francisco Garcia Gutierrez

    i know, i love voth too

  26. varsas

    An interesting new different sound to these new tracks.

  27. Jeffrey Lee

    No haters please everyone evolves and changes their style , lets just support michelle branch and be thankful that she released a new album, me i just want to hear her sing again Peace support and more power!

  28. Larrell Lewis

    April 7th can't come fast enough for me...

  29. Paul Severino

    Michelle rules...all hail the queen of pop/rock.

  30. Noeum Din

    feel that 80s vibe!!

  31. MrJcastanedaM

    better than hopeless romantic

  32. Antajuan Grady

    love it

  33. Craig

    i love this

  34. Jeff Andy

    Who is miss Michelle ?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ michelle

  35. Evelyn Morales

    She sounds good... she's giving off the indie vibe... me like 👏🏼 I just started discovering her after listening to game of love

  36. M. A. B.

    I'm so gonna buy this album! (if it comes out...)

    Lucas Carvalho


  37. Mon Yee

    80s hit 🎸

  38. Lucia Pena

    memories ☄😍

  39. Chrissy710

    Came here from Hopeless romantic.

  40. Luis Rodriguez

    excited for her comeback cant wait for the album

  41. susanrocks105

    I can't stop listening to this song!!!!! I can't wait till her album comes out. I have been waiting for so long for new music from her and so happy for her.

  42. MichelleBranchMEX

    I want a music video of this song!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Alejandro Alonso Ochoa Vargas

    Hi MB, I from Arequipa-Peru good job!! (y)

  44. Bastian Shane Cesare Schröder

    I didn't expect this sort of sound from her but I genuinely love this song, it's so catchy.

  45. Christian

    This is awesome, haters. This sounds like New Wave pop meets the police or something. Rad.


    Scandal and Hall & Oates?


    thru out the years you still retain your on góing musical artistry, :) best fortunes Michelle..


    Yes, definitely an updated New Wave sound!

    Lisa Nelson

    ha2152 w


    Lisa Nelson x

  46. Sophia Lally

    Oh her voice....brings me so much good memories...thank you Michelle

  47. keep dreamin

    best #michelle #branch ever

  48. Hieros

    I detect a strong influence of 'The Black Keys ' on the songs from this album.

  49. Paul Dupre'

    This song is awesome!! The more I listen, the more I love...

  50. Leigh Turner

    Really excited for the new record and this sultry new vibe is nice, welcome back Michelle :D

  51. salad daze

    i love old and new michelle branch. i am enjoying all the new songs. so excited!

    Kelli Renee

    R. Lisa Hawkeye same

  52. Paul Dupre'

    Lets SUPPORT Michelle!! We are all entitled to opinion and comparrison, but she has gone through enough bullshit for the past 14 years. Welcome back, Michelle!

    MJockey Ritonga

    she need more publicy

  53. Paul Dupre'

    On repeat, do the same and spread the word..

  54. Paul Dupre'

    Amazing voice- no autotuning!

  55. Johanna Arab

    Her voice has a different sound

    Alberto Dominguez

    Johanna A her voice is lighter and thinner now, and the production kinda like swallows her voice, it doesn't do Michelle's talent justice, is like the songs control her, and not the other way around.

  56. Joni Laiconna

    She's a really good singer. I guess I'm waiting for something I liked as well as I like The Game of Love she did with Santana.

  57. Paul Dupre'

    Love it or not, Michelle once again provides a unique alternative pop sound. To me, everything I hear on the radio sounds the same. The rest of the Hopeless Romantic album remains to be heard. It is a miracle that she finally has another one coming out, and I can hardly fucking wait! Love you, Michelle, and this song!

    BJ Vynz

    Although I like both her new songs, they both sound like they'd be extras in The Black Keys' "Turn Blue" album featuring Michelle as the singer. Which is not a coincidence, being as how Michelle's new album is produced by The Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney who is also playing drums on some of Michelle's new songs.

    Like I said though, I like the songs.

  58. Paul Severino

    I'm just glad she is back.  Anything she puts out is still better then what is shoved down our throats in the music business in my opinion.  And I think it's a great song!

  59. MTOP

    Not convinced

    MJockey Ritonga

    yep. but at least she had make her fans happy to see her again

  60. Maria Isabel Oliveira

    Great song, Michelle!!

  61. Lucas Carvalho


  62. Moises Ponce

    I love your voice

  63. Abdulrahman

    Finally Michelle back after a very long time

  64. saturn11

    She's back. Looking forward to album next month.

  65. sourcephil

    Song is ok. Hopeless romantic was ok. I have this feeling that the unreleased west coast time is the better album.. Like the songs there were WOW. And these new ones are just... ok.


    Let's hope that's not the case. Have faith.

    Run Lefty Run

    I love both songs.

    Titan Sea

    I thought she was horrible until I heard this song (only familiar with her older stuff). Will have to check out more...


    I bought the album. I now changed my mind. While I never really loved the first 2 lead singles, there is one standout track there that will remind you of the old Michelle. "Not a Love Song" I hope people notice and it becomes a number 1 hit. I also love "Fault Line" kinda new tune for her but has the signature Michelle ending for a song. There is a strong Fleetwood mac influence I'm detecting in the other songs (i like Fleetwood). "You're Good" and "Heartbreak Now" also nice. "City" is also a great track, sounds like a soundtrack to a movie. Overall love this album the songs definitely grow on you.



    Hell ya!! This is my favorite song too. Should have been the cover piece for this album.

    We have the same tastes. Fault Line, You're Good, and Heartbreak Now are all on my daily playlist. So is City. :o)

    Definitely have to emphasize and agree: this album GROWS on you. You may not like it on the first few listens.

  66. Juan Jose Salazar Gil

    Great song!!!

  67. fabsite

    much better than hopeless romantic! so angry I couldn't get tickets for the gig in London :( more Londoners would come for a second date..

  68. Reidun Saxerud

    I am SO happy Michelle is back. I AM HERE FOR THIS

  69. Muhammad Gilang Radifan Salman

    remind me to ABBA.. so cool!

  70. Joey Calderon

    Man this track fuckin rocks!! 80's..!!!makes me wanna dance..and I don't dance😂

  71. arathurius

    getting more sceptic about the album with every song I hear. its like the music drowns your wonderful voice. sadly not like your songs I listen to everyday for more than the last decade :(

  72. m taylor

    so much yesss!
    love you Michelle you are and always have been the BEST! <3

  73. Dreams ToGo

    she reminds me my fourteen years old when i was a teenager, singin' all you wanted :'(

    Jessica P

    Angel Aguilar Leon I was 9 lol

  74. adam matthews

    love it

  75. J Santiago Gutiérrez

    I had finished high school, when I discovered you in 2003. All this time was worth the wait, to hear you again. THANK SO SO SO MUCH!!! I Really love you!!!

  76. da1newyorkg


  77. Yahminah Ain

    Thank you Michelle.

  78. Faseeg Narkedien


  79. Medalion

    I think it's better than the other song, but still not hearing what made me love her... this stuff is too overproduced

  80. Adan Velazquez

    First coment!!!!!

  81. Edwin Normando

    Excelente, como siempre calidad y vida en tus composiciones... I Like that good music. Saludos desde Colombia!