Bradley, Charles - Stay Away Lyrics

Monkey see, monkey do - I don't know why
Rather be dead than bein' cool - I don't know why
Every line has a rhythm - I don't know why
Less is more, love is blind - I don't know why

Stay, stay away
Stay away
Stay away

Give it up, take a smile - I don't know why
Fashion shits, fashion style - I don't know why
Throw it out and keep it in - I don't know why
Have to have poison skin - I don't know why

Stay, stay away
Stay away
Stay away

Give an inch, take a smile - I don't know why
Fashion shirt, fashion style - I don't know why

Stay, stay away
Stay away
Stay away
Stay away
Stay away

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Bradley, Charles Stay Away Comments
  1. LegitToaster

    Gone too soon, the world still needs Bradley.

  2. N L


  3. Nagila Macedo Pires


  4. Ivan Garcia

    Why do I hear a Wu-Tang beat at the beginning??? Anyone else 🤔🤔🤔

  5. turntableterrorist

    absolute heavyweight. amazing backing and vocal delivery.

  6. Lisa Marie

    2 years ago when I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. I love the guitar riffs in this song, it gives it that 70s feel.😎😎😎😎😎

  7. Richard Ponzi

    This is badass.

  8. Nicolás Cáceres Cruz




    Araceli San Nicolas

    jajajajjajajajajaja yeaa xd

    Augusto Rafael Gonzalez Mendoza

    Checkin mela? Jajajajajajajajak xD siiii

    Clarissa Martinez

    Melaaaa 😂sisi

    Sasi V

    JAJAJAJ aguante Charles Bradley y Checkinmela!!

  10. Any Mayorga

    Mela Pabón :'v

  11. Gee Mann

    Damn................... he's killin' it on that one.

  12. Andrew Frederick

    Zig Zag brought me here...

  13. Creepy Clown

    Underrated. This is one of those cover songs that are as great as the original.

    jannis joplin

    Kurt could have absolutely loved this, man.

  14. bierig blondje

    jy houd van rotzooi??????,zou je kop ook wel zyn

  15. ManosJMT

    Love Charles !!!

  16. Robert Smith

    amazing cover; practically unrecognisable. Reminds me a bit of liquid swords

    Karloss Mac

    Robert Smith make the road by walking is their first album the WU track is scorpion style the menahan street band are also the budos band and they back Charles Bradley and the members are also in many other outfits and I highly recommend the abstract orchestra version of madvillian enjoy ✌️

    Robert Smith

    @Karloss Mac beautiful eerie sounds from the menahan street band. Kind of musicians I'd go see all the time if we were living in the same city. Thank you for the introduction

    Karloss Mac

    Robert Smith nice 👍 check out el Michelle’s affair they cover 36th chamber and return to the 36th chamber really good jazz funk cover off the Wu ✌️😊

    Robert Smith

    @Karloss Mac turns out I've heard abstract Orchestra's Dilla project before. Also didn't know those guys are from the north of England. Definitely going to check for tour dates :)

    Karloss Mac

    Robert Smith nice mate really good stuff I heard they are smashing it live with the madvillin album

  17. kevin miller

    What a bow, before such a bittersweet farewell

  18. Terr Cain

    It's a shame you changed the lyrics because of Charles' objection to foul language and saying 'God Is Gay,' which could mean happy or homosexual. Very strange choices, but a great cover otherwise.


    Nothing shameful about refusing to dishonor or profane God. Pretty sure Cobaine wasn't trying to say God is happy.

  19. Karloss Mac

    Nice nirvana cover dope ✌️