Bradley, Charles - Heartaches And Pain Lyrics

There a time in my life
When it ran so cold
Can't find a friend
Anywhere at all

So my brother said to me
"Charles, you gotta stand tall
Because life is full of sorrow
Heartaches and pain
Again and again"

I woke up this morning
My mama, she was cryin'
So I looked out my window
Police lights was flashing

People was screaming
So I ran down to the street
A friend grabbed my shoulder
And he said these words to me

"Life is full of sorrow
So I have to tell you this
Your brother is gone"

Heartaches and pain
Heartaches, heartaches and pain
Ooh, oh
Ooh, oh na na

Heartaches and pain, oh
Heartaches and pain, no no no
Heartaches and pain
Heartaches and pain

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Bradley, Charles Heartaches And Pain Comments
  1. Lovers rock reggae youtube Neslo


  2. James Taylor

    2:39 Sax guy says to Trumpet guy:
    "Are you gay?"
    Trumpet: "YES!"
    Sax: "Ah forget it..."

  3. Bantana Audio

    The drummer is great, who cares if he’s not smiling :)

  4. Louis Alvarez

    One of the Best vocalist ever

  5. iamdiegochamorro


  6. Philip Matthews

    Great trumpet

  7. Sasha Potter

    i started listening to him recently and today i discovered he passed away and im sad ill never get to see him live

  8. 5 daughters 4 baby mommas

    It’s not about the trumpet player you idiots. Don’t listen, feel his words.

  9. brian lammering


  10. Shibby Dibby Doo

    Ramsay Bolton on bass.

  11. Justin Hogan

    Damn, he got to introductions!

  12. Dee Harris

    Ya I like this song alot.

  13. Rey C Viniegra

    A man to love it.!!👍

  14. SULLUM

    Trumpet is drowning out everyone but is lack the most chops
    Sax and keyboard are invisible
    Drums, bass and guitar are right on it
    Charles was Charles as usual

  15. CarlaMineral

    Lo amo tanto.

  16. liliiGot7YugyBambam JBMarkJacksonJinyoungYoungjae

    Emotion song

  17. Seijy Souza

    What a man!! RIP, dear Charles!

  18. MexDurango11

    Man this is a treat

  19. Aeronautical Productions

    Amazing artist!

  20. M. M.

    totaly fan 😎

  21. Victor Lara


  22. Christophe Carlier

    Ça fait mal aux oreilles cette trompette à l ouest

  23. Ady James

    Me. I like the trumpet. Ain’t err thang gotta be perfection. A scratchy voice wouldn’t be considered perfect in certain circles. The trumpet, so talked about, adds to this performance. You weren’t wanting vanilla when you came here. Just shut the mouth. Open the ear. The pain shines through.

  24. Adam Kind

    Wow this guy has a powerful voice. I feel stupid cause I just learned about him from the voice of krampus on American Dad

  25. jannis joplin

    your voice was heaven friend. RIP

  26. Nicolas Ruesch

    Love Cheryl Waters <3

  27. Eugene O'Toole

    trumpet guy kinda sucks.

  28. Andrew Castro

    The only real one is the singer. The musicians can't play the soul because they were classically trained. I don't feel anything from them.

  29. gclimbs!

    Ramsey Bolton on bass?

  30. Willie Dee

    This mans passion and emotion that he puts into his music is truly amazing. His music is absolutely captivating.

  31. Lucas Herrera


  32. I think the trumpeter was drunk

  33. GN LII

    3:22 I felt that... Amazing

  34. dias zoiao

    What a delightful smile.

  35. Daytron Swain

    R.I.P ah man😣😓 hearing you sing is full of sorrow heartache and pain

  36. Flávio Moraes

    Fantastic ! He is a show man !

  37. cantina

    This version is ehh it could've been better but i feel like its been rushed,and the trump sucks in this one

  38. André V. Lima

    Where is the full performance?

  39. kyle Donald

    trumpet so badd ! ruining it

  40. Rubens Silva

    The place, is bike shop?

  41. Paolo Aspajp

    Notes of the trumpet? pls

  42. Wederson Gamer


  43. MrFreaker97

    Beautiful song and heartbreaking! :(

  44. kauã silva

    amazing performancy thanks so much for this music

  45. Theresa Rosetta

    This world is colder without him here.

    Nikolaj der Burner

    he looked really stressed out. i hope his pain is gone now. rip charles

    Louis Alvarez

    His soul is at rest. The world is not.

  46. iamradmike

    I'm late to work cause I'm just having coffee and watching this instead

  47. Gabriel Moraes

    Rest in peace, legend.

  48. the abidjan childrens house of music experience

    rip the Eagle

  49. Aj Stlucie

    Rest in peace Charles.
    Have a peaceful journey.

  50. Tony McQueen

    DAMN R.I.P. Legend Charles Bradley

  51. HinjuRock

    Could that dorky hipster drummer dude look any less excited? Charles needed fellow soul brothers backing him, because these whitebread dudes don't have much.

  52. ConsultorAlexandre

    Quando Charles começa a cantar sentimos que ele cantava com a alma
    RIP charles

  53. K Campbell

    RIP Charles. Thanks for the tunes and positive vibes

  54. Like 10 Rabbits

    Thank you for everything Charles.

  55. Reg G

    RIP MISTER CHARLES BRADLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Sil Sequeto

    Não vejo a hora de curtir esse show ao vivo...só falta o

    Clark Savl

    Sil Sequeto I would like it too, but now that he's gone, it's impossible.

  57. Stephane Perron

    Trumpet guy wasn't great and the drummer looks depressed but that's what I like about this version. The imperfection almost makes it better than the studio version. Trumpet guy really needs a tunning though...

    Jimmi Bellamy

    Stephane Perron sour notes are a part of the blues.

    Ady James

    Can’t appreciate the sun without the cloudy days.

  58. skills skills

    What the herll with his band they r like. Suck

  59. Just Another Guitarist In London

    The guitarist has the soul guitar technique down really well and Charles Bradley's voice is honestly unbelievable! Goosebumps

  60. Tarlis Mendes

    No trumpet guy, no drummers, no nothing just can't ruin Charles Soul Bradley singing.

  61. Dancehall's Best

    Great Sound Mann!!!!!

  62. Bernd Dillschneider

    Hes a hell of a singer

  63. Harry Clark

    The comments criticizing the Trumpeter are clearly not familiar with proper blues...those sour notes are so good!

    Jess P

    He's still sharp af though

    john doe are the one unfamiliar bro.....he was sharp the entire performance....sour notes are good on a bend or 2 from guitar or horn but a sharp trumpet the entire time makes it sound like shit

    Erick Darkman Prado

    Bad playing is bad playing, we are all here for the same reason ok
    And the trumpets player was off, you can say what you want to attempt to defend his shit playing but yeah nah, he was awful
    Don't defend bad playing, never defend bad playing

  64. anibal vega

    them changes !

  65. Yes Man

    Please come to Colorado!!

  66. Ribeiro De

    Meu Deus! ❤️👏

  67. Johnny Flores

    that drummer though bitter beer face

  68. Irene Gallego


  69. joey flores

    the trumpet player sucks so much balls.

  70. crackedout mayor

    i hate the girl introducing him, i was laying in my bed at night listening to music and this hoe just ruined it for me! ugly fat fuck

  71. Amy O'Neil

    2:55 hes having so much fun

    Amy O'Neil

    sorry guys but why even play music that doesnt make you happy. im sure this guy is a jazz trained drummer and has a billion percent potential but got coaxed into playing with this shit backing band. Or hes just mad at the trumpeter.


    I think you read way too much into it and underestimate the band!

    Justin Brown

    Amy O'Neil
    First off, they're a pretty damn tight backing band imo, especially the rhythm section. Also, everyone expresses emotions differently. People tell me I look bored or pissed off a lot of the time but inside I'm just a very anxious person.

  72. Pablo Alejandro

    the trumpet, there is the cheese. awesome to know this ...

  73. ElRockeño

    Damn! The mom from Good Times can sure sing! Wow!

  74. Dennis Donnelly

    possibly the worst sounding trumpet I've ever heard

    D. Rangel

    @Raul Piccardi
    I hear you brother. Too much texture is just abrasive.

    Glorie Mpaka

    Dennis Donnelly 2:40 first time playing? wat!? ah never mind🤣🤣

    Rich Lindsay

    Yep. Consistently off key, like maybe he can't hear himself. It's awful.


    In a professional setting, hell yes

    Caleb Fifer

    Are you a trumpet player because if you aren’t how would you know and I’m not trying to say he sounded good by any means

  75. Vanguard

    Thumbs up for Mr. Bradley!

  76. Eric Attil-Quénault.

    de la souffrance à la Perfection... magnifique

  77. Jack Jack

    The trumpet has character adding to a magically powerful performance by Charles Bradley and the rest of the band.

  78. Maria Casanova

    i think is amazing anyway

  79. Andy Dwyer

    Whats wrong with the trumpeter ?

  80. Czechitout

    "Life is short, nasty and brutish"
    - Thomas Hobbes

  81. quantumperception

    You would think the trumpeter would realize he is having an off night, and would then pull back a bit... not this guy; he doubles down, and tries to drown out those who are actually on their game.

  82. Irene camarena

    damn that drummer looks like he would just like to get it over with and go home and smoke a bowl!


    +Irene Camarena This kind of remark is so unfair. Won't deny drummer looks not exactly enthusiastic, and that's ok as long as it's mentioned as a funny anecdote. But understimating this amazing band would be an unforgivable crime. They recreate late '60s soul sound to the smallest detail, and are simply amazing.

    EF Navarro

    +Irene Camarena Yes, Lee Fields ftw! I like his song Wish You Were Here.

    Irene camarena

    @Franjule Navarro I love every song Lee fields sings,I went looking for his CD.on Saturday but I couldn't find one they didn't even know who he was I was thinking these people are missing out. I'll continue my search.

    EF Navarro

    I only discovered Lee Fields when I was watching Suits, but since then I always listen to his songs. About the CD, if you find one, you're LUCKY. I live in the Philippines and we don't have that kind of stuff in here. It's a very sad life for me. LOL

    Soda Pop

    He is probably concentrating. I use to play trombone and i was always concentrating hard on my next line like "i hope i dont fuck this shit up for the band man , or i wont hear the end of this". I was like a robot just counting all my other band mates note until mine came up lol to say the least i didnt have fun playing an instrument cuz i lost concentration i would lose my spot and everyone would be angry at me for sucking ass

  83. Silvio Dante

    What the fuck is wrong with the motherfucking trumpet guy!!?? Is he high or what

    Sebastian Carballido

    Is he hanging or drowning?? OMG I DON¨T NO!!

  84. Daniel Haile

    I love you, Charles. You made it this far :')

  85. Munkhbat Narmandakh

    Please Dr.Lecter, choose the trumpet guy as your next victim :-/

  86. Iñaki Bego

    the drummer is one of the icon drummers in dapton records, so shut up about the looks and listen.

  87. Patrick Higgs

    if only the horns were tight

  88. Steven Ruano

    My lawd Charles my man laying it all on the table

  89. Tiqo

    Thumbs up if Suits brought you here!

  90. aadrum77

    everybody should ease up on the trumpeter i'm almost certain anybody commenting has ever played one it really all just comes down to technique everybody has a bad gig 

    Mikaele Baker

    @aadrum77 Yeah, I've played with way worse trumpet players.

  91. bluemileDOTca

    Who gave that a guy trumpet? What an asshole.

  92. spainishgirl

    Lord have mercy.

  93. lucas cohan

    why did sheila do him soo wrong!!!

  94. Jude Cruz

    can anybody tell me what's this basstype? 

  95. Old soul archer

    Charles exemplifies the true definition of soul, what a tremendous display of emotion and compassion for what he does. A true artist in my book. The trumpet player is truly amazing the way he plays that horn makes my foot stomp, The drummer.......his face. haha

  96. Kro Potkind23

    2:40 sax guy to trompet guy - "first time playing?" - "What?" - "Ah nevermind!"


    the look in his eyes: so worried and shit

    Henrique Araujo

    poor sax guy hhahahaha

    Nick Adrian Music Official

    and at the end at the looks at him ,then at the rest ..thinking. am i the only one hearing this ?

    S W

    ForgottenMan 😂😂😂

    James Taylor

    If you read the lips they say:
    Sax: "Are you gay?"
    Trumpet: "YES!"
    Sax: "Ahh forget it."