Brad Paisley - Without A Fight Lyrics

[Brad Paisley:]
There's a tangled mess of sheets on the bed
A lack of sleep poundin' in my head
We both regret some of the things we said
But we love the way it ends

Sometimes I think
We hurt each other just because of where it'll lead
Sometimes I think
We're fighting just to be lovers and all so needlessly

Good as we are at gettin' it on
How come we just can't get along?
The way we love, it don't seem right
The way we fuss, the way we fight
I got a crazy idea, how 'bout maybe tonight
We make up without a fight

[Brad Paisley, Demi Lovato (Both):]
They say don't go to bed angry, that's true
But it's really something when we do
(Madder you make me, the more I want you)
Girl, I admit

[Both, Demi Lovato (Brad Paisley):]
Sometimes I think
It couldn't be any better
(And I couldn't want you more)
And sometimes I think
We don't belong together
Confusing love and war

Good as we are at gettin' it on
How come we just can't get along?
The way we love, it don't seem right
The way we fuss, the way we fight
I got a crazy idea, how 'bout maybe tonight
We make up without a fight

[Brad Paisley, Demi Lovato (Both):]
We ain't givin' up without a fight
We can make up without a fight
(No, we ain't givin' up, we can make up)

Good as we are at gettin' it on
How 'bout maybe tonight
We make up without a fight

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Brad Paisley Without A Fight Comments
  1. Kierstin Bryner

    Demi really doesn't get the praise she deserves. That girl is incredible.



  3. Chris Puglisi

    Love this song

  4. dlagrua

    Great song and excellent duo by Brad and Demi.

  5. J Medway

    27.12.2019 far play good song that's all I can say.. ps I loves my missis to bite I do Xxxx Claire xxx

  6. Zoey Pfieffer

    Demi can sing ANYTHING she is so underrated and she is a natural beauty she is the best vocalist alive today

  7. Billy Woo

    No drugs nudity violence swearing or sexual behavior . 💯 good real talent 👍🏻👏🏻 Brad Paisley. Btw my name is Alyssa and I am 🇨🇦.

  8. Mandy Galvez

    I have never heard this before today ! I love it !

  9. Betty Gnahou


  10. S N

    Someone needs to add that to there Bar somewhere how fun 😄 Love Karaoke 😂

  11. S N

    Hell yes 😂 lol

  12. Abby Shrum

    I love this song I think it's awesome how most of the singers sing songs together more these days :)

  13. S N

    Sweet 😄 That's how you do it. 😂 Best Musical DUO 😄 Love this 🔥

  14. DethronerX

    So damn good to see Demi do some rock and roll with a country artist who's also a killer guitarist!
    Hope all Rock, Metal, Country, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Funk etc artists bring some good pop musicians (like Demi, Christina Aguilera, LadyGaga, Adele and all) and do songs so they can start getting into real live music and stop doing overdone singing in pop : D
    And Demi's got to do more work with Rock artists!!

  15. Jocasta Oliveira

    Perfect 👏👏

  16. Tolongwangfa Sapholem

    Love it demi

  17. 83candlestick

    Demi, please release a country album.

  18. sandra steward

    awesome video

  19. Aikhu Khunpeng

    Anybody hear in 2k19

  20. Wiktoria Latusek

    Demi is so cute

  21. Markus Jefan

    I like you song's...GOD blass

  22. Kim Milliner

    We always rock, country songs!

  23. Reese Finton

    Why am I just now hearing this!?

  24. Shlur marbaniang

    Without a fight for a recording mic..😉😉

  25. Zamie Zamora

    Just discovered this song just now. Gahddd whyyy just now? Demi's voice is soo damn good for a country.♥

  26. Jazlyn Syvret Creative

    Demi can actually sing any style. The chemistry between them made the video so fun!

  27. Black Country Boy 1992

    My celebrity crush Demi lol

  28. Kadance Bull

    I can't believe I'm just finding this. I love this and they did great together!! ❤️

  29. stuart reynolds

    Demi is one cool chick with a great vicoe

  30. MissHolly60


  31. Brandon 223

    I love her voice.

  32. Issy Gzmn

    This song reminds me of Sonny Monroe and Chad Dylan Cooper

  33. Juan Caorsi

    She goes country, and I love her even more.

  34. Chloe Roberts

    Why does this only have 11M views their should at least be a few 100M surely its a masterpiece

  35. Alicia Qualls

    I wonder how she’s doing

  36. Rachel Rackley

    I love it

  37. Fabio Gutierrez


  38. midnightskies

    Bu bebekin değerini niye vermiyonuz lan hıı

  39. Debbie Debz

    Amazing song, great collaboration 💜💙💜💙

  40. zeze do bone

    I won't argue with you, but respectfully you will have to hear the truth.
    I am not a difficult person, but you will have to understand that love and affection is not going to resolve my problems... and don't forget that it is called "the honey trap"! (trap).... (trap)...... (trap)
    You know what means 'trap', don't you?...

  41. everton luis


  42. Kendall Mastre

    Gosh she's hot

  43. Precious Rubi


  44. Sweet Orange

    great <333

  45. Jonathan Garcia Sainez

    God on me seen ay loving

  46. Di Bn

    Yeah....a bit of fight is necessary for the fire to burn better....

  47. Norma Horn

    Grates artis and songs if I had to choose it would Allen Jackson foiled by Groth Broth

  48. Ander Burgow

    What a flop!


    what a good song

  49. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Wow super coole Musik ihr zwei 👍🎸🎵🎶🤠

  50. Randy Lowe

    Love this collaboration. One of pops greats with one one of countries greats! Music truly knows no boundaries and speaks to us all

  51. Chris G.

    esto sí es música, cojones

  52. K M

    as good as they are singing together, does it weird anybody else out when people of such big age differences sing love songs together

  53. Peter Domaracký

    vynikajuca hudbicka ...

  54. Rob Rollend Jr

    Crash Here Tonight....TK

  55. chasing naturephotography

    listening from new zeland who has visited my amazing country

  56. Ashley Webber


  57. francois pes

    Demi best in country, again other song of that

  58. Wyoming Wyoming

    Without a fight.June 17,2019

  59. Toy Figurine

    This song aight.

  60. 2kasmom

    So awesome!

  61. Sherrie Trefren


  62. demi1855

    2019 <3

  63. Darrian Elliott

    Demi has been my idol since childhood and I love Brad Paisley! This works so well!

    Lorn Travis

    Paxton Austin's Lil Penguin, that’s not Brad Pitt...

    Darrian Elliott

    🤦🏻‍♀️ damn brain I meant Brad Paisley

  64. Lenka Lienkova

    Oooo, this is sooo good feat.!!!

  65. Crown Of Pain

    Best collaboration

  66. Anna Livi

    Demi ❤️

  67. Ama Serwaa

    Is there a song by Brad which is not good to listen? I love him so much

  68. stud man

    Demi, don't fall for the white guilt already. Get over it, it's ok to be white. The fake media lies to everyone. Enjoy your life even though the liberal media wants us destroyed.

  69. JenAnn Bauer

    Love this song's energy. He's great, but even at my age I LOVE Demi Lovato!! Beautiful voice, She's certainly a warrior!!

  70. Chaotic Roran

    Eh not as good as his previous releases I’ll forget it by tomorrow

  71. Adrianna Rees

    Demi is so much better singing country for some reason

  72. Salomé B

    She could easily do country and be mega successful.

  73. Ashton Pittam

    Demi’s range blows me away every freaking time.

  74. LighthouseMusic

    I can never listen to this sing just once

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    Why am I finding this just now?!! 🙌🏻😍😍😍

    nicka rosh

    I asked myself that just now


    ME too!

    Tanya Lijnbach

    Me just right now 😬

    Sherrie Myles

    same here.

  76. Leandro lea

    Magari senza combattere

  77. blue eyes

    U all talkin bout good they sound n how great they look and im here like dam wish he could teach me how to play guitar like that

  78. Dawn Deany

    Omg love this song bard paisley

  79. Whitney Sheffer

    Wow. very cool song. Love it.

  80. Jeff Hall

    if i have to wait for 3 ads. via this channel. will not be back

  81. Clara Elia

    Demiii <3

  82. Paul kristiansen

    She are coming back and get the woice like it should be, and I like it in country and rock style nice 🌹 let her keep going on.

  83. Nandaah Bon Jovi

    Demi linda!
    Brad Paisley é um gato......canta muito.

  84. Natalia Escalante


  85. Sotirios Bakaimis

    γοοδ. I like the guitars.

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    Come on brad really, love your music, but really, nooo lol

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    have that Pokémon theme songs feeling... love it!!

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    Two of my fav people here love from india demi and brad

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    OMG I didn't even know this song.

  95. Aventurera

    Ive never liked country and now I do!